'Does that feel good, Mitch?' Diane Miller hissed.

'Yes, oh, yes!' Mitch panted. 'Oh, please, keep jacking on it! Jack my prick!'

The slim, vixenish-looking twenty-four-Year-old blonde smiled to herself as she knelt before Mitch Johnson, slowly pumping her fist up and down his huge, throbbing cock. They were in his private office, with Mitch sitting in the big chair behind his desk with his pants around his ankles.

Diane was giving him an expert hand job. Soon she'd start sucking his cock too.

The affair with Mitch had begun a week ago, entirely at her instigation. Diane had simply noticed him in the hall one day, and had then promptly decided that she wanted to suck him off. A few inquiries into the office gossip grapevine had revealed that Mitch was engaged to a nineteen-year-old named Becky, but this had not dissuaded Diane at all. She'd long ago grown smug about her ability to get what she wanted from the opposite sex.

Part of this was attributable to her looks, which were considerably better than average. Diane had a beautiful, pixyish face, golden blonde hair and a petite, girlish, thoroughly fuckable body. Another part was attributable to her intelligence. Diane was smart, always had beep, and had never had any trouble figuring out how to get men to do her bidding. She was one of the youngest assistant managers with Crenshaw Manufacturing, which was a testimony to her intelligence too.

But Diane's most special allure to men was her extreme hunger for sucking prick. The twenty-four-year-old blonde had first put a stiff cock in her mouth six years before. She'd hardly stopped sucking since.

Even when she found a man boring or undesirable in other ways, Diane Miller was always interested in his hard cock. As much as she loved sucking long, meaty cocks and gulping down spewing loads of cock sap, she liked playing with and teasing a stiff prick nearly as much. Working on a rod until it was extremely red, stiff, and ready to squirt at any moment gave her a greater sense of power than any other activity.

And it was a power that men were quite happy to let her have. Like Mitch Johnson, who had offered only the most feeble token objections to letting her get in his pants in the first place.

'Haven't you been fucking your little fiance Becky enough, Mitch?' Diane hissed. She knelt in front of him, whipping her fist rhythmically up and down his big pisser. 'Honestly, your cock's so big and stiff this morning. It looks like it's really going to shoot out a big load this time!'

Mitch moaned, writhing with pleasure, his cock pulsating wildly between Diane's fingers.

Diane picked up the pace of the hand job. Up and down her right fist pumped, torridly jacking the blood- beating stiffness of his cock. At the same time she slid her left hand over and around the shiny-skinned knob of his meat, coating her palm with his oozing cock juice.

'Unnggggh! Oh, Diane! Suck it, Diane! Oh, please, put it in your mouth and suck it for me!'

'But are you really so sure your boner deserves a good sucking this morning, Mitch?' Diane asked teasingly. 'After all, you've probably been fuck ing that horrid little fiance of yours since I saw you last. I'll bet you shot a whole bunch of big loads for her, when you should have been saving up all your cum for me!'

Diane moved her left hand between Mitch's trembling legs, separating his ass cheeks with her fingers. Mitch shuddered as he felt an insistent forefinger worming its way into his asshole. Diane skillfully started fingerfucking his shit channel, simultaneously jacking his prick furiously with her right fist.

'Your prick's getting even stiffer, Mitch. You like it when I play with your asshole, don't you? All boys love getting their assholes played with. Do boys love getting their cocks sucked too?'

'Unnggggh! Oh, shit! Unnggggh!'

'I'll suck your boner for you now, Mitch. If you promise to be a good boy from now on!'

'I promise! Suck it! Oh, please…'

'That's a good boy.'

The vixenish blonde's words trailed off as she lowered her head, planting her pouting lips to his flared cock head in a wet, sucking kiss. Gradually she let her lips part, slurping in inch after inch of his enormous, blood- beating cock. The horny blonde made the stiff prick go down her throat until she had a full third jammed between her lips. Then she shut her eyes tightly, blocking out all thoughts unrelated to the pleasure of cocksucking, beginning to slurp and nurse shamelessly on the tasty, jizz-oozing stiffness of his cock.

Umnunn, big, tasty boners were so good to suck! The horny blonde flared her nostrils for air, panting loudly as she slurped and slobbered all over Mitch's giant pisser. Up and down her head bobbed, lightly flicking her mouth with the cum-laden thickness of his prick.

