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Sapphic Flames

Chapter I

Jocelyn unhooked her seat belt and stood up to prepare to get off the plane. With a quick, yet full motion, she smoothed her wrinkled dress over her flat belly. She was not at all disturbed that her short dress left-most of her tanned, slender thighs bare even when she pulled it down as modestly as she could.

During the flight from New York, she had been quite conscious that her dress had worked up her hips so that more than one pair of eyes had rested upon her partly exposed panties. Some of those eyes, including the very pretty ones of a certain, young stewardess, had rested much longer than was nice.

Nice! Jocelyn smiled bitterly to herself as she reached overhead to collect her raincoat and things. She hadn't been such a nice girl in the past. Not at all!

But, she was through with all those lewd and exciting scenes with Robin! She and Robin were separated, and that was that. As far as she cared, she was through with sex and desire altogether! At thirty-four years of age, she had had enough sex with Robin to last a lifetime. At this point, after three months of separation from him, it made her blush to think of how dirty he had made her get! She had grown to wildly lust after each new erotic twist to their married lives as much as he did-especially the group nudity, the long evenings of pornography and masturbating, all of which she grew more passionately devoted to than her highly autoerotic husband!

Jocelyn felt she needed all that no longer. She had not had an orgasm in over three months! What was so great about orgasming anyway? She could do without it! Plenty of people did.

As she stood in the aisle of the plane waiting her turn to disembark, she thought of how she had good reason to be as 'nice' a woman as possible. She was about to start a new life. She wanted to be what Robin would think ridiculous. She wanted to be… well, she was not sure what. Ordinary? The nice girl in gingham behind the picket fence? As if she did not have a pulsating, hot cunt between her legs?

'Good-bye,' smiled the pretty stewardess at the door of the plane. 'We hope you enjoyed your flight.'

The young stewardess' eyes slipped to Jocelyn's bare thighs.

'Thank you.' Jocelyn smiled, momentarily wishing her dress were even shorter. 'I did.'

Then, she was off the plane and busy collecting her baggage and getting a taxi. The airport at L.A. was crowded at this time of day, and, it was some time before Jocelyn was able to get all her belongs aboard a cab heading for her new home.

As she gave the driver her address, she felt a little apprehensive at the unknown factors which lay ahead in running an apartment house (even if there were only two apartments to let!). But, she had a feeling of pride, too, for the address was that of a large ten or twelve-room house in a residential district that was definitely upper middle-class. And, the house was hers! Completely hers!

Her Aunt Mona, who had owned the house, had recently passed away and had left it along with everything else she had owned at the time of her death to Jocelyn. In addition to the house, Jocelyn had received other assets worth close to $150,000. The income from those investments and from the rental of the two apartments would provide her with a higher income than she had ever received without really having to work for it at all!

Robin had been very sorry she had no longer wanted to live with him. In fact she never doubted that he sincerely loved her. He had been worried about how she could live and had actually been delighted when learning of her good fortune! Thinking of Robin, she felt again how complicated he was. There were so many things about her husband she really liked.

Jocelyn had been to L.A. once before. Twenty years ago, when she had been fourteen she had visited her aunt and uncle for a whole summer. She had had a wonderful time. Never before had she experienced the degree of personal freedom allowed her. She could do almost anything she wanted! At first, she had been shy. She had only met her aunt a few times and had never met her uncle before.

Soon, probably in less than a week, she had found she loved her vivacious, pretty aunt, who seemed more like a friend than a relative and saw to it she enjoyed her visit in countless, little ways. Her Uncle Victor had been so charming and urbane, Jocelyn had been almost afraid of him at first. Tall, slender, astonishingly handsome, her uncle was white-haired and much older than his young, attractive wife. Yet, he had been so kind and considerate of her wishes and behaved so gently with her that by the end of her second week with them, she had loved him, too.

Was her love entirely innocent? Hardly! At fourteen, she had already developed strong sexual desires. She played with her little nipples and she played with her little, hairy cunny everyday until she came! She loved every second of her frigging.

Jocelyn smiled to herself as she leaned back on the seat of the taxi. Twenty years later, she still loved the feel of her fingers in her cunt! Only now, instead of the little brush of hair between her legs that had so delighted the excited eyes of her aunt and uncle, she had a thick, unusually large pelt of curly cunt hair surrounding her well-fucked, well-sucked, and triple well-masturbated pussy!

After three months of abstinence, oh, did she want to be fucked! God! Did she want to jerk herself off all night long!

With an effort of will, Jocelyn made herself stop thinking of coming. Damn it! Her panties were wet! Suddenly, she felt terribly hot!

Silently, she thought against her lust, but, this time, she knew she was slowly losing. The three months she had congratulated herself so much about were as if they had never been. With a pang of remorse, she realized she had not changed at all!

Gradually, she relaxed and let the warm feeling of aroused sexuality seep through her. Fuck it! Like Robin said, she was a beautiful, delightful, and very dirty girl! She might as well enjoy it! Greedily, she sank into the corner of the seat. Glancing up to make sure the cabdriver could not see, she pressed her hand to her hot pussy and rubbed it slowly and gently through her dress as she fell into a sexy reverie about that summer visit to L.A. when she had been fourteen.

L.A. had been hot that summer, as always, and the house she was now the owner of and about to occupy had not yet been air-conditioned. The heat became the pretext for her not wearing many clothes. Actually, of course, she just wanted to be as naked as possible as much of the time as she could. She loved the way her Uncle Victor's eyes lingered on the parts of her that were bare. She had wanted to show him her nudity as much as he apparently had wanted to see it!

Ever since she had been a little girl, she had liked to be naked, whether by herself or with others. She much preferred to be naked when masturbating and, well before her trip to L.A., had discovered the pleasure of seeing herself naked and striking all sorts of sexy and lewd poses before a mirror as she played with her budding tits and yearning, wet, girlish pussy. Group nudity constantly thrilled her. The main reason she liked to go in for athletics so much was simply because it permitted her to see all the other girls naked in the locker room or showers-as well as to show off her own naked, little body, of course!

In L.A., with her aunt's permission, most of the time Jocelyn had worn only a thin pair of shorts and a skimpy halter around the house. She always went barefoot. Although her breasts had not nearly fully developed, they were plenty big enough to play with and to fill her hands when cupped tightly to them. Her mother had insisted upon her wearing bras back home, but she never wore one that summer after her first day or so. Sometimes, when she knew she would be alone with her aunt and uncle, she would leave off the halter (pretending complete innocence, at least at first) and wear only the tight, little shorts. She was positive her aunt and uncle liked to see her almost naked that way!

Her thoughts and dreams often centered upon sex and erotic pleasures, and, soon after her arrival, she recognized kindred spirits in her pretty Aunt Mona and her startlingly good-looking, white-haired uncle. This sudden, almost unconscious recognition on her part not only warmed her feelings even more to the older couple but also helped explain why her father's younger sister, a girl who had had a rather wild reputation, had chosen to settle down into domestic bliss with a man twenty years her senior. Sixty-year-old Uncle Victor had what forty-

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