John Friday

Neighbors in bondage


'Where do you want me to put it, Mrs. Benton?'

Laura thought, in my cunt. Up my ass. Down my throat. You can put it anywhere you want! She could see the hard swelling of young Brad Wilson's huge cock bulging in his jeans. Teenaged boys amazed her. How quickly the got hard, and how long they stayed that way.

But with great effort, Laura managed to break that train of thought. She turned, smiling faintly, and saw Brad was holding a heavy moving carton marked 'pots amp; pans'. 'Er, that goes in the kitchen,' she said. 'On the counter… anywhere you can find room.'

He nodded and started down the hall. Laura's flashing eyes followed, drawn like magnets to the width of his powerful shoulders, the narrow taper of his waist and taut, tempting ass cheeks cased like sausage in tight blue denim.

Brad was in his late teens, Laura guessed, a full grown man in every way that really mattered – but still with that look of boyish innocence that excited her so. Now is not the time to think about that, she had to tell herself sternly. That's why they'd had to move.

'That's about it,' Brad said, as he came out of the kitchen. 'There's only one more box in the truck. I'll bring that and you'll be all moved in.'

Not hardly, Laura was thinking. Everything still had to be unpacked and put away. Stacks of boxes littered every room. But she managed to smile and say warmly, 'Thanks, Brad. It was so nice of you to help.'

'Hey, what are neighbors for?' He shrugged his broad shoulders and dodged around the couch and TV left by the living room door.

Laura heaved a long sigh, swelling her full, sharply coned tits imprisoned in a snug fitting halter top. It had not been so pleasant packing to leave the last place they'd lived. By then it was all over the small town… juicy gossip about what Laura did nights with the Walters teenaged son when her husband Rod had to work late. Neighbors all just stood and watched while Rod and Laura loaded the rented truck, whispering slyly among themselves, anxious for them to move. Then Laura had to smile. Actually, she'd done far more with young Stan Walters than even the nagging busybodies knew.

A bunch of pious hypocrites, Laura raged in her mind. The mayor never hid the fact that he took his beautiful blonde young secretary on frequent out-of-town trips. Girls in the steno pool at the plant where Rod worked took a lot more than dictation from big executives. And most thought it more amusing than sinful when the balding minister of the local church hired a sexy young choir director, who could not sing three notes without having one off-key.

People winked at shit like that. Older men, especially important older men, were expected to have and enjoy sex with young women. Morris Walters, who owned the store where Laura worked, thought it was fine when he fucked her in his private office – but he flipped when he learned she was doing the same thing at home nights with his handsome teenaged son.

At thirty-five, Laura's need, her wild craving for sex, was stronger than it had ever been. And it kept getting stronger. Her husband Rod couldn't keep up. Twelve years of marriage had dulled his senses and his desires… at least for Laura.

'This one says sheets and blankets,' Brad said as he came in with the last box. 'I guess it goes in the bedroom?'

'Ah, yes. That will be fine.' Laura's head jerked as her mind snapped back to the present. Then she found herself gazing fondly at the rippled muscles of Brad's strong arms. He carried the heavy carton as though it weighed nothing at all.

'You want it on the bed?' he called in a husky voice.

Oh, yes! Laura answered in her mind. I want it on the bed. On the couch, or even on the kitchen floor. I just WANT it! I want your young cock. I want to suck until it's ready to explode. Then I want to squeeze it with my steaming cunt and wring it dry.

'Er, no…' Her voice sounded distant and unsure. 'Not on the bed. I have to make it.'

Brad turned after setting the box on the floor, smiling at the way she'd stressed the last two words. 'I could help you make it,' he said. A bright gleam in his dark eyes told Laura Brad was not as innocent as he first looked. But then he dug a sheet out of the box, shook it open and spread it on the bed.

Laura stepped close and whispered warmly in his ear. 'I think you should rest first. We've been working hard.' Her teasing fingers danced down his chest and cupped the hard swelling at his crotch.

'Uuunnngh.' Brad squirmed, moaning in startled delight. 'Yes, hard. Sooo hard!' His prick felt like a pick handle. It burned right through his jeans and warmed her palm.

Brad's long arms circled her waist, pulling her closer, mashing her heaving tits flat on his broad chest. His big hands cupped the domes of her trembling ass cheeks, squeezing roughly as he ground her quaking pussy mound against the beat of his throbbing cock.

'Ooooh, Brad,' she cooed with flowing warmth. 'Do my tits. Maul my tits with your strong hands!'

He rasped an anxious breath and brought his hands around to grasp firm cones of flesh, crowned with nipples so hot and hard that he could feel them through the silky cloth of her halter top.

'Take it off!' she said. 'Squeeze my bare tits and suck my burning nipples!'

'Aaaaahhh,' he sighed. He fumbled with the knot and finally her luscious tits broke free, full and smooth and creamy white. Brad gazed for an instant, eyes drawn to wide-ringed, berry-red nipples, rigid with desire.

Then the scent of smoldering cunt oil reached his nose. 'Hhhuuunnngh!' Brad's nostrils flared, sucking in her musky aroma of lust. He dove forward, lips spreading in a snug 'O'. Laura arched her back, heaving her tits up to meet the lunge of his eager mouth.

'Hhhaaa,' she moaned as he sucked hard on one firm nipple, twisting the other between his thumb and first finger. He turned it like a radio dial, fine-tuning the heat of her desire. 'Aaahhhhh!' she wailed, swelling her tits with rapid gasps of breath and pulsing surges of blood heated to near boiling.

'Bitch,' he hissed, pulling his lips from her ruby nipple. Wet from the lashing of his tongue it sparkled like a precious gem. 'You like that don't you?'

'Noooo,' she moaned with eyes half closed. 'I don't like it… I LOVE it! Suck my tits. Squeeze them both and suck until my pussy boils!'

'Aaaarrrggghhh!' The rich scent of her was getting stronger, swirling like a thick, but unseen, fog. Brad could hardly catch his breath. The smell of steaming cunt burned deep in his throat.

He lunged for her left tit, attacking it like a starving dog would swallow raw meat – chewing hungrily, thrashing with his tongue, pulling with his lips.

Laura shook from the heat of his savage attack. He'd sucked her left tit half into his mouth, all his straining lips could hold. The right one he had locked in the steel grip of his hand, squeezing and bulging her nipple like an overinflated balloon. 'Oh God,' she cried. 'Good!'

Brad had never sucked, or squeezed such beautiful tits, full and firm, crowned with nipples that blazed like burning lumps of coal. He pushed her backward, blind with the madness of his desire.

Laura's trembling knees hit the edge of the bed and she tumbled backwards. Brad fell with her, without missing one suction pulse on her swollen tit. 'Ooooppphhh!' she gushed beneath him. 'Aaaahhh!' Now, with him on top, she could really feel the throb of his hot young cock.

'I want it!' she moaned in a voice weak by his crushing weight. 'I want to suck your big fucking cock!'

Brad howled a cry of delight, grinding his hips against hers. Laura arched and squirmed beneath him, cursing his jeans and her tight white shorts that kept her from feeling the full heat of his lusty prick.

Her frantic squirming tossed Brad like a boat on a stormy sea. He bucked and writhed, driving her down with powerful thrusts of his hips, only to be wrenched up again and twisted by the frenzy of her desire.

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