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His cock was hard in my cunt. The way it kept swelling and pushing I knew the stranger was getting ready to come.

Wiggling my ass in anticipation, I drove his throbbing prick even further up my pussy. My cunt was convulsing, spasming from orgasm as I waited for his hot, sticky load.

'Come in me,' I hissed impatiently in his ear. 'Come in me, you bastard. Fill my pussy with your cum!'

'Unnnnhhh,' he groaned, unable to make sense while he concentrated on fucking. His hips bucked desperately as he tried to meet my demand.

'Come! Come, you bastard!' I implored again, wrapping my legs around his waist. My hand gripped his churning balls, squeezing them so they would explode.

Then I could feel his cock-head surging like it was going to crack my spine, and I knew everything was going to come out exactly as I wanted it. Sperm suddenly poured from his thrusting dick, filling my cunt with boiling syrup.

'More! More!' I directed, greedy for as much of his hot jizz as I could get.

He did his best. Twisting his prick inside me like it was a corkscrew, he shot load after load of cum up my pussy. The excess dribbled from my pussy, oozing down my inner thighs and glazing my naked flesh. When he finally stopped coming I was drenched with fresh semen to my knees.

Even after he stopped coming my orgasm persisted. My legs remained locked around his waist, my body refusing to give up his long, stiff cock. Tightening my fluttering pussy walls around his prick, I fought to keep it within me, desperately struggling to keep it hard.

'More, give me more,' I moaned. 'Don't you have anything left inside there?'

Panting so much that he was still unable to talk, he shook his head.

I refused to accept his negative conclusion, continuing to work the magic of my tight cunt and wriggling ass on his cock. The sticky cum foaming out of my pussy just made me want more. Suddenly I was an animal, willing to do anything to get it.

'Fuck me in the ass!' I blurted.

I didn't give him a chance to make up his mind. Plunging my hands into the hairy knot of out fuck-locked loins, I found the pulsing root of his prick. Pressing my fingers into the base of his cock, I moved my pelvis back and wetly slid his prick out of my cunt.

His prick was dripping with cum. I slipped automatically toward my asshole, leaving a viscous trail of semen. There was little friction as the head of his prick centered against my asshole and immediately started to penetrate.

His cock slipped four inches into my ass effortlessly. His sperm was the best lubricant for ass-fucking that anyone could conceive. The only problem with his initial entry was that I wanted a lot more than a mere four inches of cock up my ass.

'Harder… farther…' I gasped. 'I want your dick in my ass all the way. All the way up to your nuts.'

Pushing with a loud grunt, he sent his prick to its full eight-inch length up me, gouging into my bowels.

I loved getting fucked in the ass. Every chance I could get I took a guy's prick in my shit-pit, along with my cunt and mouth.

I can take eight inches of cock up my ass. More than I should, in fact. But I like the guy's prick to be about a half an inch too long for my asshole. That way he gives me a good banging, and I can really feel it. I suspect it's dangerous, but it sure as hell is exciting.

If I wanted to play it safe, I'd spend all day cleaning house, waiting for my husband to come home from the university. I'd fix him dinner, we'd watch TV, and then, maybe, if he wasn't too tired, coax him into fucking me just before he fell asleep. If I was lucky he'd manage to come before he started to snore.

It's funny, but the more supposedly inappropriate the setting is, the better the fuck is. Look at the cock fucking the blazes out of my ass. Christ, we were doing it in the back of a van, and I was spread-eagled on a pile of dirty laundry. The sour smell of soiled linen mixed with the reek of my pussy-flow, and then the pungency of fresh sperm, made the atmosphere heavy and funky enough to ladle with a spoon.

Not only that, after he'd picked me up, the driver was so anxious to get it on after I asked him to please fuck me, he forgot td put any money in the meter after pulling his laundry truck over to the curb. A cop could give us a parking ticket at any moment and discover us fucking. Christ, the way I felt now, I'd ask him to dive in and join us.

On the other hand, with my husband Leo, we had a whole bed to fuck on with fresh-smelling sheets. There was nobody to bother us. The setting was seemingly ideal for making love. Yet our sex life was unbelievably dull and routine. Each of us could have masturbated and gotten more out of it.

However, in a musty-smelling, cramped laundry truck, on a busy street at three in the afternoon, daring a cop to look in on us, I was having the time of my life with a stranger's cock surging eight inches up my ass.

I didn't know his name. And I didn't want to. All I was interested in was his hard, throbbing cock. Oh, how it rammed up my ass, compacting the hot shit in my colon into a ball.

'Come… come in my ass,' I cried. 'Cream in my ass!'

The last time I'd said anything like that to my husband had been on our honeymoon.

My mystery lover ground his loins against the well of my thighs, his crinkly pubic hair rubbing maddeningly against my pussy lips.

'Come, come, come!' I babbled, no longer conscious of anything but the prospect of his hot sperm bathing my insides.

'Ooooomph!' he grunted. Abruptly, his dick exploded up my ass. Cum spurted out like I was getting an enema. The thickness was incredible as his cream flooded my bowels. A boiling mixture of semen and shit boiled at the core of my being. The twisted agony was divine.

'That's it,' I moaned, 'that's it. Once more. More cum. More cum in my ass!'

Where be was getting it I don't know. But his sperm just wouldn't stop shooting.

An intense anal orgasm joined the one still smoldering in my cunt. Together they whipsawed the center of my body. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me, yet I wouldn't have settled for anything else.

When he stopped spurting I realized that I had probably gotten everything out of him that I could. I pulled his softening cock out of my ass with a loud pop, and then got on my hands and knees, rolled him over, and tenderly went down on it. Tasting the last cum on an exhausted prick was my favorite dessert.

His cock was like a china buffet, presenting every flavor I loved. The taste of pussy mixed with his prick's native saltiness; the pungency of my ass perfectly complemented the sweetness of his sperm. I couldn't get enough, lapping away at his twitching cock until it was clean.

When his prick had shriveled, I put the whole thing in my mouth along with his sagging balls. Leaving a ring of lipstick around his groin, I gave his cock and balls one long, last, sweet suck. My lips smacked against his crotch with my final taste, and then I slowly slid my lips up his prick, reluctantly leaving it.

My partner was totally exhausted, sprawled spread-eagled across a load of dirty laundry. He didn't notice as I reached for my clothes, scrambling all around the van to retrieve them.

I slid my panties over my legs, feeling their wetness against my thighs. I hadn't gotten them off in time to avoid staining them with pussy juice. But, then, how could I have? I'd been creaming in my pants long before I ever hitched a ride from the laundry truck.

When my skirt and sweater were on, I slipped on my shoes and moved toward the cab of the van and the front door. I took one last look at the cock that had given me so much pleasure. It was flaccid and limp now, not even half of its erect length, but I would remember it as it had appeared in my cunt and ass: big and hard and tough.

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