Thomas Benton

Daddy's Own Sweets


Harry Chambers had only half an erection. He was damned if he could figure why, considering he had never been surrounded by so many naked women in his life. He would have expected his cock to be jutting out like the bowsprit of an old sailing vessel, or like the heavily swaying harpooner's basket at the prow of a modern whaling ship-the cannon loaded and ready to shoot its load into the next rolling target. He realized then, that his hard-on wasn't due to the general scenery, but solely to the woman beside him. Which was understandable, since she put every woman in sight to shame. Karen had a body right out of an ad extolling the healthful virtues of nudism.

Her skin was an even golden tan, from her head to her feet, and all the interesting places in between. Like her breasts. She had breasts out of a dream: marvelous, heavy, lush impressive boobs. They had just enough sag to make him itch to lift them. They were all the more dramatic because of the contrasting slenderness of her torso.

Her tanned skin flowed smoothly down to the soft brown haze of her pussy, a warm nest between her firm, tan, rounded thighs.

Furtively, Harry studied the other men around the big pool. There were few in evidence. He was relieved that he compared favorably with all of them. But most had an even tan, while he had a telltale pallid stripe around his hips. He managed not to shy away, or blush, as a woman detached herself from a small group and strolled over. He tried to keep his eyes on her face, off her small, pointy breasts, her over-ample, jet black pubic patch. She was very pretty-her eyes dark and large, her hair so black it had bluish highlights. It was tightly curled and cut short. Her feathery, bold touch on his prick made the blood rush to the organ and his stomach muscles clench.

“Hello, Karen. Who's your friend?” she asked. Paul had the feeling the “friend” was his cock. “Sue, darling, it's so good to see you again,” Karen replied, too sweetly. “Still haven't managed to tan that appendectomy scar, have you?” Harry's gaze went from Sue's flashing eyes to the scar, to Sue's pussy, to her breasts, back to her false smile. “Harry, this is Sue. Sue, darling, stop gaping. You'd think you'd never seen a cock before. I know you've at least seen them,” she added maliciously. “Hungry little devil, isn't he?” Sue responded, stroking the underside of Harry's surging, suddenly achingly horny organ. “Oh, are you on a hetero kick this month?” How novel,” Karen quipped. Harry took it all in, as he felt his penis throbbing with building lust. He had heard nudist camps were essentially sexless. When Karen had finally talked him into visiting this one, he had tried to tell himself that nothing would come of it, not immediately at least. He had had the make on Karen for a month, without success. He hoped that once she had seen him naked, she wouldn't be able to resist his charms. The blatant eroticism of the by-play with Sue had him reeling. He stood by, a spectator, as the women sparred. Then Karen was easing him away from the slender black-haired woman. “See you around, Harry,” Sue said throatily.

“Uh, yeah,” he stammered stupidly. “Come on,” Karen said, cuddling his arm against one of her soft, warm breasts. “Let me show you around. I want you to get the feel of Paradisio. There's lots more to it than this.” Harry let her guide him, wondering what he had gotten himself into. The small clusters of two and three and four people in and around the pool seemed innocuous enough. They were all naked, but all seemed to be just talking chastely, and nothing else.

A soft moan made him glance around. He stumbled, stubbing his toe painfully on the smooth lawn. The couple behind the neatly trimmed shrub were not conversing chastely. They were lying on their sides, face to face. The woman had one slender leg curled over the man's muscular hip. He was moving slowly and easily. Obviously, he was giving the woman a slow, careful screwing. Her face was blank with passion and every inward thrust of the man's hips pumped a soft moan from her lungs. She was caressing the back of his neck tenderly.

Harry's cock swelled still more as he readjusted his thinking and expectations. Right there, right out in the open, in broad daylight, that couple was making love. His head tracked around as he stared at them while Karen guided him along. She seemed to accept it with easy casualness. Stumbling again on the smooth lawn, Harry jerked his head around just in time to avoid blundering into a small rose bush.

He staggered, lurched, and caught himself by slipping his arm around Karen's waist. She eased closer to him, sliding her arm around him.

