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The secretary gets off


'Gosh, Mitch!' Becky sighed. 'Sometimes I think I'm nothing to you but a big pair of tits!'

Mitch Johnson, Becky's fiance, didn't bother to answer. The handsome, muscular young executive was sprawled on his living room couch with his clothes strewn around him on the carpet, clutching the enormous, rock-hard prick that rose out of his furry crotch like a billy club.

Becky stood in front of him, naked except for a transparent, icy-blue, baby doll nightie that clung outrageously to the spectacular curves of her super voluptuous body. She took a step forward, feeling the weight of her enormous, double D-cup tits swaying heavily under the fabric.

Mitch immediately groaned and tightened his grip around his big cock. Then he started jacking on it, staring hungrily at his beautiful young wife-to-be's tits.

'Rub 'em!' he panted. 'Go ahead, put your hands on 'em! Roll those big suckers around!'

Oh, golly, Becky thought! Flow crude!

But the slim, busty nineteen-year-old brunette knew nonetheless that Mitch's behavior was hardly surprising. They'd been going together for nearly a year now, and in that time Mitch's extremely high sex drive had only grown stronger. Since Becky had moved in with him three months before, Mitch had been fucking her a minimum of four times a day!

Like most young women, Becky wanted to marry a man who would love her, care for her, and also gratify her sexual needs. But the only thing Mitch was interested in was sucking her huge tits and fucking her cunt.

Which, Becky supposed, was all part of the curse of having such a voluptuous body.

'Go ahead,' Mitch panted. He was stroking his big cock hard and slow now, making pearls of white cock juice ooze out of the big, puffy cock head. 'Rub 'em! Go ahead!'

Blushing with embarrassment, the super stacked teenager slid her hands up her slim waist and filled her fingers with the spongy weight of her tits. She hefted the giant globes, and then she started kneading them. Immediately her nipples stiffened, the wide, deep pink areola crinkling into stiff, rubbery teats. Becky sighed as she felt her pussy getting wet, responding, as she always did eventually, to her fiance's lechery.

Becky the Body. That was the nickname she'd had since her sophomore year in high school, when her blossoming voluptuousness had far outpaced that of any other girl in school. Fully formed now at nineteen, it was impossible to look at herself in the mirror without realizing how richly she deserved the nickname.

There simply weren't that many slim, willowy brunettes around who also sported a huge pair of tits.

Becky's measurements were great but the numbers failed to do justice to the extreme curvaceousness of her figure. Her legs were long and skim, tapering into lithe hips and a round, cute, squeezable ass. Her waist was slim, and she had the delicate, almost fragile bone structure of a ballerina.

But her knockers were simply enormous. Proudly the twin, cushiony flesh globes stood out from her shoulders, the under slopes of her creamy-white milkers reaching within a few inches of her navel. Becky's tits were just as firm and round as they were huge, with wide, deep pink, nipples that showed clearly through her blouse and bra when they stiffened.

And the most ridiculous part was that she would have been considered beautiful if she hadn't been stacked at all! Becky had long, straight, brown hair that reached halfway down her back, huge brown eyes and a pert, girlish nose. Two teachers in high school had told her that she would have made a terrific model – if it hadn't, of course, been for the incredible size of her tits.

But, Becky thought, the one advantage to being so stacked was that she could get a dreamboat like Mitch interested in her. If only he'd spend as much time thinking about her mind as he did about her tits, ass and cunt.

Of course, she did happen to enjoy fucking an awful lot too.

'Now take it off,' Mitch panted. The hung twenty-seven-year-old was still stroking his giant cock slow and hard, and now the wide, spongy knob was completely slick with his oozing cum juice. 'Take it off and come over here!'

'Oh, Mitch! You're so dirty!' Becky sighed. But she did as he asked, lifting the lacy hem of the negligee up, revealing her dense pussy triangle. Becky's enormous tits caught in the fabric as she pulled the nightie off, making the big melons jostle and dance spongily.

Then she was completely naked. The super busty teen approached her husband-to-be, sitting beside him on the couch. Mitch immediately lunged at her, practically dive bombing at her tits.

'Oh, Mitch!'

Hungrily Mitch cradled his fiancee's giant, cushiony tits, rolling and squeezing them, fanning his fingers across the big nipples to make them even stiffer. He opened his mouth wide, hungrily slurping in the whole frontal area of one huge tit. Then he puckered his cheek and started sucking like a hungry baby, slurping on the goose bumped, pebbly nipple as if he expected to draw hot, squirting milk out of the distended teat.

'Oh, Mitch!'

But by then Becky could already feel herself getting very, very horny. That was the worst part. She was a little ashamed to admit it to herself, but she loved fucking nearly as much as Mitch did!

She didn't want him to think of her as a mere fucking machine, and yet her pouty-lipped little pussy invariably got all wet and sticky as soon as her fiance's prick got big, Becky had kind of a thing for Mitch's cock – and, in fact, for just about any cock that got nice and long and fat when it stiffened. She loved touching and playing with the big boner, and she loved putting it in her mouth and swallowing the hot cum.

And she simply adored it when he put her on her back and slid his long, meaty baby maker deep inside her, and started fucking her tingling, horny cunt fast and good!

'Mitch, don't suck 'em so hard,' Becky panted. 'You're gonna make my nipples sore.'

But by now the busty teen's growing excitement showed clearly in the sound of her voice. She sighed and wriggled next to her husband-to-be, stroking his hair as she watched and felt him nursing on her giant tits. Mitch switched tits, gluing his lips to the second, rubbery-stiff nipple. He sucked it even harder than the first, wildly rolling and milking its mate with his hand.

'You're-you're making me horny, Mitch!' Panting a little now, wriggling her round little fanny on the couch, the horny teen slid her hand down and grasped her fiance's cock. Gosh, what a big, meaty cock he had! Becky started jacking the huge prick lightly up and down, marveling at its feel and stiffness, watching the piss hole open up and spit out more droplets of pre-cum.

'Do-do you want to fuck me now, Mitch?' Becky asked shyly, her hairy pussy tingling and burning. 'I-I guess I'm ready for you now. We can do it on the floor, if you want.'

Mitch nodded, reluctantly releasing his slurping lip-lock on her tits. The big-titted teen quickly slid off the couch, her mammoth tits shimmying as she stretched out on her back on the carpet. Becky wiggled her butt into a good humping position, staring up at her fiance's big cock all the while. Then she cocked her long, slim legs high into the air and let her knees fall apart, completely opening her curly-haired fucking passage for the invasion of her fiance's prick.

'Go ahead, Mitch!'

Mitch slid to the floor, knee-walking forward between her legs until his giant, rack-hard cock was jerking up and down over her sleek belly. Becky watched him take his big prick in his fist, bending it down until the fat, oozing knob fit between her velvety pussy lips. Then the pretty, innocent-looking teen grimaced as she felt the fat cock fucking into her cunt.

'Oh, Mitch! Oh, it's going in, Mitch! Oh, fuck!'

Becky automatically cocked her long legs as high as she could, completely opening her furfringed pussy slit for the invasion of her fiance's cock. She looked down the deep valley between her huge tits, watching the stiff, veined fuck pole disappearing into her cunt.

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