The first stroke was always the best! Now oblivious to everything except her own mounting pleasure, the top-heavy teenager started humping her ass frantically off the carpet, eagerly thrusting her tight, clinging pussy slit onto the satisfying stiffness of her fiance's prick.

'Unngggggh! Oh, Mitch, it's so big!' she panted. 'I-I love the way you fuck me, Mitch! Uggggh! Fuck my pussy, Mitch, fuck my horny little pussy! Oh, please, oh, shit, my pussy needs your cock!'

Mitch grunted, his expression contorted with pleasure as he felt Becky's narrow, juice slickened cunt channel nipping and squeezing around his cock. He supported his weight on his elbows, giving her huge, stiff-nippled tits plenty of room to jiggle and bounce beneath him.

Mitch spread his knees apart, putting his hips in the perfect position to really hammer in the stake. In and in and in he pushed his giant, pulsing cock lance, until the fat root was completely buried in the gripping mouth of Becky's cunt.

Then he started fucking his teenage wife-to-be hard and fast, making her mountainous tits jiggle as he stroked his huge boner in and out of her cunt.

'Unnggggh! Oh, fuck, Mitch! Oh, fuck, fuck, it feels so good!'

Becky's angelic face contorted into an obscene grimace of pleasure. No matter how much she wished that Mitch would regard her as more than a sex object, she still loved the feeling of his big, stiff cock stroking in and out of her pussy more than all other things!

He was ramming it in good and deep now, the cum-seeping knob seeming to reach the depths of her womb with every stroke. Frantically the big-titted teen fucked her butt off the carpet to meet his rhythm, wildly pistoning her wet, tingling, shaft-sucking pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his cock.

'Harder, Mitch! Unggggh! Oh, yes, my pussy needs your boner so bad! Fuck my cunt, Mitch! Fuck my horny cunt!'

Becky cocked her legs up as high as she could, draping her ankles over his shoulders. Then she started whipping her ass cheeks off the carpet in a frenzy of fuck passion, frantically thrusting her red-hot fucking hole onto the base of Mitch's cock.

'Gonna shoot it!' Mitch grunted.

The hung young executive let his elbows slide away, sprawling flat on top of her, crushing her mountainous, cushiony tits under his chest. He slid his hands down, clawing the sides of her wildly bucking, twitching ass cheeks.

Then he started fucking Becky's tight cunt as hard as he could, panting on her shoulder, savagely hammering his long, drippy cock in and out of her pussy.

'Cumming, Mitch!' the horny teenager gasped. She clawed his muscular shoulders with her fingers, desperately trying to encourage him to hammer his cock in even deeper. 'Unnggggh! My pussy loves your big boner, Mitch! Oh, shit, fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! I'm cumming, Mitch! Cuuummiiinngggg!'

Her pussy erupted in violent, womb rushing orgasm, spanning and milking around her fiance's giant prick, squeezing around every inch of his huge cock. Mitch shuddered with pleasure, fucking his busty fiancee's tight pussy as hard as he could. The delirious teen felt the mammoth cock lance swelling even stiffer up her belly, spreading her pink, slippery pussy walls even farther around his cock.

'I'm cumming, Becky!' he panted. 'Oh, fuck, here it cummmmmssss!'

The pent-up load of milky-white cock juice started spewing out in mid-strokes, making his big hard-on buck and quiver as it jetted long streams of gooey jizz up Becky's wet cunt. Becky gasped with pleasure, feeling every drop of the hot cock milk spraying up her pussy. Eagerly she flexed her fucking muscles around her fiance's cum- blasting prick, helping Mitch to shoot out every drop of his spew.

Then the fucking session was over. Mitch groaned, raising his hips to pull his big, wet prick out of her well- reamed cunt. He rose unsteadily to his knees, then backed up and again sprawled on the couch. Then he just sat there and panted, with his enormous, cunt cream-soaked boner twitching lewdly over his navel.

Oh, gosh, he wasn't even going to stay on the carpet and cuddle with her! The well-fucked teen looked up at her fiance with a peevish sense of irritation, feeling the cum he'd just spouted into her belly running back out of her furry, juice-matted slit. The least he could do was hug her after fuck ing the shit out of her like that!

