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Bernadette Reese was no virgin. She hadn't been a virgin since her eighteenth birthday. She had been no naive nymph at the time. Sex education was being taught in all the junior-high and high schools, and Bernadette attended every class. Other girls her age had lost their cherries months, even years before, and though Bernadette felt no less sexually aroused than they, her sexual feelings remained dormant when in the presence of the boys she dated.

Even at the age of nineteen, Bernadette was dating. She had a nice set of tits, a slender waist, just the hint of a little curve to her belly, and nice hips. Her ass was round, but not overblown, and though she had let some boys touch her titties and crotch, she had felt nothing for them. Yet Bernadette had a constant heat inside her, and she realized the heat was at its strongest in her home. She had three brothers, one pretty younger sister, a virile, handsome father, and an attractive mother. And it was when she was in the bosom of her family that she felt most aroused.

Because she looked older than she was, Bernadette was able to get into X-rated movie theaters and see for herself just how people were supposed to behave in bed. And it was because she went to see an X-rated movie on her eighteenth birthday that she lost her virginity. Lost it? No, Bernadette didn't lose it: she threw it away on purpose.

One of Bernadette's 'friends' saw her going into the theater and hurried to tell her father. She would have told Bernadette's mother, as well, but her mother was at an evening canasta game and wouldn't be home until midnight.

So it was, when Bernadette got home at nine o'clock, her father confronted her with what he'd heard. Bernadette freely admitted having been to the movie, saying, 'It was my birthday, Daddy. I'm eighteen years old and I know what's going on, by now. I just wanted to see what it looked like.'

'You aren't too old to be punished,' her father snapped.

'And how will you punish me?' she laughed sassily. 'Will you spank me?'

'You aren't too old for that, either,' her father said angrily.

'Oh, pooh!' she answered, flouncing up the stairs to her bedroom.

Her father was right behind her. He picked up a hairbrush from her dressing table, grabbed her by the arm, sat on the bed, flung her across his knee despite the squeals of protest, pulled up her skirt, and began paddling her rounded ass. She was wearing a pair of scanty bikini panties, and they barely covered her ass, much less her pussy. As he spanked, she writhed and wriggled, rubbing her belly against his lap, and she could feel his enlarging cock poking up through his pants. And suddenly the spanking no longer hurt. It felt good. As her father continued walloping her butt-cheeks, he realized she was sighing rather than yelping. Her movement on his lap wasn't that of a helpless daughter being punished for being a smart-ass, but rather that of an erotic female trying to arouse the male in him.

Bernadette's cunt was burning up. After having seen the movies, she knew what she needed. But now she realized she wanted it from her own father. And there was that communication between father and daughter that let him know what she wanted without a word being said.

He stopped spanking her and she turned her head, looked at him, and said, 'Beat me, Daddy. Beat me hard. Please!'

'No,' her father insisted. 'No. I can't.'

'Why not?' she asked, standing up, her ass hot with lust more than pain.

Looking down at her seated father, she saw the anguish on his face, and suddenly she realized it wasn't a one-way feeling. He had become aroused from spanking her.

'Daddy,' she said, squatting down in front of him, 'I love you.'

'I love you, too, sweetheart,' he replied, dropping the brush. 'That's why I spanked you in the first place, because I love you and care about you and I didn't want you corrupted by those horrible films.'

'Is it corruption, Daddy? What I saw I enjoyed, and, Daddy, I want to do that with you.'

'My God! No!' he bellowed. 'Never think such a thing again!'

'Daddy, stop it. I want you. I mean I really want you. Like they say in those pictures, I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me.'

'Don't you dare even think such a thing,' her father chastised, suddenly standing up.

She stood with him, turned, ran to the door, shut it, and locked it.

'Bernadette, what are you doing?'

She smiled at him as her hand reached behind her and quickly unzipped her dress.

'Stop that this instant,' her father ordered, but his voice was weakening.

She pulled the dress off and stood in front of him in her bra and panties. He had seen her that way often enough in the morning when everyone was scrambling in and out of the two bathrooms in the house. But this was the first time she saw a glimmer of desire in his eyes. Yes, it was true. He might not want to admit it, but he wanted to fuck her. He probably never even realized it up until that moment, but he was as hot for her as he had once been for her mother many years before.

'I'm going to leave,' he told her as she unsnapped her bra.

'You'll have to get by me,' she murmured, removing the bra and throwing it off to the side.

He simply stood there, staring, his eyes bugging out of his head.

'God!' he muttered, 'I have to be seeing things.'

His eyes were rooted on her jiggling tits, two perfect spheres of full, weighty, upstanding flesh with nipples like pink noses pointing at him. Each nipple had a halo of pink areola an inch in diameter, contrasting beautifully against the whiteness of her tits.

'Bernadette,' he whispered. 'This is wrong. Stop it, now.'

'Wrong? How can it be wrong? Don't you love me?'

'Of course I love you, but… this isn't the way we're supposed to love one another.'

'Oh, Daddy,' she muttered, starting to flush. 'When a male and a female love one another, they should love each other every way possible. I never realized it until tonight, but I think I've always wanted to be this way with you, as long as I was able to think about sex. I just never admitted it to myself before.'

'But this way is wrong.'

'No, Daddy, the only wrong thing would be if I got pregnant, and that'll never happen. My girl friends have been taking the Pill for nearly a year now, and not wanting to be left out, I started taking it, too, about three months ago. So you don't have to worry about my having any idiot kids, Daddy. Oh, please,' she begged, stepping out of her panties. 'Oh, please, Daddy. Fuck me!'

Her tits were trembling, making them look all that much more arousing. Her nipples were beginning to swell just because he was looking at them, and when she saw his gaze fall to her crotch, she could feel the heat in her cunt increase.

Very slowly he approached her. He carefully wrapped an arm around her naked waist and pulled her slowly to him, saying, 'You're still a baby, Bernadette. Oh, you may be my oldest daughter, but to me you're an infant. If you could really understand what you're doing, you wouldn't do it. Yes, I do love you. Yes, I do feel desire for you. And seeing you this way makes me want you in a way I never before realized. But it just isn't right,' he told her, once more going to the bed and sitting on it.

She walked with him, and when he sat, she sat on his lap, trilling to the rough feeling of his slacks against her bare butt, a butt already cooling off.

She leaned against him, pressing the points of her hot boobs into the cloth of his shirt, and the sensation

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