He gazed at her with a tiny smile. 'When you're real hot, you're an incredible lay.'

He made her lay down flat in the middle of the bed with her arms and legs wide-spread. He crouched between her legs and rubbed the tip of his prick against her tits and up and down her cleavage.

He left her nipples wet with fuck-oil while he caressed her taut belly. He combed his fingertips through her thick, curly muff and over her velvety hot inner thighs.

'You're driving me crazy,' she said, writhing her ass on the bed.

'That's the way I want you.'

'Touch me here,' she said, pointing to her cunt.

'Soon,' he said.

'It itches,' she moaned.

'Don't whine,' he said, tracing a line from her thighs to her belly and up to her tits with his prick. 'You sound just like Jodie when you whine.'

'She's my daughter,' she said. 'I ought to sound like her.' She let out her breath in a deep sigh.

'Don't worry, I'll let you suck my cock,' he said, leaning down and planting his lips over one of her nipples.

'When?' she said, excitement in her voice. 'First I want to drive you a little crazy.'

'You already are.'


Rona licked her parched lips and wriggled her ass. She tried to catch his prick between her legs, but he pulled back and sat on his haunches.

'You're driving me crazy,' she said in a husky voice. 'Why won't you fuck me?'

'Soon,' he said.

She reached for his prick. 'Give me,' she giggled.

'You've got it,' Bob said, rolling onto his back.

Rona climbed to her knees and took her second favorite position. She leaned over and greedily rubbed her cheeks and lips against his prick and balls.

'Did I tell you Rick's coming to stay with us for a while?' Bob said.

Rona shrugged off the news. Bob's bachelor brother came to stay with them periodically. 'No, but I'm not surprised,' she said, taking his prick inside her lips.

Bob raised his ass and fed her more of his dick and the horny brunette slid the ring of her lips halfway down his shaft. He reached for her tits and crushed them in his fists. She sucked contentedly, taking in more and more of his fuck-stem with each thrust of her lips.

She licked up and down from his cock-tip to the root of his prick-trunk and caught his knob inside her lips. Some of his salty cockjuice clung to her lips and tongue. She relished the taste and feel of his maleness.

Some of her friends had told her they couldn't stand the taste of a man's spunk. She never told them she loved it. She didn't want them to think she was freaky or something.

In her heart she thought, there was something wrong with her. Was it normal for a woman to crave cock so often? Was it normal for a woman to need fucking almost every day and to love cocksucking as much as she did?

Her head whirled as a million thoughts filled her mind. She held Bob's cockshaft with one hand and ran her tongue from his cock to his balls. She lightly licked the hairy wrinkled mass with her moist tongue.

She carefully sucked one of his balls into her mouth and thought about her brother-in-law, Rick. She had never told Bob, but his brother had come on to her several times. She didn't want Bob to know. He'd be furious at his younger brother.

Rick was an ex-football player who never grew up. He made good money as a salesman, but he went from woman to woman and never became really serious about anyone. Bob disapproved of him. He said he was still living his glory days of college football. Rona knew Bob was right, but she liked Rick for his swaggering ways and his love of life. And if he didn't want to grow up, she didn't blame him. Being grown up brought responsibility and Rona envied people who didn't have responsibilities.

Now she gently pressed Bob's prick to the roof of her mouth and held his spit-soaked balls in her hands. He kneaded her tits and groaned occasionally, and she dabbed the tip of his tongue up and down his fuck-shaft.

'You never get tired of sucking my cock, do you?' Bob said.

'No,' Rona said. 'Do you get tired of sucking my cunt?'

Bob hesitated a moment. He didn't want to hurt her, so he lied. 'Nope,' he said, tousling her hair. 'Never met a cunt I loved so much.'

'When did you met a cunt last that wasn't mine?' Rona said, gently sucking his other ball into her mouth.

'Not since I married you,' Bob said. If he cheated occasionally and even grew bored with his sexy wife, he didn't want her to know it.

Rona repressed a sigh as she vigorously licked the underside of his shaft. He was a charming liar. She knew he had to be bored with her on occasion. Those things went two ways and much as she loved him there were times she craved a new and different lover.

Like Rick. More than once she'd fantasized about how it would feel to make love with her husband's brother. The family relationship would add to the excitement. And she was sure Rick was a cocksman. Women were always chasing him. She didn't know a woman who wasn't crazy about him.

Bob writhed his ass on the mattress, but her tongue followed him relentlessly. 'You let me know when you want to fuck,' she said.

'That feels good,' Bob said. 'Don't stop.'

She continued to kiss him with her tongue and lips and teeth and she dragged her teeth lightly over his thick, pulsating cock-stem. Bob took her head between his hands and pumped his prick more deeply into her throat. She pulled back and took a deep breath. Then she suctioned him almost all the way into her throat and held him there a moment before releasing him.

'Oh, baby!' He shoved his prick so far into her throat she felt herself gag. When she spit him out, he sat up.

She roiled onto her back.

He climbed over her and his prick shot against her hungry cunt.

'Stick it in, quick!' she hissed. 'Get your hands out of the way!'

'Oh, God, you're going in from the wrong angle! Here. Here's the hole!'

'I know where the fucking hole is!' He stabbed his cockhead against her pussy again and again, but continued missing the mark. Rona was frantic with desire and was afraid be might come before he got inside her.

'Stick it in here!' she hissed.

'You're so fucking wet, no wonder it's sliding around!'

He finally got inside her and fucked her mindlessly while she clawed at his back. He humped her like a machine and she rocked her ass and almost savagely met his thrusts.

She felt his cock swell inside her had her a strong cunt muscles gripped him. That to and cunt hairs meshed and blended and they french-kissed frantically.

'Don't stop!' she cried, thrashing her ass up off the bed.

He slowed his stroking, corkscrewing his dick into her body in order to get the maximum friction on her clit. She ran her fingernails up and down his upper arms and wrapped her strong legs around his back.

His eyes were shut and he grimaced as he controlled his orgasm. The veins on his neck bulged and perspiration dripped down his face and soaked his hair.

His pelvic bone rasped against her clit and his cock felt like a hot poker inside her pussy. She felt her orgasm well up inside her as he dicked her and she felt faint with desire.

He waited for her to come and then he released the flood of jism that threatened to burst his balls. He grunted over and over as his spunk poured out of his cockhead and into her cunt.

At the end he trembled and shot forward one more time. His cock still felt hard and Rona came a second time.

'Dear God, it's good!' she sighed weakly. 'Leave it inside me for a minute.'

He put his full weight on her body and she tightened her pussy-muscles around his still hard prick. 'If I fall asleep you just push me over to my side of the bed,' he said.

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