'Not near the paper shredder!'

But Mitch was much too distracted and horny himself not to care if Becky understood what he was saying. His cock was buried deep inside her pussy hole, encased in the luscious, shaft gripping tightness of her narrow, juicy cunt. Mitch sprawled flat on tap of her, crushing her giant, spongy tits under his chest. Then he started fucking fast and deep, rhythmically fucking his huge, aching prick in and out of her cunt.

'Unngggggh! Keep fucking my pussy, Mitch!' Becky humped wildly to meet his rhythm, her tits shimmying against his chest. 'Harder, Mitch!' She cocked her legs up as high as she could, twining her ankles together high across his back. 'Unnngggggh! Love your big cock, Mitch! Unnngggggh! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, gonna cum!'

Mitch fucked as hard as he could, relentlessly pounding his giant, stone-hard pussy pleaser into the sucking depths of Becky's pussy. Becky fucked frantically to meet his rhythm, grunting and sighing, whipping her nippy little cunt onto the root of his cock. Some of the papers were now literally hanging off the edge of the desk over the mouth of the shredder, but Mitch simply didn't care. All he could think about was how good Becky's pussy felt, how close he was to spraying her cunt full of a nice, gooey load of jizz.

'I'm making it now, honey,' he gasped. 'Take it, Becky! Here it cums!'

He collapsed on top of her, ramming his huge prick in to the hilt. Then Mitch sighed as long, milky spouts of dick juice spewed out of his cock tip, flooding into the gushing depths of Becky's cunt.

Again and again the sappy white goo sprayed out of his dick head, splattering on the innermost walls of her pussy channel. The feel of the big prick squirting inside her was apparently enough to push Becky over the edge.

'I'm cumming, Mitch! I'm cumming too! Cuuummmiiinnnggggg!'

She humped and writhed wildly beneath him, more hysterically than she had ever bucked before in the throes of orgasm. The movement was enough, at last, to push the bulk of the gathered papers off the edge of the desk, where they fell squarely into the mouth of the shredder.

'Oh, fuck a duck!' Mitch shouted.

'Don't worry, Mitch! I'll get them out!'

And, with his cock still inside her, Becky twisted toward the side of the desk, acting as if she were going to pull the stacks of irreplaceable paper out of the machine.

She didn't, though.

Instead, she turned the shredder on.


'It sure is a shame about Mitch,' Steve Dawson said.

Becky didn't answer. It was late at night, and the two of them were alone in Steve's office. Steve had taken to working even later than usual now that he'd been assigned as the head of the project Mitch had fucked up on.

Becky had decided that Steve needed a much deserved break from his work. So, she'd insisted on sucking his cock for him. The big-titted teen was now kneeling beside the big swivel chair behind his desk, smiling lovingly up at her husband-to-be as she unbuckled his pants and pulled down his zipper.

'Getting fired so suddenly like that, after getting his hopes up,' Steve sighed. 'It just amazes me that he managed to bungle the project so badly. I know he was never much of a worker, but you'd think a fellow would have the sense to apply himself at least once in his life, with such a big opportunity right in front of him.'

'It's a mystery to me too, Steve,' Becky sighed. She'd seen no reason to tell him about the little stunt she'd pulled with the paper shredder.

'And Diane getting fired too,' Steve said in a slightly awed voice. 'I really don't understand why Harrison held her responsible for what Mitch did.'

'Well, she recommended him,' Becky said. By now Steve's pants were bunched around his ankles, and Becky had her hands on Steve's big, stiff prick. The rod wasn't completely swollen yet, but Becky was determined to get it there fast. Staring lovingly at the knob, she wrapped her fingers around the root, whipping her fist smoothly up and down the bloated length of his cock.

'But that-that's not enough of a reason to…' And then Steve's voice trailed off as the intense pleasure of the cock-stroking got the better of him.

'It really was an important project, I guess,' Becky murmured, staring at his prick. 'It really screwed up the company when the papers got messed up.' Becky suppressed a smile. 'I just can't imagine how something like that could happen either!'

'Becky, you're-you're making me feel real horny again!' Steve panted. 'Please start sucking now, darling! Please suck my cock!'

'Oh, Steve!'

Becky immediately slid her hand down to the hairy root of his cock, holding the huge meat organ in position. Then she opened her mouth wide and happily plunged her lips onto the blood-beating crown of his meat.

Becky thrust her face toward his crotch, determined to suck in as much of the giant, tasty prick as she possibly could. She paused when she had a full third of it jammed into her mouth, when she was on the verge of choking herself on the salty-tasting stiffness of the shaft.

Becky shut her eyes tightly, blacking out all thoughts unrelated to her lover's huge, spunk oozing pisser. Then she caved in her cheeks and started slurping the big pole extremely hard, hearing her smacking, gurgling sounds of cocksucking delight filling the office as she worked contentedly on Steve's huge cock.

'Oh, Becky!' Steve clutched her head, excitedly thrusting his hips off the chair. 'It feels so good, honey! Unnngggggh! Oh, please, keep sucking me! You're gonna make me cum!'

Becky sucked the giant, oozing prick as hard as she could, laying her tongue over and around his shiny- skinned cock tip to lap up all the ooze big jizz. The huge cock swelled even stiffer, pulsing wildly on the roof of her mouth. Becky's cunt ached as she realized her lover was already close to flooding her throat with a nice, spewing outpouring of spunk.

'Here it cums, Becky! Unhhhh! Oh, darling! Take it! Ahhhhhh!'

Steve gasped as his dick started to unload, bucking and twitching, spraying great gobs of cock juice down the semen-craving teenager's throat. Becky gurgled as the frothy white load blasted down her gullet, rewarding her cocksucking efforts with a nice, soothing bellyful of cum. Insatiably she clung to the cream-spouting cock lance, jacking and slurping on it, not letting his prick slide out until she'd lapped every tasty drop from the head of his cock.

'Oh, Becky!' The momentarily satisfied Steve slumped on the chair, looking down at her adoringly. 'Honestly, you take such good care of me? What would I ever do without you?'

'Who says you have to find out?' Becky giggled, and licked the cum from the corners of her lips.

There was a long, meaningful pause. The handsome young executive's eyes sparkled as he leaned forward, wiping a droplet of jizz from the corner of Becky's mouth.

'Becky, will-will you marry me?'

'You bet!' Becky gushed, so excited that she came without touching herself, the crotch of her bikini panties moistening rapidly with oozing fuck juice.

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