But looking up at her fiance also reminded Becky that she was still extremely horny. Mitch's rod was still nice and stiff, and looked more suckable than ever now that it was all slick with jizz and pussy juice. And she knew he'd have plenty of cum left in his balls, too. If she knew anything about him by now, it was that Mitch could always be counted on to shoot several heavy loads of cum in a row.

Blushing with shame and need, the stacked brunette slid up to her knees. Then she knee walked forward, staring at her fiance's cock. She knew it was a bad idea to make sexual advances if she wanted him to think of her as more than a humping machine. But the sight of his big, stiff prick was just making her too horny.

Becky wanted to put the big cock in her mouth and give it a nice sucking.

Without a word, the naked teen slid her hands up Mitch's muscular legs and took firm hold of his cock. Mitch looked down at her happily, obviously pleased by the silent invitation to get his prick sucked. Becky lightly started jacking his big cock up and down, pumping her fist from the hairy root up to the fat, spongy tip.

'Does this feel good?' she asked, almost shyly.

'You know it does.'

'Do you want me to suck your cock now, Mitch?' Becky whispered. 'I will if you want me too.'

Mitch just grinned. Becky started jacking his huge boner much harder, her small but strong fist flying up and down the long, meaty lance. Then she lowered her head, sighing with need as she pressed her lips on the flared tip of his cock in a wet, sucking kiss.

Ummmm, his cock tasted so good after fucking her pussy! It was all wet, and it tasted like jizz and cunt at the same time!

Hungrily Becky licked and kissed his cock head, making it even wetter with spit. Then she gradually let her mouth open, sliding inch after inch of her fiance's enormous cock between her stretched, clinging lips.

'Ummm, you like that, don't you?' Mitch grinned. He stared down at her happily, obviously delighted by the spectacle of his young, gorgeous fiance with a mouth full of hard cock.

By now Becky was no longer able to answer, as her mouth was jammed to bursting with the thickness of Mitch's prick. She shut her eyes, blocking out all thoughts unrelated to the taste and feel of the prick in her mouth. Then Becky puckered her cheeks and started sucking the tasty cock extremely hard, slurping and smacking eagerly on the blood-beating stiffness of his meat.

'Oh, shit!' Mitch panted. He clutched her head with both hands, his pleasure obviously growing. 'Suck it, Becky!'

Excitedly he thrust his hips off the couch, jamming his hard-on in and out of her mouth.

Becky sucked and sucked, forgetting her other concerns as she grew more and more wrapped up with the intense pleasure of slurping on Mitch's tasty prick. Up and down her head bobbed, lightly fucking her face on his huge, steely cock.

More cum juice was oozing out all the time, and Becky happily lapped it up with her swirling, swiping tongue. She tightened her grip around the root of his cock, and then she started jacking on the base of the stiff prick much harder than before, wildly whipping her fist up and down the velvety, bloated stalk of his cock.

'Harder!' Mitch grunted. 'Unnggggh! You're gonna make me cum again, Becky!'

Becky wiggled her ass, shamefully realizing that her just-fucked pussy had grown all wet, swollen and tingly again from the intense pleasure she derived in slurping on Mitch's cock. Her head-bobbing motions grew more pronounced, as she eagerly fucked her face with the cum-bloated stiffness of his prick.

Now Becky was sucking stiff cock just as hard as she could, hearing her own slurping, smacking sounds of cock sucking delight filling the living room. Rhythmically she alternated between puffing her cheeks up and then caving them in again, working on her fiance's meaty cock lance like a sexual milking machine.

'I'm cumming, Becky!'

Mitch groaned, thrusting his hips off the couch, jamming his mammoth cock even farther down her throat. Just as Becky got ready to choke, a huge, fountaining stream of cock juice sprayed out of his boner, gushing and streaming torrentially down her gullet.

'Ummmlllppp!' Becky gurgled. Happily she started swallowing and sucking cock at the same time, relishing the taste of her fiance's spew. She clung to the jizz-shooting pisser more eagerly than ever, her fist flying up and down the cumming stalk, sucking and gulping down cum cream until she'd milked the second load of jizz

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