Rona giggled and bugged him to her. 'You're killing me,' she said. 'When you get off me I'll be flat as a pancake.'

Bob raised his chest and gazed down at her with mock surprise. Bending down, he kissed her briefly on the lips and rolled off her body. He was snoring in less than five minutes and Rona lay awake, wondering if Rick would come on to her again.


The twins adored their uncle and loved it when he came to stay with them. On the day of Rick's arrival, Jamie went to a basketball game, but Jodie stayed around the house and greeted him at the door.

'How's my favorite niece?' he said, leaving his suitcase in the front hall and taking the blonde teenager into his arms.

'I'm fine, Uncle Rick,' Jodie squealed. He picked her up in his arms with ease and the curvy girl giggled and clung to his neck.

'Where's everybody?' Rick said, putting her down. They walked arm in arm into the living room.

'Jamie's at a basketball game,' she said. She and her twin were almost inseparable. 'He didn't want to go, but he had to. We both love when you're here.' She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth.

'Why don't you come upstairs with me and help me unpack?' Rick said, and together they moved from the room and into the hallway where Rick retrieved his suitcase.

Once they arrived in the spare bedroom, Jodie jumped onto the bed and watched her uncle move around the room. She loved the way his muscles rippled. She thought her father was the handsomest man in the world, but her Uncle Rick was second best. She brought her knees back to her chest and held her arms around them. God, it was great to have such a sexy young uncle. She and Jamie were so lucky.

'Mom said I should keep you company until she comes home,' the busty little blonde said.

Rick threw some shorts and undershirts in a drawer and stood for a moment eying the teenage girl. 'I swear you get prettier all the time,' he said, his eyes boring into her tits. 'And with that figure, you're going to have to stop teasing your old uncle.' He grinned and Jodie blushed. 'You must drive the boys crazy with those boob.'

'Now that you mention it, there is something I'd like to talk to you about,' she said. She could always talk to her uncle about her problems. For some reason he understood her better than anyone. Even Jamie, who she adored. But Jamie was only a kid too and Rick was an experienced man of the world.

'What?' Rick said, hanging up a pair of pants in the closet. 'I'm listening, baby. What's on your mind.'

Jodie tugged at a long strand of golden hair and rocked her ass back and forth as she studied her uncle. 'It's kind of a silly problem.'

Rick finished unpacking and moved his suitcase to the top shelf of the closet. He sat down on the one chair in the room and lit his pipe. He stared at her through a cloud of smoke, his eyes narrowed and his cheeks caved in as he puffed: 'Tell me what it is, honey,' he said. 'If it's a problem of yours, it's not silly.'

The timbre of his voice assured her. His voice was deep, like her father's. Deep and masculine and almost, sort of sexy. Jamie's voice was deepening with age and he sounded something like them. But sitting here on the bed listening to her uncle gave the teenage girl butterflies in her tummy. Butterflies she'd never felt before.

Now she took a deep breath and looked down at her hands. She twisted a ring she wore on her index finger and continued averting her eyes. 'It's about boys,' she began.

'Isn't it always?' he said with a sparkle in his eyes.

Jodie looked up. 'Are you laughing at me?'

'No, I'd never do that,' Rich said. He puffed his pipe and assumed a serious expression. 'Come on, honey. Tell your old uncle all about it.'

The teenager avoided his gaze. 'I don't know if I can,' she said.

Rick rose up and slipped his shoes off. He climbed onto the bed and sighed deeply. 'That's better,' he said. 'You don't mind, do you? It was a lot of driving and I'm bushed.' He took her hand and kissed it lightly before replacing it on her lap.

A shiver went through the teenage girl's body and she quickly glanced at Rick's face. He looked perfectly composed and relaxed. He continued puffing on his pipe, but now his eyes were closed.

'I'll try,' she said, her voice cracking slightly. Rick was stretched out and she noticed suddenly how tight his jeans were. He was a tall man, and muscular for his height. The way he was lying gave emphasis to the mass between his legs add the teenage girl shivered as she gazed at it.

She found herself mesmerized by his crotch. Suddenly he opened his eyes and turned to her. He smiled and she saw in his expression love and tenderness and she knew she could trust him and tell him anything.

He put his pipe down in the ashtray next to the bed and took her hand. 'You know you can tell me anything,' he said softly. 'There's nothing you can say that would shock me. You kids are like my own.'

'I know, Uncle Rick,' Jodie said. She licked her lips and breathed deeply. 'It's just that sometimes I get funny feelings and I think about doing things that I'm not supposed to do until I'm older.'

Despite himself a tiny smile crossed Rick's face. 'You're talking about sex, aren't you?' Jodie looked away and nodded. 'Yes, about sex.'

'Sounds pretty natural to me,' Rick said gently.

'But it's wrong to think about what I think about,' the blonde teenager whispered.

Rick sat up and put his arm around her shoulders. He drew her closer and patted her head. 'You're becoming a woman,' he said. 'You sure look like one. At your age it's natural to be getting certain, how shall I say it, feelings.'

'It scares me.'

'What about Jamie?'

'What about him?'

'How's he handling his feelings? Boys his age are always horny.'

'I… uh… don't know,' Jodie stammered.

Rick continued patting her hair, but he moved his free hand to her thigh and left it there. 'You mean to say you kids don't talk about sex? As close as you are?'

'Oh, we talk about it, but… oh, don't ask me about Jamie, please!'

'Sure, baby, sure,' he said, stroking her thigh.


'Nowadays kids have a lot of temptations,' Rick said, interrupting her. 'It's not easy to resist. I know. Especially girls.' He gazed down at her and hugged her against him. 'Especially a girl who looks like you, honey. You're a dish if I ever saw one.'

'Thanks, Uncle Rick,' Jodie said, her voice quavering. His hand felt funny on her thigh. She knew he was only, comforting her, but she had strange butterflies in her pussy now as well as in her tummy.

'What about your friends?' Rick said.

'Most of them are still virgins.'

'Or so they tell you.' Rick chuckled.

Jodie shot him a glance. 'What do you mean?'

'What I mean is girls only tell the truth to other girls who are fooling around too. That's the way it is.'

'But how do they know who else is fooling around?'

'There's a look a girl gets,' Rick said. 'I can't explain it, but a girl's peers know even if adults don't.'

'You mean they look different?'

'If that's what you're worried about, no, they don't look different to the world at large.'

But they do to girls and boys their own age. 'There's a look, I can't explain. Take you. You look like just what you are. A pretty little virgin.' He kissed the tip of her nose and squeezed her thigh.

'Mostly it's with this one boy,' Jodie said. She leaned against Rick and closed her eyes. It felt so good and safe in his arms.

'What about one boy? Is he your boyfriend?'

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