Sherry Byrd

Maid for action

Chapter One

Nita had just entered the dressing room off the master bedroom to begin her daily dusting chore when she heard Mary's voice in the bedroom. Nita started toward the door between the dressing room and the bedroom to let Mrs. Roberts know she was there. She stopped after a couple of steps when she heard another voice-a man's voice-coming from the bedroom. Nita was totally perplexed. Sam, Mr. Roberts, was away on a sales trip. Who, then, could that be in there with Mary?

Nita was faced with the prospect of embarrassing her employer by making her presence known, or keeping her mouth shut and hope she wasn't discovered before the couple left the bedroom. She knew that a repairman of some sort was supposed to come by that morning. Maybe that's who was with Mary. It didn't dawn on Nita there could be any other reason why a married woman, whose husband was away, would have a man in her bedroom. She was too naive to think of anything so risquй as a sexual encounter.

Nita peeked around the door frame into the bedroom. And got the shock of her innocent young life!

Mary was snuggled in the arms of the repairman. Across the back of his shirt was the logo, 'Roger's Plumbing Service-Fast, Honest Service.'

Unable to resist the temptation, Nita watched as Mary and Roger kissed. His hands swooped down to cup and caress Mary's shapely ass. Nita didn't want to watch. Not at first anyway. She wanted to sneak out of the room and leave the couple to their illicit tryst. Somehow, though, Nita could not find the will power to pull her head back and look for a way out of the dressing room that didn't lead through the bedroom. She had a good idea of what Mary and Roger were going to do. She was almost a virgin herself, but she was not totally ignorant about what went on between a man and a woman in a bedroom. She just hadn't expected to see it going on between Mary and a man who wasn't her husband.

Still in all, Mary wasn't so different than the women Nita had grown up around. She just had more money. Enough money to hire Nita as a live-in maid during the summer so Nita could accumulate money for college.

Mary had gone out shopping earlier that morning. She was still wearing the expensive, clinging summer frock she had donned for that. The dress wasn't thin enough to show what was under it, but it clung to Mary's voluptuous figure closely enough to make it abundantly clear that under it there was a real woman. Not one of those modern, flat-chested, no-hipped girls who seemed to be everywhere these days. Mary had curves. She didn't look like a young boy.

Mary and Roger were standing sideways to the door behind which Nita lurked. Roger stepped back from Mary and ran his hands over her full, firm breasts. Mary smiled dreamily and trembled slightly. 'They're so sensitive,' she said softly. 'Sometimes, I can come just from having my nipples sucked.'

'Christ!' Roger exclaimed. 'I've hit the fucking jackpot, haven't I?'

'In more ways than one,' Mary replied with a sexy chuckle.

Roger realized the wording he'd used. His face turned red. 'I… uh, well, I'm sorry 'bout that. Too used to being around men, I guess.'

'About what? That you said you'd hit the fucking jackpot? That's why we're here, isn't it? You do intend to fuck me, don't you?'

Roger grabbed for her as though he was afraid she would suddenly change her mind and run away. It was Mary's turn to step back from him, just out of his reach.

'No, don't touch me yet. Answer my question.'

'Yeah, that's what I want,' Roger sputtered, reaching for her again.

Mary pushed his hands away. 'I told you not to touch me yet. You still haven't answered my question. Say it! Say what you want or you don't get it!'

Roger swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and said, 'I want to… to fuck you.'

'There, that wasn't so hard, was it?'

It was for Roger. In his mind, there was a vast difference between the women he usually fucked and this elegant, rich beauty. In the living room, she'd hinted at what she wanted, but he hadn't been willing at that time to believe it. Then when she told him to meet her in the bedroom, he'd been a little more certain. Still, he didn't feel right about using such ordinary, descriptive words with her.

Mary gazed intently into his eyes. She seemed to read his mind. 'Roger, let's get one thing straight. I'm very much like any other woman in that I have a pussy and tits and I love to suck cock and I love to have a hard cock shoved up my pussy.' She paused long enough to grin mischievously. 'There now, have I used enough of those words to show you that I like to hear them when I'm in the mood to fuck? I can go on if I must.'

'Oh, no. I understand.' He did understand. It was just that it was very difficult for him to say what she wanted him to. He knew he had to, though. His cock was stirring and aching. He had to fuck her. And he couldn't do that unless he played her game.

'Very well, tell me what you want and make me believe it.'

'I want to fuck you, Mary,' he said firmly. 'I want to fuck you until your head swims.'

'Yes, Roger, that's what we'll do.' Mary reached behind her body and pulled the zipper of her dress down. 'But we'll do other things, too. I want your cock in my mouth and I want you to eat my pussy.'

Nita's ears burned as the salacious sex talk of Mary and Roger pounded her senses. She couldn't believe she was really seeing and hearing this. What kind of person was Mrs. Mary Roberts that she could bring another man into her bedroom and carry on in such a way while her husband was away?

Mary pulled the bottom of her dress up over her hips, then sat down on the edge of the big bed. She chuckled again and patted the mattress at her side, indicating that Roger should sit.

Roger sat beside Mary and turned his upper body toward her. Without waiting to be told, he pulled her dress over her head and tossed it across the room.

From her hiding place in the dressing room, Nita gasped quietly as the dress was slipped over Mary's head, revealing her long, tapered legs and firm thighs. The dress slid on up, revealing her upper body, her large, firm breasts lying in a lacy white half-cup bra that did more to accentuate them than cover them. Nita noted that Mary's tits were bigger than her own. About a 38C, Nita guessed. They were high and solid, much firmer than she had expected to see on the forty-year-old woman. Not that Nita had expected to actually see them, but, well, sometimes one woman gets careless when she's around another woman…

Nita stared at Mary. She saw that the woman wore more than just a bra. A white garter belt circled her waist. She also wore sheer hose and white, high-heeled sandals with straps that went up around the ankles- the kind of sandals Nita had always admired, but could never afford.

Mary's legs were open slightly. Just enough to show the soft, fluffy blonde hair that covered her crotch. Mary tossed her head, making her short blonde hair bounce, giggled, then closed her legs. She leaned back with her hands flat on the bed behind her. She pushed her chest out, accentuating her big tits.

'Take off your clothes, Roger. Show me what I'm going to get.'

He struggled out of his shirt, then bent over to remove his shoes and socks. He stood, turned to face Mary, and removed his pants and shorts together. His cock was already partially hard. It bounced around gently as he moved. He straightened up after removing his pants, posing for Mary. And for Nita, though he didn't know that. In a typically male, unconscious, gesture, Roger lifted his balls and cock in his palm, then pulled his hand away slowly, sliding it to the front.

Nita was a lot more impressed with his equipment than Mary was. Mary had seen, sucked, fucked, and played with many cocks. Nita had only fleetingly seen a few-damned few!

Mary contemplated the lewd, lusty, exciting things she and Roger were going to do before she let him leave. This was going to be one service call he'd never forget. And the only tools he'd need were in his mouth and hanging between his legs. Mary sat up straight and removed her bra, letting her heavy tits swing free. She also opened her legs again, wider this time, inviting Roger's gaze.

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