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His hands stroked her tits gently. She quivered with excitement, and moisture oozed from the puffy gash of her cunt. She writhed against the sheets and moaned. 'Steve… Steve… ooh, darling!' She saw her husband's rigid prick and reached out to touch it just as her dream dissolved into the sunny brilliance of the Oregon morning.

She was alone.

Sharon Wagner sat up in bed, and the covers fell away from her vibrant young body. Her boobs pressed voluptuously against the pink fabric of her nightgown, the rigid points of her nipples showing through.

She looked down at the mounds, which ached slightly as a result of the tantalizing dream, and placed her hands around them. As she fondled the pliant jugs slowly, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. The long sweep of her reddish blonde hair shimmered in the morning light as her head moved from side to side.

She felt a faint warmth in her cunt.

It was sinful, she thought, to miss her husband's screwing as much as she did. She had told herself she should concentrate on the fine qualities of his character and the tender affection he held for her, and she was able to do this when she was awake. But when she slept, a more sensual part of her nature asserted itself and she dreamed she was in her husband's arms, submitting to his strong sexual drive. Her dreams always ended before Steve's rigid cock made contact with her box, leaving her intensely frustrated and lonely.

She got out of bed and entered the bathroom of her small apartment. She stood in front of the mirror, pulled off her shortie nightgown, and slipped out of the matching bikini pants. She stared into the mirror at her body and thought how badly in need of sex she was.

Though Sharon was twenty-two years old, her figure remained as youthful-looking as when she was seventeen. Her innocent, babyish face reinforced the juvenile image. Had she visited a high school, she could have mingled with the students without attracting any special attention besides that which her exceptional beauty always commanded.

She drew a hand lightly across the tips of her boobs, causing the full mounds to vibrate. Her hand continued downward to stroke her gently curved tummy. Her slender fingers glided through the reddish-blonde tendrils that adorned her cunt mound and touched the top of her slit.

She shivered.

God, I've got to stop this! she thought. It's sinful to carry on this way.

She turned and presented her lovely butt to the mirror as she bent and started running water in the tub. When the tub was full, she stepped into it and settled down. She washed herself slowly. There was no reason to rush. She had no place to go and, with Steve away, no one to care for.

She wished for the thousandth time that he would give up his survey job in the Alaskan interior and find something to do where she could be with him, even if it didn't pay as well. They could wait a little longer to buy and furnish the home they both wanted, she thought. After less than a year of marriage, it wasn't right that they should be separated.

If Steve had let her take a job, the separation would have been a bit more tolerable – at least she would have been kept busy. Also, her earnings would have helped them reach their goal sooner. But he was the sort of man who took great pride in his position as head of the household, and he wanted to feel that he was supporting her. He also had expressed some jealousy at the idea of letting her work in an office or store where other men would constantly be making plays for her.

'You're my wife, and your place is at home,' he had told her sternly.

She was happy about his possessive and dominant attitude. But it was difficult just sitting around doing nothing while he was gone.

When she had finished bathing, she dried herself and strode naked into the bedroom. She selected a pair of pink nylon panties from a dresser drawer and put them on. She took out matching bra and laid it on the bed. Then she sat in front of her dressing-table mirror and began brushing her hair and applying her make-up.

She always wore her hair straight and long, because Steve liked it that way. Since he didn't like her to use much make-up, she applied it sparingly even when he was away. She had no thought of attracting anyone else. Steve was the only man she wanted – or would ever want, she believed.

As she stood up and turned to pick up her brassiere, her tits bobbed springily.


The sound of the door buzzer gave her a start. It's probably just a salesman, she thought, but it could be something more important – maybe a special-delivery letter from Steve. She quickly grabbed a dress from the closet, slithered it over her body, and zipped it up as she moved hurriedly through the apartment, her full tits bouncing beneath the thin cloth.


'Just a minute!' she called as she neared the door.

When she opened it, she received a happy surprise. Her younger brother stood there, grinning.

'Todd!' she squealed as she rushed into his arms. Her boobs flattened against his firm chest and her nipples pressed into him.

He put his arms around her tightly and rocked her back and forth. He continued to hold her even after she attempted to draw away. Laughing, he slid a hand down her back and patted her ass through her thin green dress and panties. Her plump butt bobbed resiliently against his hand.

Todd's prick tensed.

Leaving his suitcase outside, he swept his sister up in his arms and carried her across the living room.

'Todd, you devil!' she exclaimed, laughing. 'For goodness sake, put me down!'

He bent and dropped her onto the sofa, causing her skirt to slip up and expose the lusciously tapered columns of her thighs.

She quickly pushed her skirt down. 'Todd, what in the world are you doing here?'

'That's a long story,' the blond, good-looking youth replied as he straightened up and looked at her. 'Hey, you look great, baby!'

'Well, thanks. You look pretty good yourself. But how come you're not at college? The spring term isn't over yet, is it?'

'It is for me, I'm afraid. I, uh, got into a little trouble.'

He turned and walked to the door to get his suitcase.

Sharon followed him. 'What kind of trouble?'

He re-entered the apartment, carrying his bag, and closed the door behind him. 'Hey, where's Steve? Is he still up there with the Eskimos?'

'Yes,' she said with a sigh. 'He's been gone four months now. He's got one more month before his first leave.'

'That makes it kinda rough for you, I guess.' Todd's blue eyes glinted oddly.

She looked away. 'It's difficult for both of us.'

'Well, you've got somebody to keep you company now. You don't mind if I stay here, do you, Sis?'

This gave her a little shock. She looked at her brother gravely. 'Well, there's… only one bedroom and…'

'So I'll sleep on the sofa,' he said with a grin. 'Hey, it's sure great to see you!'

He swept her into his arms again, and his firm lips pressed hers, forcing them apart. He kissed her with more than brotherly warmth.

Sharon responded in a way that first surprised, and then shamed her. This was the first kiss she'd had in months, and she trembled as if it were Steve's mouth which was pressed to hers. As the significance of her

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