shiverings of his orgasm.

He felt Jerry pull his cock out of Jan's tail, then ram back in.

Tommy held Jan's ears and began fucking his cock in and out of her sucking mouth. Her nose flared as she inhaled frantically during the brief moments her throat wasn't clogged with cock. She pressed her tongue along the dorsal vein of Tommy's hot meat and welcomed his salty preliminary seepings. Her head was swimming with the thick scent of male sex. She felt her pelvic muscles being twisted as the cocks in her moved alternately, first one, then the other. Her clit was being ignored until someone (her father?) began rolling it against her mons. She whirled away on a fireball of pleasure as her body was ravished by three men. The cock in her cunt began to pulse. Thick gobs of semen spurted deep into her strained vagina. The jettings and jerkings of her father's organ set off the one in her tail. She felt herself being filled with a second pulsating flood of thick cream.

Then the cock in her mouth began to unload, began pouring incredible gouts of fluid down her throat. The overflow spread over her tongue, escaped from her mouth and streamed down her chin. Harry felt it spatter his chest, saw Tommy's balls pulsing as he unloaded his come into Jan's swallowing, working throat. The sight of Tommy's creamy fluid spilling out of Jan's mouth sent Harry's already titanic orgasm still higher. The orgasmic pyramid held for an eternity, then fell apart as the men's comings died. Jan's body collapsed from the strain.

She fell forward onto her father. Tommy's prick whipped free of her lips and spattered one cheek with its overflow. Her rectum convulsed and she crapped Jerry Patterson's withering phallus out of her. Her anus closed. The abused muscle was chilled by the come drying on it.

She had semen in her bowels, her belly, and her vagina. The sun burned down on her naked back as she cuddled against her father contentedly. She still had his shriveled penis in her streaming, exhausted cunt.

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