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Boy-loving Mother


My name is Helen Burgess. I'm thirty-four and divorced. I've been living with what some people would call a dirty sex secret for quite a while now, and I figure it's time I told my story.

I like to fuck and suck teenage boys.

It started innocently enough, but suddenly I found I couldn't control my impulses. I seduced Georgie Downs, a young friend of my son, Johnny, while my son was away at summer


After that, I just couldn't get enough young hard cocks! I wanted one every night. And when I couldn't get one, I nearly went crazy. I'd use a vibrator, and pretend I had a young kid in bed and that he was fucking the hell right out of my hot, itchy cunt.

Before I tell you all about my experiences with young boys in bed, maybe I better tell you a little more about myself. I'm five-foot-four, with long, blonde hair and deep-blue eyes. My figure is pretty damned nice, if I do say so myself. I won a beauty contest before I got married. I was Miss Northeast, and it wasn't because they liked the way I played the piano.

My tits are still big and firm, and my ass is nice and sleek. And that's after fifteen years of marrige. Well, not all of that time was marriage. I was divorced two years ago.

That's about the time I found out how hot my cunt got when I thought I could get a fuck from a boy. I found I liked them best about high-school age. Just the ages when they have a hard-on all the time, and can get that hot cock of theirs up again as soon as they've shot their cum into my cunt.

As I said, it began that summer when Johnny had gone to summer camp. He'd only

been gone a day when young Georgie Downs came by to see him. He didn't know I had arranged to send Johnny to camp for the whole summer.

I was in my robe, sitting at the kitchen table that morning, when Georgie rang the bell. I looked out and saw who it was so I didn't bother to put anything else on before I let him in.

'Ohh, hi, Georgie,' I said. 'Come on in.'

Georgie was a cute kid. I'd always liked him. He and Johnny had played together since they were little. But Georgie, unlike Johnny, had grown tremendously. He was almost six-feet-tall, a big boy for his age. He was filling out nicely, too, and he had a wide smile and curly brown hair. His eyes crinkled when he smiled, and I knew he was going to be a handsome man when he grew up.

'Is Johnny around? ' he asked, stepping into the living room. I caught him glancing at the deep cleavage of my tits as the top of my robe fell open slightly.

'No, I'm sorry, he isn't, Georgie,' I said. I crossed the room, letting him get a good look at me. The robe was tight across my ass, and I knew the light shone right through it when I stood between him and the window.

'He's gone to camp for the summer. I'm going to be all alone for the next couple of months. I guess you and I have lost our 'playmate' for awhile.'

I sensed that he wasn't ~ thinking about Johnny right then. When I turned around, I caught him eyeing the curve of my thigh against the confining drape of the robe. Suddenly, I felt a hot twinge in my cunt. I was turned on by the way he looked at me.

At first, I couldn't really believe what was happening to me. But I didn't really care. At that moment, I was so fucking horny that I would have fucked just about any guy who pulled a hard cock out of his pants.

But the idea of taking on a young kid… a friend of my own son… was especially exciting to me. I felt hot waves of desire sweep up through my cunt, wrapping my loins in exciting anticipation.

'What are you going to do this summer?' I asked, my cheeks flushing a little, my tits beginning to grow warm, filled with tingling, prickly desire.

'Oh, I don't know,' he said meekly. 'Just hang around, I guess.' His eyes were riveted by now on my tits. I had let the robe fall open a little more and he could see a good part of

my big, soft tits.

I walked closer to him, feeling brazen and ready to take all kinds of chances with Georgie. I was getting so fucking hot that my cunt was all wet. I knew I had to try to fuck this boy.

I wanted desperately to feel his cock… to cradle his big, soft balls in my hand… to get him into bed and fuck the hell out of him.

I knew it was wrong, or at least that I could get in a lot of trouble if he went home and told his parents. But at that point it was worth the risk. I was so hot I had no control over my emotions.

When I got right in front of him, I looked down at his crotch and saw that there was a big, hard bulge right between his legs. He was just as hot to fuck as I was!

'I'll bet I know what you'd like to do this summer, Georgie,' I said, a smile playing at my lips. I looked straight into his eyes. He looked embarrassed, and I saw pinkness creep over his cheeks. He licked his lips. That's when I made my move.

I placed my hand right in his crotch and ran it firmly over his hard, growing cock. And it was just like I had suspected. His prick was a handful. It was time to show him how to fuck.

My open neckline was right under his face now. My tits were so exposed that he could almost see my nipples. He was almost gasping for breath, looking down at those big, round tits and almost drooling with excitement.

'Do you like my tits, Georgie?' I said, putting all the sex-kitten seductiveness I could into my voice.

'Ye… yes, Mrs. Burgess,' he stammered. 'They're very nice.'

'How would you like to put your face right into them and suck them hard, baby?' I wound my-hand around his neck like a snake, pulling his head right down into my open robe.

He didn't exactly fight me, but he was so nervous that he sort of lurched forward. His nose snuggled right into the deep fold between my huge, heaving tits.

I cradled him to my tits, longing for the feel of his tongue against my nipples. I wanted him to suck my tits and squeeze them and fondle them until they were so hot they almost made me come.

The robe fell open more. I gasped softly, rubbing the back of his head, running my fingers through his hair.

'Suck my tits, Georgie,' I whispered. 'Take them right into your mouth and run

your hot tongue all over them. Lick my nipples! God, I need you, you beautiful young cock!'

Both tits were uncovered completely, rising and falling as my breathing became heavier and heavier.

Georgie was eager, but inexperienced. His hands trembled as he lifted my meaty, round tits and brought one of them to his lips.

Even his lips were shaking… quivering with the lust of youth… the enthusiasm of a hard young stud who wants to taste the nectar of cunt for the first time in his life.

His tongue shot out and began lapping over the soft flesh of my hot tits. I felt waves of hot, aching need pour through my veins.

I threw my head back, shoving my tits harder into his face. I was engulfeel in the flames of lust, and he was fanning them into an inferno. My cunt began to seep with cuntjuice. My loins quivered and shook. I was into this too far to turn back now. I was going to go all the way with Georgie-all the way to the bedroom and what turned out to be the most glorious fucking of my entire life!

He had one of my nipples way inside his hot mouth, pulling and tugging on it with all the hard sucking motion he could manage. He

twisted and turned his head as he sucked, and kneaded my soft tits, too.

I thought I would faint with ecstasy as I stood there-right in the midd1e of my living room-with my son's best friend turning my cunt into a cauldron of hot, wanton craving.

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