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A Penny for Your Thoughts!

Brad licked his lips as he eyed the luscious blonde teenager lying on the lumpy mattress in the old shack. Penny's large firm breasts jutted up invitingly, her aroused nipples stiffening inside the tight sweater. She squirmed a bit, and the hem of her skirt crept a few inches higher.

She pulled her legs up slowly, bending them at the knees while her bare feet settled onto the mattress surface. Then she pulled her knees apart, stretching the muscles in her firm golden thighs, exposing to his gaze the inner folds of crimson which now glistened with moisture.

Brad groaned lustily as the aching in his groin intensified. He wanted to tear off his trunks and throw himself between the invitingly parted thighs. He watched her hands move down to her hips, headed for her crotch. He opened the front of his trunks and shoved them down his legs, hurrying because her fingertips had already crept to her swollen lips. She pulled herself open gently to show him her wet, dark red entrance.


Brad Dixon's bare feet moved him noiselessly across the dirt floor of the old shed while he stared at the sleeping teenaged blonde. She was sprawled out on her back, her head turned to one side so that her cheek rested against her shoulder. The afternoon sun, filtering in through the wall's warped boards, dimly lighted the shed's interior. The metal bedstead was old and rusty, the mattress faded and lumpy under her motionless body.

Brad stopped beside the bed and then peered down at the doll, assuring himself that she was, indeed, alive. In slow and even rhythm her bosom rose and fell; each time she inhaled she revealed more of her golden, naked breasts. They were like two luscious ripe pears, seductively mounted under the low neckline of her yellow cotton dress.

The shifting of her body had twisted and tightened the cloth around her middle, outlining the tiny waist and the full rounded flare of her hips. The hem of her dress had worked itself up to mid-thigh. Her legs were parted, the naked thighs creamy and the calves shapely. One bare foot slowly stirred and rubbed sensuously against the other one. She shifted slightly, as though aware of Brad's presence. But she didn't awaken.

The latest movement of her sexy body had pulled the hem of her dress a few inches higher. Brad silently sucked air into his feverish mouth as his glance went to the delicious juncture of her thighs. Her thatch was a golden fluff of soft tendrils, framing the moist pink slit nestled between her mounded pussy lips.

Brad exhaled softly, blowing downward onto his naked chest, trying to cool his skin. It didn't help much because the source of the heat was in his crotch. He pulled forward on the waistband of his trunks and directed another gust of air into the opening between his trunks and belly. His red and gorged cock powered itself erect; then it's wet, inflamed eye stared up at him, as though begging to be released from the restricting garment.

His eyes flicked back to the girl because she'd moaned sleepily. Her eyes opened, soft and misty with sleep. For several seconds they stared silently at each other.

'Hi,' she finally said.

Brad nodded in return.

Now that she'd awakened she squirmed a bit, as though trying to work her buttocks and shoulders deeper into the lumpy mattress. The hem of her dress crept up a few inches higher, but her hands remained at her sides and made no attempt to pull it down. Her seductive pussy was clearly visible. As Brad stared at it he saw that the moist, swollen lips spasmed, almost in the same delicious rhythm of the blood throbbing in his cock.

She asked, 'How long have you been here?'

Brad shrugged. 'A couple of minutes.'

'Mmmmmm.' She raised her head and her fingers sent the long strands of golden hair streaming out across the mattress before she settled back down again. 'I'm glad you didn't leave before I awoke.'

'Why?' Brad asked.

'Why?' She blinked rapidly, as though unable to comprehend his question. Then she smiled. 'Just guess.'

Slowly she pulled up her legs, bending them at the knees while the soles of her bare feet settled onto the mattress' surface. Then she pulled her knees apart, stretching the muscles in her firm, golden thighs and exposing to his gaze her gorged and swollen cunt, the inner folds crimson and glistening with moisture.

Brad groaned hoarsely because her depraved and lusty position had intensified the aching in his groin. He wanted to tear off his trunks and throw himself between the invitingly parted thighs, but he forced himself to hold back because he had never seen her before, and he didn't know where she'd come from

'If you can't guess, I can't wait,' she said. 'Just fuck me. Come on, let's do it!'

Her hands had moved down to her hips and now they headed for her crotch. Her fingers caressed the insides of her thighs before the fingertips gently massaged the moist, golden tendrils. Roughly Brad opened the front of his trunks and shoved them down his legs, hurrying because her fingertips had already crept to her swollen pussy lips. She pulled them apart gently to expose the wet, dark red entrance of her vagina.

While his bare feet kicked free of his trunks he saw that her glance was fixed on his erection. The head of the flared crown was now filmed with juice that had bubbled out of the slitted eye; his cock was a thick long shaft that angled out from his dark pubic thatch.

Her body rocked back and forth while she sat up and wriggled out of the yellow dress. She flung it aside; then she was naked, facing him on her knees. Her golden pear-shaped tits were hard and jutting, the tips uplifted so that the stiff and red nipples pointed towards the shed's dilapidated ceiling.

Her long, pink tongue swabbed at her lower lip. Hungrily eyeing his erection she marveled, 'So big and hard. Your cock's almost as big as the one I was dreaming about.' She reached out to him. Her sharp fingernails dug into his hips, and then she pulled him towards the bed.

Brad's hands shot forward and captured her hot, jutting tits. Roughly his hands spasmed and clutched while his fingertips dug into the heated mounds and his thumbs gouged the erect nipples.

He gasped audibly because she'd lowered her head and her hot tongue had made contact with the head of his throbbing cock. The moist roughness of her tongue slowly swirled around the perimeter of his cockhead. Then she pursed her lips and sucked vigorously at the end of his seeping cock while her hand gently caressed his moist and quivering asshole.

'Oh, baby,' Brad murmured.

He shoved his tingling pelvis forward. The tip of his sensitive cockhead pressured against her front teeth. Delicious sensations jolted through his groin. Abruptly she pulled her head back and settled her shoulders onto the lumpy mattress.

'Suck it!' Brad urged.

'No,' she replied. 'Not now.'

Her legs were forked, her calves rubbed sensuously against the sides of his legs. 'I asked you first. I want to be fucked.'

'Yeah,' Brad muttered.

He stared down at the lusty, golden body that squirmed about on the mattress. Her eyes had become glazed with passion. Her red lips were swollen under her flickering tongue. Her hard tits seemed to quiver as they offered him the erect red nipples. Between her fidgeting thighs the yellow-fringed cunt was a puffed mound bisected by a seeping, inflamed gash. It seemed so small and vulnerable that Brad wondered whether it would be able to fit itself around his thick, veined cock.

'Do it to me!' she murmured. 'What are you waiting for?'

'Nothing!' Brad had long forgotten that he'd never seen the blonde before. It didn't matter whether she was a neighbor of his best friends, or one of their relatives.

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