her very womb. For several seconds he didn't thrust at all, instead just savored the intense pleasure of having his big prick so slickly encased in her narrow, spasming cunt hole.

Gradually he withdrew, puffing out until only the head of his cock parted her pussy lips. Mitch grunted, then slipped his hard prick all the way back in again. Then he started fucking Diane's throbbing pussy fast and hard, digging his fingers into her hips, smoothly spearing his huge dick in and out of her cunt.

'Unnggggh! That's a good boy, Mitch! Unh-unh-unh, that's the way to fuck a pussy! Unnggggh! Do it faster now, lover! Unnggggh! Fuck my cunt, Mitch, fuck my horny cunt!'

Eagerly the naked blonde bucked her ass to meet his rhythm, wiggling and humping, thrusting her wet, slick little pussy hole onto the root of his cock. Her pleasure mounted as the big prick pounded relentlessly in and out, stuffing her cunt to bursting with every skewering stroke. Diane bent her shoulders lower, making her plump little ass cheeks spread open as Mitch fucked her from behind, presenting him with the tantalizing sight of her pink, hairless shit sphincter throbbing in and out every time he buried his dick into her cunt.

'Mitch, fingerfuck my asshole now!' she panted. 'You know it makes me hot!'

Mitch dropped his hand to the cleft of her buns, pressing his finger on her puckered little asshole.

Rapidly he started gooshing his finger in and out, feeling her tender, tingling asshole throbbing around the digit, even as her spasming pussy milking the driving shaft of his cock.

'Push it in deep, Mitch! Your finger and your dick!'

Mitch did, pleasuring both orifices at the same time. In and out his huge prick sawed, drilling to the innermost depths of her pussy. Rapidly he jammed his finger in and out of her itchy little asshole, feeling her shitting muscles sucking needfully around it as she drew closer and closer to her cum.

'Mitch, I'm making it now!' Diane gasped suddenly. 'Unngggggh! Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my horny, fucking cunt! I'm cumming, Mitch! Cuuummmiiinniiggggg!'

Diane's wet pussy erupted violently in orgasm, spasming around the womb-drilling cock, her asshole sucking around his finger. Mitch kept fucking as hard as he could, guiding her through the fury of her cum.

But when the spasms finally subsided, the dazed and happy Diane realized she hadn't yet felt his second load of cock sap spraying inside her pussy. Which meant she had another welcome opportunity to suck it out of him instead.

She pulled away from him, forcing him to slide his throbbing, rock-hard cock out of her pussy. Then Diane boldly pushed him onto his back, sprawling into a hasty crouching position beside him. She grabbed his prick and plunged her head down, nearly choking herself as she jammed her mouth full of hard cock.

Diane shut her eyes and immediately started sucking cock as hard as she could, determined to milk another big, salty load out of Mitch's ball bag. The big prick was seeping very heavily, signaling that he would soon be showering her tonsils with juice.

Diane puckered her cheeks, increasing the suctioning pressure around his meat until her whole face was red with the torrid energy of her cocksucking. She held his cock root tightly and beat the big pisser rapidly up and down, stroking in a blur from the hairy root up to her sucking lips.

'Cumming!' Mitch gurgled. 'Uggggh! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming now! Ahhhh!'

Suddenly Diane realized she wanted to see the hot dick juice spew out instead. Impulsively she raised her head, withdrawing her lips from the rock-hard fuck organ. Violently she jacked the big meat with her fist, staring at the knob, watching as the piss hole opened up to let out the first, spouting droplets of cum.

Incredibly, the load was every bit as big as the first one had been. A veritable gusher of warm, milky cock juice spewed out of his prick tip, vaulting high in the air and splattering obscenely all over his chest.

'Oooh!' Diane hissed happily. She giggled vixenishly and kept beating his meat as hard as she could, making the cum juice keep spraying out of the head of his cock. For nearly a minute straight the viscous white load blew out of the head of his boner, draining his balls completely of cum.

'What-what on earth?'

The unexpected voice came from the door leading into the office. With the last droplets of cum still oozing from the head of Mitch's cock, Diane turned her head distractedly to see who it was.

The door to the office was open; apparently she'd forgotten to lock it. Standing in it was a slim, innocent looking girl with long, straight brown hair that fell halfway down her back. The girl was wearing a sweater and slacks, and it was obvious she had an extremely voluptuous body under her figure.

Which meant, from what Diane had heard, that the girl had to be Mitch's fiance Becky.

Oh, well, Diane thought, without concern, and giggled mischievously.


It had taken no small amount of effort to find out Diane Miller's name and her home address. But Becky had managed; after what she'd seen in Mitch's office that morning, confronting Diane was the only thing on her mind.

It was now seven in the evening, and the teary-eyed Becky stood outside the front door of Diane's apartment, trying to gather the nerve to ring the bell. She hadn't spoken to Mitch, even though he'd tried to call her. She hadn't returned to work, though she'd left a sobbing message with Mr. Nelson explaining part of what had happened.

It felt like the worst day of her whole life! It seemed incredible that Mitch would even have the desire for another woman, as much as he fucked her. But he obviously did, and the miserable Becky was now struggling to admit to herself that there was a very real possibility that her engagement was finished.

Becky took a deep breath and rang the bell. A moment later, the door swung open. Becky gasped as she saw that Diane Miller was completely naked.

'Oh, hi,' Diane said. She looked Becky coolly up and down, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she'd come to the door without a stitch of clothing.

'You're-you're naked!' Becky sputtered.

'I know that, stupid!' Diane replied icily. 'I was playing with myself. Don't you take off your clothes when you fingerfuck?' Diane sighed. 'Well, you might as well come in.'

Becky found herself staring at the pert blonde's saucily rounded ass cheeks as Diane led her into the living room. Diane spun around in front of the couch, looking at Becky matter-of-factly.

'I suppose I can guess what you want to see me about,' she yawned.

'How-how could you?' Becky sputtered. 'He-he must have told you he was engaged! How could you just-just suck his dick like that? You-you made him cheat on me!'

'One doesn't make a man cheat, darling,' Diane replied, with a dry chuckle. 'I think Mitch is the one you should be talking to, not me. It's hardly as if he had to fuck me, is it?'

'But you act like you don't even care!'

'I don't,' Diane shrugged. And then she added, without missing a beat; 'God, you've got big titties!'

Becky just stood there, unable to believe what she'd just heard. Taking advantage of her confusion, the sexy blonde stepped up to her, dropping her hands to Becky's waist.

Becky gasped as she felt her sweater being pulled up, yanked up over the stuffed cups of her bra, over her shoulders, leaving herself naked from the waist up except for her bra. She squealed and started to step back, but she was already too late. Calmly, unashamedly, Diane unhooked the cups of the teenage brunette's bra, letting Becky's enormous tits tumble nakedly out of confinement.

'Oh, gosh!' Becky squealed. 'What do you think you're doing to me?'

'Playing with your big tits!'

Diane stood right in front of her, smirking as she filled her hands with the spongy enormity of Becky's whoppers. Lewdly she squeezed and fondled the giant-sized globes, rolling the super sized tits on the teen's slim chest.

'What-what – how dare you?'

'Your nipples are getting stiff,' Diane murmured.

Then Diane lowered her head, cupping one giant tit and lowered her lips to the rapidly stiffening teat. Becky couldn't believe any of this was happening. She just stood there, dazed and disbelieving as Diane started slurping

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