So you were born, a helpless man, Who would be strange for now and then, And who would not be understood By parents in his childhood, Who would soon start to feel as so He's one of soldiers in the row Without mind, without heart, All struggling to escape this, but... But it will be in aftertime - And we return to what is prime. You were a child, small and funny, Who learned how to cry for mummy, Whose world was in her lips and hands With no idea where it ends. But years passed, and you grew strong, And found soon that you were wrong, And found world ahead of you Along with things, not much, not few, Along with men, all old indeed, Not knowing where it will you lead, Now knowing how you will soon feel In being someone other's meal, In being someone other's toy As they but mock and laugh in joy, For they have found you as 'strange' When you appeared in the range, When you refused to play with them, When you showed no respect to Sam, When you was almost all alone Within your own thoughts and tone. Man-in-itself in all the aspects, Without need for fame and respects, Without wish to behave so... Not like a soldier in the row. Oh, boy, not soon you understood That it was not for bad, but good, That it was like a road's stone For no one said there would be none, For no one said there was no price For understanding of such size, For possibility to grow Not sacrificing to The Row. You were the different, alone, For many others - road's stone, And by some person's wish for fun You were then called 'another one'. You tried to make them understand That you could give a helpful hand To help them see the other sun … But they just laughed : 'Another one!'. You tried to help them feel as so They are unique in the row - That's similarity you’ve fought, You tried to help ... they listened not. Another one you have become In their eyes in days to come, In their endless wish for fun - Thus you have born, Another One! It would take many days to see That they were right, and to agree With their nickname of this kind, For you are now a man of mind, For you can now respect the others, For you can see them as the brothers, For you can distinguish them all Though they may look like bricks in wall. For you can help them see the sun When one of them is in the run, When one of them have not at all Intentions to be Brick in Wall. You've grown to the man of mind,
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