Her bare hip brushed and pressed his. He was dramatically aware of her sleek, smooth bare skin against his. Curled on a blanket under a tree was another couple. They were cupped together like spoons, front to back. The man was moving his hips, fucking her, as he squeezed her breasts with one hand, probed her snatch with the other. Her plump thighs were parted enough to show his phallus moving in and out of her cunt. Harry's prick drooled a thick, glittering streamer. It spattered coldly on his thigh. He knew Karen was aware of his gaping. He tried to be nonchalant. “I see outdoor sports are popular,” he said huskily. “That's the whole purpose of Paradisio,” Karen replied calmly. “Interested?” Harry nodded his head nervously. His eyes fastened on a woman who was sandwiched between two men. They were thrusting at her alternately, and there was only one place one of them could have entered her. “I'm not used to-such openness,” he admitted. “It doesn't seem to discourage you,” Karen pointed out, stroking his rigid phallus. “It's interesting to watch.”

“Careful, or you'll run into a tree,” Karen teased. Harry looked back the way they were headed. “I'm not sure I could-uh-perform so openly, though.” “Sex is as natural a function as eating,”

Karen argued. “You'll get used to it. Took me a while to break down the barriers too. I've wanted you for some time, but not in some sleazy motel or the back seat of a car.” “I want you, too,” Harry acknowledged, his mouth dry. “Isn't there someplace-uh-a little private?” His cock was throbbing with hunger. “This way,” Karen announced. “If no one else is using it, that is.” She guided him between the neatly kept hedges, and into a small sheltered clearing.

It was completely surrounded by shrubbery. Sunlight filtered down through the trees and dappled the smooth grass. “Here we are,” she said, turning and pressing herself against him. Her body was soft, satin smooth, and warm and cool all at the same time. Her generous breasts were squashed against his firm chest. His cock was like an iron rod between them. Her sleek, tan legs tangled erotically with his strong hairy thighs and he felt her pussy scraping his flesh. Their mouths opened, and their tongues dueled sensuously, intimately. His lust roared upward with volcanic force, leaving him weak, shaky, aware of nothing except the woman in his arms. They sank slowly onto the grass. Karen lay on her back, gracefully offering her superb body to him. Her skin gleamed in the sunlight. Her curly light brown hair was a fuzzy halo. Her breasts were rising and falling with excitement.

He slid one hand over and cupped one of her marvelous mounds, and tweaked the pink nubbin of her tit with his thumb. She curled her dainty fingers around his impatient cock and milked the thick secretions from it. She smeared his meat with his drippings. Her hand skidded over his skin. Leaning forward, he kissed her, pressing his body against hers. He slid one heavy leg over her slender thigh, and she spread her legs in invitation to him. The sight of the erotic couplings had sent his lust soaring to the explosion point. He slid one hand down and found she was slippery wet, as ready for him as he was for her. She was letting him set the pace, neither urging him to hurry, nor restraining him. He eased himself into the lust cradle between her thighs. His phallus poked impatiently at the hot nest of her pussy, thrusting eagerly at her gates. She shifted her hips, and suddenly the way was open. He felt her hot, slick folds embrace his organ. He filled her guts with its bulk in a series of pumping thrusts. He paused with his pulsing prick sunk in her hot, satin-slick embrace. He was so close to coming that it hurt. His balls were quivering on the verge of eruption. Her hands clutched at his ass, holding him deep inside her, holding her hips jammed up against his. “Yes,” she hissed. “Oh, yes, so big!” He started to move, and she held him back. “Wait,” she pleaded. “I'll come too quickly, and you will, too. We're both ready for it, too ready. Let's think how we each feel to the other for a minute. Just a minute!”

Instead, Harry concentrated on his cock, and was glad she had suggested waiting. The pool of come gathering in his guts grew still greater as he savored the hot, wet sheath around his phallus. He could feel each delicate ripple of her vaginal walls, even the soft protrusion of her cervix, deep inside her body. Her grip on his buttocks eased, and he began to move almost without thinking about it.

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