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Her submissive desires


Polly Bell stood in her bedroom and looked down on the lovely early-morning beach. What had caught her attention originally was the sight of the large tanned man and his lovely blonde-companion, as they rode leisurely through the surf, the water splashing high behind them as they rode side by side through the surf. Stephen and Sandy Lark were father and daughter, but at a distance it was hard to tell.

They were both wearing jeans, the man leaving his torso bare to the sun. He was well muscled and his thick shock of blond hair was ruffled by the wind off the ocean. The girl was blonde too, but a much lighter color and it was shoulder length. She rode proudly, and her body seemed to be part of the beautiful chestnut bay she was on.

Polly had met the Larks three years earlier when they had started visiting the beach area and staying with friends. They now lived in the cottage Polly had heard. Sandy was fifteen and had been living aboard their boat or at the beach house for over three years. Steve Lark held a Master's Degree in education and he had tutored her. They were obviously very close. It seemed as though they were constantly together.

The visions that flashed through Polly's mind brought a surge of passion to her loins. It was almost as though she were seeing the two of them together as lovers.

She shook her head as she turned away and reached for her robe and put it on. She was nude except for tight bikini panties. She should put a bra on, she thought, but she only intended to holler to the boys to wake them up. She decided that she would dress after breakfast was out of the way. The thin peignoir tied in front and it clung to her full-breasted figure. She glanced once more out the window at the attractive couple as they rode farther up the beach. A bittersweet memory of the mornings she and Ben had spent doing the same thing passed through her mind. That had been five years ago though, and at present there wasn't any likelihood that she would soon be accompanying anyone else along that same deserted stretch of beach. Again the pang of her loneliness and physical need gripped her.

She walked quickly down the hall to the large room that Donny and Peter shared. The beach house had been built for the prospective family that she and. Ben had planned, and the large room had been the master bedroom she and Ben shared. Now, not having a man in her life, she had left the bedroom to her twin sons. The excess room and the memories of the wonderful nights she and her husband had shared no longer gave her any happiness. The boys loved the room and it now reflected the presence of two lusty young males, with the normal appetites of fourteen-year-old boys, just coming into their manhood.

Polly stopped at their door, which was ajar, and looked in. The twins were young men nearly, and Polly had experienced strange emotions when she'd accidentally come upon them while they were undressed. She wasn't even aware of exactly what these emotions were, but she did know they left her trembling on a couple of occasions.

Both of the boys were nude and kneeling on a window seat ledge looking down toward the beach. Whatever they were watching was proceeding down the beach because both boys were turned in profile to her.

'Geeze, did you see her tits jump when that horse jogged her, Pete?'

That was Donny, the more light-hearted of the two boys, and most talkative. He was more like her than Ben. Peter more resembled his father in that he was a deeper thinker and talked less.

Polly saw that as they turned to watch the beach, their young muscular bodies turned far enough to reveal their groins. Both boys lived on the beach and their bodies were bronze hued. The pale contrast where their trunks usually hugged their hips helped to outline their dark pubic area, and at the moment, their protruding young cocks which were nearly fully erect. Polly grasped and clutched the front of her gown in a tight fist. She was immediately aware of the churning feeling deep in her stomach, and she almost sighed audibly as she stated at her sons' excited, nude bodies.

Peter Bell slumped down on the padded bench and grasping his cock, began to slowly stroke it.

'Donny, you suppose we can get her to suck us off next time we're together? Man, that last time she played with me I came in about two minutes.'

Donny joined his brother in handling his inflamed organ. He slowly emulated his brother's actions as he too began to jack his cock. Polly saw that both boys were at least six inches long when erect, and about half that much around.

She was able to detach herself from her rising emotional state long enough to wonder if they would ultimately achieve the same size that their father had possessed. They were already large for boys their age.

Donny said, 'Yeah, she was fantastic. Those big tits of hers are so damned nice looking without her suit on. She really goes wild when you pinch her nipples like she told us to.'

Pete had his head lying back now and was drifting towards an orgasm. 'Remember what she said about sucking a guy's cock, and how she liked doing it? Geeze, I'd go nuts if a girl ever sucked me off. I wonder if she'd swallow a guy's cream too? Holy Christ, what a trip that'd be.'

Donny too was approaching a point where he was drifting into an euphoric state and shut out everything except the rising passion of his body.

He said, 'Hey Pete, want me to get the book out? Those pictures of Mom would really be great to look at right now.'

Polly's heart beat rapidly in her body.

'Hell yes, get it. Man, she was really sexy in those days. I bet she turned on a lot of guys when she was young.'

Donny abandoned his cock and its inflamed sturdiness stuck straight out from his body. He quickly went to their closet, and Polly heard him digging around inside. He came back and was carrying a thick notebook that Polly didn't recognize at first. Donny set the book down on the bench, then he again got comfortable on the seat as Peter quickly opened it.

'God, look at those legs and tits, Donny. She was sexy as hell. I kinda wish she still wore those nylons like she did then. The garter belts look neat compared to panty hose.'

'Yeah, but I guess women don't like them anymore. I bet Dad loved them though. Remember when we used to find their door unlocked and we'd sneak in and watch them making love?'

'Yeah,' Peter answered. 'Geeze, look at that picture there, her tits are almost out of that tiny bra. It really looks neat, like that.'

Donny was breathing faster now as they stared at the open book and stroked their erections.

'Geeze Pete, her tits are almost as nice now. I still get a hard-on when I think of seeing her in bed, like last month. Remember how thick the hair was between her legs? You suppose she still likes sex? I mean Dad's been dead for over four years now and she doesn't date much God Pete, imagine how neat it'd be if you could play with her big tits? They're even nicer than Sandy's.'

Polly's body heat had been increasing as she listened, and she was past the point of controlling herself. She finally recognized the book as one Ben had kept of her modeling stills, when she modeled lingerie. She had forgotten about the book after putting it away with his things in the attic. Now she found that her sons were using the pictures of her scantily clad body as a sexual aid in their attempts to release their young passions. She also realized that she should stop them. Polly wasn't aware that her hand had slid into the front of her robe and then inside the small panties. Her fingers were now stroking her quickly moistening cunt. The strange emotions she remembered feeling when seeing her sons in the nude were clear to her.

She wanted them as lovers. She closed her eyes and bit her dark-red lips. She knew she should not give in to these terrible temptations, but as her hand increased its tempo, her determination began to dissolve.

Finally, after hearing the boys describe having seen her in the nude, while asleep, and then Donny asking his brother how he would like to actually fondle his mother's body, it was the breaking point of Polly's self- restraint.

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