'Harder!' Mitch gasped. 'Oh, shit, please keep sucking it! Suck it, suck it, make me cum!' Diane kept pumping her finger in and out of his asshole, feeling the narrow shit channel clutch and spasm uncontrollably around the probing digit. She tightened her finger around the fat root of his prick, beating his meat fast and hard. More and more cum cream was dribbling out of his cock tip, and she lapped it up eagerly with her swirling, swiping tongue.

Now the boner was as stiff as a rock, the wide, drippy knob throbbing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth. Diane's many years of experience with sucking cock had taught her that Mitch was very close to ending the blow job by spraying a nice, salty load of cum cream down her gullet.

The horny blonde sucked prick harder than ever, her pussy juicing and tingling as she looked forward to getting a bellyful of the hot, tasty jizz she always craved. Her jacking fist became a blur, flying up and down the huge, achey pisser. Diane pumped her finger in and out of his wrinkled asshole, massaging his prostate at the same time. Then her whole face reddened with the torrid intensity of her cocksucking, as she puckered her, cheeks and slurped feverishly on Mitch's cock.

'Gonna cum now!' Mitch gasped. 'Unnggggh! Oh, suck my cock, please suck my cock! I'm cumming! I'm cuuummniiiinnnggg!'

The huge boner erupted, spraying thick, tasty gobs of cum cream between Diane's sucking lips. Diane clung eagerly to the spouting pisser, sucking and jacking harder than ever, feeling his asshole contract around her finger as the tasty white staff jetted out of his cock again and again.

As usual, her extreme skill in cocksucking had yielded an extra-large load of cum. No matter how many times Mitch may have cum that morning or the night before, the hot jizz kept shooting out of his boner now for nearly a minute straight. The pixyish blonde kept sucking and jacking all of the load out of him, savoring every droplet of cream. At last she let Mitch's spit-slickened prick slide out of her mouth, her eyes glistening as she sat back on her heels.

'Well, well, well,' she said softly. 'That was a nice, big load, Mitch. I may even have to skip lunch today, you gave me such a bellyful.'

Mitch just sprawled on the chair, panting.

Diane started stripping off her clothes.

'My cunt got all wet from sucking your prick, Mitch,' she said frankly. 'I think you'd better keep that pole nice and hard for me, honey. I'm going to need a good, hard fucking right now!'

Mitch just sat there, watching dazedly as the blonde finished stripping, revealing her slim, girlish, thoroughly fuckable looking body. Diane turned onto her knees and elbows, assuming the dog-fucking position on the office rug. She spread her knees apart, then looking over her shoulder as she wiggled her round little ass at Mitch teasingly, giving him the most obvious possible non-verbal invitation to give her pussy a good, stiff fuck.

'Time to play Hide the Salami, Mitch!' she panted. 'Hurry, honey! My cunt needs some beef right away!'

Mitch slid off the chair, his giant cock throbbing back to total stiffness as he stared at Diane's saucily upturned ass cheeks, at the hairy mouth of her swollen, slick, puffy-lipped cunt.

He knee-walked forward, holding his dick in fist, finally nudging the puffy crown between her pussy lips. Then he started to sink the stiff rod into her, clutching her lithe hips, plowing his boner into her cunt.

'Oh, Mitch!' The horny young blonde wriggled her ass in delight, shuddering and biting her lip as she felt the stiff, meaty prick sinking into her. 'Unnggggh! You've got a big one, Mitch! Unngggggh! Fuck my pussy, lover! Unh, unh, unh, fuck my cunt!'

Diane started humping fast and hard, eagerly pistoning her wet, tingling pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of Mitch's prick. Mitch shuddered with pleasure, feeling her narrow, syrupy fucking channel gripping and squeezing around his cock.

'I-I shouldn't be doing this!' he panted hoarsely. 'Supposed-supposed to be engaged loyal to Becky!'

'Oh, don't be silly!' Diane panted. 'Unnggggh! Oh, shit, your prick's really going in deep now, Mitch! Unnggggh! Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my cunt!'

Mitch held her hips tightly, sliding his rock-hard fuck organ up her pussy until the fat knob was embedded to

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