Ursala Updike

Students At Play

Chapter 1

The young girl moaned in shuddering ecstasy as Glendora Adams brushed her lips over the pale silken flesh of her inner thigh, Glen's tongue slipped out like sensuous fire. It teased almost to the soft tuft of golden pubic hair, then leapt like an electrical spark to the girl's other thigh.

Each time she turned her head from side to side, Glendora eased her lips closer-closer-to the already open and eager vagina just before her. Her hands gently caressed the girl's young, nubile body, savoring the sweet thrill of youthful flesh under their palms. As her tongue and lips caressed first the right thigh, then the left-as her breath sent zephyrs of delight scurrying through diaphanous pubic hair-her long-fingered hands savored the eager flesh of young hips and slender, almost childlike waist She inched upward, played her fingers over the girl's rib cage, and then, with a slow intensity and an insistent tenderness, she savored the touch of smooth flesh on the sides and underneath of the girl's pert upthrust breasts.

Her tongue licked higher on the girl's right thigh. This time, as she moved her head to the left, she arrested movement when her mouth was over her partner's channel of love.

Glendora took a deep breath and exhaled a warm stream of air directly into the girl's open and wet sexual slit.

Again the girl sighed in ecstasy as Glen moved her head once more to the left thigh. Now her long fingers were gently stroking the pink erectile nipples of the girl's breasts as her breath began to pant from her slender body.

'Oh,' she gasped. 'Oh… good… oh… Miss Adams… '

Glendora teased the nubile young body with maddening patience. She was doing what she enjoyed doing most. She was teaching, indoctrinating, taking every necessary minute to introduce the girl with her to sexual pleasure so vibrant, so intense that she could never forget the lesson. And she was also teaching the student her own body, so that, with the knowledge of ecstasy imparted, she could eventually become teacher and Glendora could receive her own ecstatic pleasure from the once innocent virgin she now mentored.

Now her mission was one of slow, deliberate-complete arousal. She wanted the girl with her to tingle in every nerve, to come alive in the Sapphic delights she had brought to her this evening. Almost a full half hour before, she had begun her oral caress of the girl's legs. She had begun with the toes, licking each one, letting her eager tongue slip between each of them over and over again. She had tickled the soles of the girl's feet, run her lips and tongue slowly over her ankles and calves. She had licked and stroked every single nerve, making her student sigh and gasp in a pleasure she had never known-perhaps had never even thought possible.

Glen had licked her way up and over the calves, she had caressed the girl's knee and slipped her tongue behind those knees to caress the tender flesh there. She had kissed and licked as her long-fingered hands had stroked the girl's thighs, moving with maddening slowness ever upward-ever closer-to the temple of the young girl's capacity for pleasure.

Now she had almost arrived at her goal. Glen wanted to postpone the final moment of contact for as long as she possibly could. She wanted the girl to be in absolute thralldom to her caress. She would be the sexual master and the student her impassioned, powerless, craving slave.

She removed her hand from the girl's small upthrust breast, let it slip lingeringly over flat abdomen and hips. Now both her hands were on the girl's slender hips, their thumbs pointing to the silken tuft of golden pubic hair dotted with the drops of her sexual fluid which sparkled like diamonds, rubies, and silver dew in the flickering candlelight of the room.

Glendora lifted her head and looked directly at the beautiful young prize lying just before her eager get lips. The hair could have been, of spun gold, the labia were like the petals of a delicate pink rose, and beyond the wide and eager opening she could actually see the erectile button of the clitoris.

With a slight, erotic pressure of her thumbs, she gently pulled the damp flesh even wider apart. She savored the view for a long moment of eternity before slowly lowering her mouth to the feast of love she enjoyed so much.

The girl cried out in abandoned pleasure as Glen's tongue shot into her like a fiery celestial sword. She gasped again as Glen found the button of the clitoris and circled it gently.

'Oh… yes…' the girl gasped. Then, 'Oh no… ' Then, 'Please, Miss Adams… Oh, my God…'

Glendora had her lips inside the girl's sexual opening now. They puckered around the long shaft of the clitoris as her hands slipped under the girl's firm, youthful buttocks to cup the warm flesh and pull it even dose, if possible, to her skilled and sensuous mouth.

She concentrated on her goal. She knew the girl under her hand never felt such extreme ecstasy- had probably never even experienced an organ This would be her first-wildly frightening, insanely ecstatic-a burst of pleasure so impossible it would drug her for the rest of her life.

Glen sucked on the erectile clit, drew it as deeply into the hot confines of her mouth as she could, and, with it there, allowed her tongue the sweet thrill of rolling lazily around the pencil-like tube.

Now, she could feel the girl's fingers lacing into the hair of her head. The hips beneath her mouth were moving involuntarily now, responding to the intensity of the sensations shooting through them with a growing abandon which was almost instinctual.

The girl pulled Glen's bead tighter to her wet pubis. Glen dug her nails into the firm flesh of the girl's buttocks and sucked and licked on the eager flesh of the clitoris, literally pulling it closer and closer toward a soul- shattering orgasm.

The room was a lemon dream of candlelight. The bed sheets were of smooth, erotic satin, and the music Glen had placed on her turntable drummed the insistent beat of the Bolero against the gasps and sighs of the two women twined in Sapphic abandon the bed.

'Oh, no…' the girl gasped again. 'I can't… I… no… I don't want… '

Glen knew her student was experiencing the first rising certainty of full orgasm. She could fed the young girl rising, drawing ever closer to a release which would ultimately be so total it might even threaten to disrupt her sanity for as long as a full minute.

Still, she kept on licking her eager tongue up, then over, then around the sweet succulent button of the clitoris, deep within the hot, moist folds of the inner labia. Her fingers were almost brutal now as she clawed the girl's flesh tighter to her, and the girl herself responded by thrashing her hips in wild abandon against Glendora's mouth.

Then, Glen felt the first total snap of the girl's throbbing release. She cried out, thrust her hips almost brutally against Glen's mouth as the older woman felt the throbbing convulsions of spasm after spasm as multiple orgasm surged through the girl's body.

She continued to roll her hips and tongue around the pulsating shaft of the clitoris as the girl thrashed in abandoned madness under her touch. Again and again, she spasmed, gasping in inchoate ecstasy as she did so. She would cry out in half words, sigh, 'Yes,' then, 'No,' and swear as well.

The tics and spasms surged through her body like a tidal wave of mindless, soulless, all-powerful ecstasy, controlling her utterly with energy which seemed to come from the very heavens themselves.

Glen could feel the ripples of the girl's release surging through her own body. She became one with the entirety of the scene. She was no longer Glendora Adams, a lonely woman who had just celebrated her thirtieth birthday. She was in another dimension-mindless, bodyless. She was the incarnation of the girl's orgasm. She was one with the throbbing hips, the hypnotic beat of Ravel's music coming from the twin speakers. She was one with the girl's impassioned breathing and with the candlelight. One flesh-one body-one mind, one soul-one complete and beautiful madness…

The girl's pulsing spasms of release were slower now, spaced farther apart, yet they still rippled through her like the tides caused by a pebble dropped into the still water of a pond. Like those same ripples of water, they

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