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The incest twins



'Christ, Greta, after all this time I still can't believe your tits are so fucking big and beautiful,' Cyril said as he fondled one of the massive breasts and prepared to suck it.

'I'm glad you like my tits, lover. I like the things you do to them,' the big, Germanic-looking blonde sighed as she lay across the rumpled bed.

'Not just your tits. I love all of you – your face, your ass, your cunt, your whole body. I even love to suck your toes. You're the most beautiful woman in the world, and probably the horniest.'

'I know I'm the horniest, Cyril, especially right at this moment. When you finish with my tits, I want to sit on your face again. I never get tired of that.'

'Yes, you beautiful bitch, I know it. I'll just give these tits a quick sucking and then you can sit on my face. One day you're going to smother me to death that way, you know.'

'Don't worry, lover, I'd never do that. I want to keep you around. You're a beautiful lover. You're handsome, rich and generous.'

'And you don't think I'm too old for you?' he asked.

'Silly. You're only forty-six, just eleven years older than I, and you have the strong cock of a teenager. You get better as you go along. Suck my tits now and then I'll sit on your face. Later, I'm going to need a pee, and you know what that means when I'm in this mood.'

Greta saw him tremble a little, then she fed a tit into his mouth and rubbed his head lovingly as he sucked.

Cyril sucked voraciously as though trying to get the whole breast into his mouth, though that would be quite impossible. But for all their size, her massive tits jutted as firmly as they had when she was twenty.

Her European mother had taught her many beauty secrets, and Greta followed them all so that at thirty-five, not only her tits, but all of her body boasted the firmness of youth, and her skin was smoother than silk.

One of those secrets involved keeping her body protected from the sun, so that her skin glowed milky white, contrasting excitingly with the black lingerie she liked the wear.

Cyril had sensed a certain sexuality about Greta when she came to apply for the job of housekeeper for which he had advertised. He had looked boldly at the cleavage of the tits he wanted to bare and touch, and her smile had told him he would be welcome to do so.

On her first night on the job, she had shared his bed, and had done so ever since, doing the job as no woman before had ever done. Until Greta, he had considered himself a master of the erotic arts, but she had taught him many new tricks, and delighted in doing so.

'There,' Cyril said with satisfaction as he finished sucking the second tit and stared at the elongated nipple, the biggest he had ever seen, 'that should hold those beautiful big tits for now. My face is cold. Do you think you know how to warm it up for me?' he asked as he turned and lay on his back, his cock throbbing, his eyes shining with hot desire which would not be slaked for a long time.

'Yes, my little boy. You just lie like that and Mummy will warm your face for you, with her big ass and cunt. My little boy likes Mummy to do that, doesn't he?'

'Oh yes, yes, show it to me, Greta, show me all of it and then sit on my face. You know how much I love it when you do that.'

As he lay trembling, Greta knelt up, then swung a leg slowly over him, letting him look at the cunt which was always so receptive, so hot, so juicy, then she just knelt above him and played with her big tits while he looked up into her crotch and at the lower slopes of her perfectly rounded ass cheeks.

By nature, Cyril was a strong-willed, dominant man, but he loved playing the game she had taught him, the game in which he was an innocent little boy, and she was his mother, his very sexy mother who did such exciting things to him and with him.

While lust oozed through the pores of his skin, he reached up and fondled the big smooth thighs, working upward until he had a hand on her luscious ass and another in her crotch, where she was more than warm. The thick, pink lips of her cunt seemed to pout, but as he stroked them gently, he knew that in a little while they would have nothing to pout about as his mouth wet them and his tongue penetrated them, licking and driving her wild as she climaxed with the fierce intensity with which she always did it.

'My little boy is very naughty to touch Mummy's cunt like that,' she scolded. 'I think I shall give him some punishment now. I am going to sit on his face and rub him with my big ass and my hot pussy. Lie still like a good little boy, here comes Mummy's ass and cunt.'

Cyril caught his breath and stared hotly upward as he watched her coming slowly down to him, her knees moving apart, the lovely crotch moving very slowly downward, and then he heard her sigh as her ass touched his nose, telling him which way she was going to start the game.

The smooth, warm crack of her ass moved a little, then it was on his nose, pressing down, capturing it. She pressed down hard until the tip of his nose felt her asshole. It was smooth and clean and wildly exciting as it always was, and then it became more exciting as she rubbed subtly back and forth for a little while before she pressed down more firmly and opened the hole so that his nose could push a little bit into it.

'There, my bad little boy, you have your nose up Mummy's asshole now,' she told him, her tone husky with passion. 'If Mummy should happen to fart now, you would be trapped with your nose up her hole. I could hold you right there with my great big behind.'

It was a threat she often made but never kept, Cyril thought, and suspected that one day he would ask her to carry out the threat. For the time being though, he was more than content to lay in the warm captivity of her beautiful big ass, his cock throbbing strongly, his balls threatening to explode.

Greta sat on his nose a little longer, then moved and began massaging his face with the cheeks of her ass. Cyril loved having his face rubbed with the silken cheeks, but was more excited by the certain knowledge that in just a little while, her hot, soft cunt would be in his mouth, and she would be urging him on as he sucked and licked it, his face in the warm captivity of her smooth crotch.

'There… there… there,' she panted in the tone which always so excited him, 'Mummy has given your face a nice rubbing with her big ass. Now she is going to put her cunt on your mouth and you are going to suck it. Are you going to suck Mummy's hot, juicy cunt, Cyril?'

'Yes, Mummy. I'll suck your pretty cunt and feel your pretty ass. I'll suck you a whole lot, Mummy, and I'll make you come, and then you'll rub your wet pussy all over my face,' he told her, his tone eager as she raised her ass a little above his face so that he could see the tasty, pink gash, could hunger for it as he invariably did.

He heard Greta sigh, and then she lowered her crotch to his face, the soft lips of her cunt on his mouth. For a few seconds, she rubbed subtly, and then held her body still. Cyril caught the big ass cheeks with two hands, and as he fondled them, he began sucking warm, tasty cunt.

In his time, Cyril had lapped many cunts since a mature woman had taught him the art when he was a boy of eighteen, but none had ever thrilled him the way Greta's did. He couldn't be sure why her pussy so thrilled him. It was always clean, yet with the same thrilling aroma of musk. He sensed that a big factor was the bigness of her smooth ass cheeks and thighs, the firmness of them and the intense warmth of her crotch. Whatever it was, he loved it, and sucked greedily and very wetly, filling her slit with saliva and sucking it back out after it had been marinated with the natural juices of her twat, of which there was always a plentiful supply.

Her big body jerked strongly and her cunt pressed on his mouth when he sent his tongue into her slit, then his hands tightened their grip on her ass cheeks as he lapped where she was so hot and juicy.

As she rode his face, Greta squeezed and rubbed her big tits, looking at their reflection in the mirror with lust shining in her eyes. Until Cyril, she had thought that only another woman could really lap a cunt the way it should

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