Curt Aldrich

Four-way bride


'Let her go!' Danny yelled.

His elder brothers opened the chute, and the colt under Danny bolted into the corral. A grin split Cal's fleshy face and Pete squinted through the swirling dust as the bronco bucked furiously. The twenty-year-old rider clutched the reins with one hand, his other waving jerkily in the air. He bounced in the saddle.

'Danny! Oh my God, you'll get hurt! Stop it!'

Pete shifted his gaze to his brother's new bride who was screaming and jumping up and down in alarm. Beneath her fancy Western shirt, Millie's breasts bobbed erotically, sending ripples through the shimmering, cream-colored satin. Her corn-colored hair glistened in the bright sunshine as she tossed her head. Lust uncoiled like a snake in Pete's loins.

'Hang on, Danny boy!' Cal shouted. 'You've almost got her made!'

Pete kept watching Millie. He didn't see his kid brother glance around in search of his bride's admiring eyes. Pete also missed the bronco's vicious buck which sent Danny hurtling from the saddle.

When Millie let out a shriek and began scrambling up the heavy rail fence into the corral, the rangy twenty- six-year-old glanced briefly at his brother who lay writhing in the dust, then returned his attention to Millie. He mentally stripped the tight pants from her plump, twisting bottom as she went over the top rail and dropped to the dusty floor of the corral.

'Look out for that bastard horse!' Cal, who was ahead of her, yelled. He delayed giving aid to his brother long enough to grasp Millie's arm, jerking her out of the berserk horse's path.

'Oh, see about Danny!' Millie wailed urgently. 'Is he dead?'

'Hell no!' Cal snorted. 'He just got bruised some.'

He moved to his brother's side and squatted. The handsome dark-haired youth lay grimacing in pain, clutching a leg that was stiffly extended.

'You all right?' Cal asked.

'I think my leg's busted!' Danny moaned. 'It hurts like hell!'

'Oh, no!' Millie sympathized as she leaned over her fallen husband.

Pete ambled up behind the curvaceous blonde. Her pants were so tight that the crotch seam and leg elastics of her panties made imprints in the thin cloth. Pete imagined wedging his stiff prick into the softness of her upturned ass.

'Help me carry him to the house,' blond-haired Cal said to his dark, wiry brother.

'Let him lie,' Pete replied. 'In case something's busted, he shouldn't be moved.'

'Well, you can't just leave him here!' Millie protested.

'Get that horse back in the stable,' Pete snapped at Cal. 'I'll call Doc Carpenter.'

Danny was whimpering and screwing up his face as he gingerly touched his stiff leg.

'Oh, darling… darling…' Millie sobbed, caressing his dust-streaked, sweating cheeks.

'That'll teach the shit to show off!' Pete snorted to Cal as he ambled toward the corral fence.

'You know, you can be God damned mean sometimes,' his robust younger brother replied. But there was a twinkle of grudging admiration in Cal's eyes. He turned to capture the horse which had trotted to the opposite side of the enclosure.

'They're getting someone to help you, honey,' Millie said as she continued petting Danny. 'Just try to lie easy.'

'Did you… see me up there?' Danny asked, brightness flashing momentarily in his pain-racked eyes. 'I was… really riding that sonofabitch. I would've broken him too… if I just hadn't… looked around.'

'Don't try to talk,' Millie implored, clutching her young husband's head to her firmly resilient breasts. 'Everything will be all right. Oh, how long will it take that doctor to get here?'


As the ambulance pulled away from the white frame house at Stallion Ranch and headed down the long driveway to the road, Millie turned disconsolately toward the porch.

'He'll be okay,' Gus Hinshaw said, slipping his arm around her slender waist. 'My sons are made of rugged stuff, all of 'em.'

The pretty blonde smiled bravely at her new father-in-law. She had liked old Gus from the first, which was something she couldn't say about Danny's brothers. Pete was silent and hard-eyed. Cal was more friendly, but he was always making suggestive remarks. Danny was so unlike either of them.

The white-haired man, who was in his middle fifties, clomped heavily onto the porch and opened the creaking screen door. He held it, giving Millie a crinkly-eyed smile as she preceded him into the house. Pete and Cal followed their father.

'I wonder if Danny will have to stay in the hospital,' Millie said as she settled into a chair in the living room.

'That depends on the X-rays, I reckon,' Gus replied. 'One thing's for sure – he's going to be laid up for a spell.'

'That'll be kind of hard on you, huh Millie?' Cal asked. 'I mean, you two being newlyweds and all.' He couldn't suppress a slight smirk.

'Dry up!' Gus snapped as the girl looked away in embarrassment. 'You and Pete hightail it outa here and go tend to your chores.'

'We, got nothing to do right now,' Cal said.

'Come on, you heard the old man,' Pete put in, heading for the door.

'Yeah, but…'

Pete gave his younger brother a poke in the ribs. Cal glanced at Millie, then turned and followed Pete out of the house.

'Don't take this too hard, honey,' Gus advised as he pulled out his pipe and began filling it. 'Accidents happen. It may not amount to much of anything at all.'

'I hope it doesn't. I don't know why the doctor wouldn't let me ride into town with them.'

'Cause there's nothing you could do.' Gus lit his pipe and expelled white smoke. 'We'll be hearing pretty soon. Let me go tell Rosa to listen for the call.'

As the elder Hinshaw left the room to seek the Mexican housekeeper, Millie lapsed into a reverie which carried her back exactly one week to her wedding night. Though she and Danny had engaged in intercourse daily since then, it was the first night that stuck in Millie's mind.


Conditioned by the incessant preaching of a man-hating mother who had left Millie's father, taking the child when she was only two years old, Millie had grown up burdened by inhibitions and sexual fear. She had shunned dates and shuddered at the thought of marriage. But then she met Danny and fell in love. Two days after her eighteenth birthday they eloped.

During the first day of their honeymoon, Millie suffered growing apprehension. When the light in their hotel room was finally turned out and Danny approached the bed, the young bride had an impulse to bolt and take refuge in the bathroom.

But her love for Danny caused her to hope he would prove different from the selfish, lustful men her mother had railed against.

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