completely out of his cock.

'Oh, Becky, that was so fantastic!' Mitch sighed. 'I swear, you must be the sweetest little cocksucker who ever lived! Even if you couldn't do anything else, I think I'd still marry you just cause you suck my cock so good!'

Becky sat back on her heels, with her hair mussed and white drops of Mitch's cum shining around her mouth. She thought about what her fiance had just said, and all she could do was sigh.

Why couldn't he think of her as a real person?


'Unnggggh! Oh, lick my pussy, Mitch! Unnggggh! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, feels so good! You're making me cum!'

It was eight the next morning, and Becky knew that it was high time she hopped into the shower and got ready for work. But for the time being, she had something more important on her mind.

Her wet, throbbing cunt.

Mitch was licking her pussy. Sometimes he liked to wake her up that way, circumventing any possibility that his teenage fiance would object to some early morning sex by first making her incredibly horny before she even opened her eyes.

He'd done it again today. Becky was now sprawled happily on her back, completely naked, with her slim legs spread wide and her calves draped over Mitch's shoulders. Mitch was lying on his stomach between her legs, groaning as he wriggled his mouth on her fleecy-furred, pouty-lipped fuck opening.

One thing that would endear Mitch to any girl, Becky knew, was that he simply adored the taste of a hot, moist, ready-for-fucking cunt.

'More, Mitch!' Becky gasped. She clutched her fiance's head with both hands, her huge tits jiggling as she eagerly thrust her wet, hairy pussy onto his mouth. 'Uggggh! Oh, Mitch, oh, shit, please lick my clit! Put it between your lips, Mitch! Suck it for me!'

But Mitch was still too busy lapping up her tasty pussy oils to put his mouth and tongue where Becky wanted it. Delicately he held open her fat, swollen pussy folds with his fingers, exposing the juice-glistening pinkness within.

Hungrily he swabbed her cuntal interior with his hungry, probing tongue, lapping up the fuck oils as they oozed from the tingling depths of her cunt.

At last he moved his mouth higher up, touching his tongue to his fiancee's swollen clit nubbin. Instantly the big-titted teen bucked as if she'd been shot, digging her fingernails into the nape of his neck as she frantically heaved her pink-blushing, ass cheeks off the bed.

'Oh, shit, oh, fuck, oh, lick me there, Mitch!' she pleaded. 'Suck my clit Mitch! Oh, shit, feels so fucking good!'

Mitch pursed his lips around her swollen, tingling clit, sucking it like a tiny cock. Tenderly he nursed on the most sensitive part of his fiancee's body, pushing the nubbin from side to side with the tip of his tongue.

He straightened his fingers, slowly gooshing them into the narrow, spasming interior of her pussy. Then he started pumping them lightly in and out, jacking off her hot, throbbing pussy as he nursed eagerly on her clit.

'Oh, shit, oh, fuck, making me cum, Mitch!' Becky gasped. She clutched his head much harder than before, biting her lips and grimacing as the indescribable pleasure of orgasm mounted inexorably deep inside her loins. 'Suck my clit. Suck my horny little clit! Unnggggh! Cuming now! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, I'm cumming, cuuummniiiinnngggg!'

Violently her tight, furry little cunt erupted in orgasm, gripping and milking around her fiance's fingers, oozing a heavy flow of fuck oils onto his hand. Becky shuddered, twisting her head from side to side, lying helplessly beneath her fiance as the pleasure pounded through her naked body again and again.

At last the spasms subsided. Mitch rose unsteadily to his knees, licking the cunt oils from the corners of his mouth, his giant cock throbbing and twitching obscenely before him. Becky stared down at him, her cunt tingling as she thought of how good the big pisser would feel ramming up her cunt.

Then she happened to look at the clock.

'Oh, shit, Mitch! You can't fuck me now! I'm gonna be late for work!'

Becky worked as a cashier at a local market, owned by a sweet-tempered, if rather lecherous, forty-four- year-old named Leonard Nelson. She liked the job, and it didn't bother her that it lacked the status of Mitch's executive position with Crenshaw Manufacturing.

Becky had never really been an ambitious person, though she did want to be respected for her intelligence. All she really wanted from life was a happy marriage and a good home.

She really felt ashamed of herself for being ten minutes late for work, though. Becky reflected on this as she stood at the cash register an hour later, dressed in a sweater and slacks ensemble that, while modest, couldn't help highlighting the spectacular curves of her young body.

She still felt awfully horny. She'd already rung up two purchases wrong, all because she couldn't stop thinking about her wet, tingling cunt. It was hard to get through the day at work when all she could think about was more sucking and fucking with Mitch.

'You look awfully nice today, Becky.'

The familiar voice came from right behind her shoulder. Becky turned, getting an eyeful of the red-faced Leonard Nelson staring hungrily at the outline of her huge, firm milkers.

'I'm sorry again I was late today, Mr. Nelson,' Becky said guiltily.

'That's all right. You didn't do any damage.'

Nelson licked his lips, then went back to sneaking peeks at Becky's super-sized tits.

'Is that a new sweater?'

Becky heaved a deep sigh, then smiled in spite of herself. Poor horny old Mr. Nelson! He was always looking at her tits!

'I know perfectly well it's not my sweater you're interested in, Mr. Nelson! Honestly, you're such a dirty old man sometimes! Can't you ever stop thinking about my tits?'

The store was empty. Nelson raised his hands, red-faced and trembling, spreading his fingers and slowly moving them forward until they were tilled with the spongy, bra-encased globes of Becky's tits. Becky sighed and stood still, getting a little horny in spite of herself.

'Oh, Mr. Nelson! I've already told you before, I don't think it's very nice for you to be feeling up my boobies like that. I do happen to be engaged!'

But Nelson went on fondling her huge tits anyway, his big cock obviously swollen in his baggy slacks as he rolled and kneaded her huge tits through her sweater and bra. The pink-faced teen let him do as he pleased.

It wasn't hurting anything. In another minute the horny old boss would try to put his hands under her sweater, and Becky would have to withdraw, politely but firmly. But she didn't think there was any harm done in letting him fondle her tits once or twice a day. It didn't feel like she was cheating on Mitch or anything.

Besides, it was kinda fun.

'Just for a second,' Nelson groaned.

The red-faced grocery store owner slid his hands under her sweater, filling his trembling fingers with the stuffed cups of her double D-cup bra. Becky sighed and stood still, her sweater hiked up nearly to her neck, letting her horny, middle-aged boss feel up her tits. Then, at last, she pulled away, giggling as she gave his outrageously stiff cock a playful pinch through his pants.

'It sure is too bad I'm engaged, Mr. Nelson! If I weren't, maybe I could even let you suck on 'em!'

Nelson sighed and retreated to the store room.

A customer came in a few minutes later. It was while ringing up the order that Becky abruptly remembered the tax forms she'd left at Mitch's office – the forms that had to be turned in that same afternoon!

Becky hurried back to the store room, sighing as she realized she'd again have to ask an indulgence from her boss: allowing her to take an hour off to dash to Mitch's office and pick up the papers.

Oh, well; it wasn't every cashier who let her boss play with her tits, either!

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