six eyes on her and felt the blush rising in her like a hot tide. “Oh, uh, yeah,” she stammered. She had fought the urge to turn her back on them. Her hands shaking, she undid her top first, exposing the soft round hills of her breasts. They were still too young and small to show any sag, any crease on the underside. Her small, darting pink nipples hummed with excitement at being set free. She heard Mike suck his breath in through his teeth, and was pleased. Feeling clumsy and awkward, she stripped the bottom of her suit down and felt a warm breeze stir the dainty wisps of her almost invisible pubic bush. She didn't have a thick shield of hair over her slit. The pouting lips showed as clearly as they would on a girl half her age. Her pale blonde hair gleamed like spun gold, misting her pale pink flesh. “Let's go, okay?” she squeaked, dangling her suit in one hand. She hadn't looked at any of them. So now, here they were, strolling along a beach dotted with nude sunbathers. Some lay on their bellies, the rounded hills of their buttocks tanning slowly. Others were on their backs. Generally, the women's breasts were flattened by gravity, their nipples placid and at rest. A few couples snuggled and touched, but nothing more than that. Jan had never imagined cocks came in such a variety of shapes and sizes. She studied each prick as they walked past. Some were large, some small, some fat, some skinny. Some were circumcised, some were not, some were dark, some were pale. Some were soft and limp. Most were, in fact. But, as one man's eyes tracked her, she saw his penis lifting like a snake raising its head, preparing to strike.

“Let's go in the water,” she urged Mike abruptly, tugging him in the direction of the waves. “Sure,” he agreed. Dropping their suits on the sand, they sprinted into the ocean, hand in hand, and fell in a cascade of foam as an incoming wave tripped them. Hot, slippery bare skin brushed Jan's and new feelings raged through her unexpectedly. She had felt sort of this way before during heavy petting sessions, but this was wilder, hotter, different. Pulling away from Mike, she dove under a breaking wave and burst to the surface beyond the surf. She bobbed up and down on the swells, and then Mike erupted beside her, and his arms were around her, and they were in a warm embrace. His lips were nuzzling the side of her neck, and her pulse was racing. She felt the chill water go deep into her naked pussy as she kicked and squirmed in response. “Mike, no!” she panted desperately as she felt his finger curl into her pussy, probe deep into her seething vagina, spread the tight, clinging walls.

She spluttered as a wave washed over her head. She was ablaze with incredible desire, a hot, seething urge she had had only hints of before. “NO!” she yelped, breaking free, feeling his finger leave her. She struck out for the shore, caught a wave, and let it carry her to the beach. Something hit her, and she realized that it was Mike, that he had caught the same wave. She bumped against the shallow bottom and staggered up. Mike caught her hand and helped her to her feet. Then they were walking up the beach, away from the sea. She was in a turmoil. She was dazed and battered by the intensity of the feelings Mike had aroused in her. The current had carried them far down the beach from where they had started. Jan darted in and out among the enormous boulders. She rounded one the size of a house and skidded to a stop. This couple was not just cuddling. Jan stared, tried to back up, but couldn't. The girl was on her back, the guy was between her thighs. He was moving steadily, relentlessly. She was clutching his back and heaving her hips in response. He was humping, fucking his cock into the girl's willing body. She turned her head, and Jan saw the pure, ecstatic pleasure on her face. Then Jan realized she knew her. It was Mary Kay! So it must be Sammy between her thighs. Jan's lust boiled up like an erupting geyser. She pulled back and turned away, battling her curiosity and her lust. Mike blocked her retreat gently but firmly. His arms curled around her waist. He pulled her against him. His rigid cock was pressed into her flat tummy. “Mike?” she whimpered. His lips met hers, and a hand cupped her bare breast. Her lust boiled over, obliterating her inhibitions. He eased her down to the packed sand and pushed in between her slender thighs. She wanted to resist, but didn't have the strength. Her searing lust had turned her muscles to jelly. She felt his prick nudging her crotch blindly, probing for the opening, wedging in between her labia. For the first time in her life, she felt a cock thrust hungrily into her vagina. She felt the knob of Mike's phallus wedge into her virginal opening, press apart the slippery folds of flesh. Her clitoris was being pulverized between his heavy body and hers, sending her lust soaring. She was terrified, as much of herself and the incredibly base emotions and desires raging through her, as she was of the monster shaft entering her. She knew things had gone too far for her to stop him. Anyway, she didn't want to stop him. She spread her thighs wide as Mike bored his cock into her tight tunnel with impatient thrusts of his hips. What little pain there was was overwhelmed by the feeling of fullness, and a pleasure she had only dreamed of. Clinging to him, she let herself be swept away on a wave of incredible pleasure. Even Mike's impatience couldn't spoil it. He crammed his cock into her, stuffed her with his bulk with quick, hard thrusts of his hips. She accepted it, one corner of her battered mind marveling at how her vagina could take such a huge cock with so little pain. Then she felt the head of his phallus ram the end of her vagina, and writhed like a pinned bug.

“Awwwww, Mike,” she wailed. Mike was beyond hearing or caring. He began to piston his cock in her clinging, tight cylinder.

He raped his cock in and out of her tunnel until his balls erupted and blasted sperm deep into her virginal cunt, her vagina spasmed mindlessly around his tower as she took his gummy load. She wasn't really coming, it wasn't quite an orgasm, but it felt so fabulous that it didn't really matter. In a few bright, glittering seconds she had gone from being a girl to being a woman. She had a pulsing prick sunk deep in her body. Sperm was spattering the end of her cunt. A man was crushing her into the sand. As the pleasure faded, leaving her aching and panting, she clung to Mike. Tears burned in her eyes and streaked her cheeks. Her mangled ribs shuddered as she bit back her sobs, refusing to play the part of the violated virgin. “Looks like she's joined the club,” Sammy noted. He and Mary Kay had finished. He was sitting up. His cock, limp and drained, drooped over his balls. “Go easy on her, Sammy, she's just a kid,” Mary Kay cautioned. “N-not any more, I'm not,” Jan retorted. Mike's blue eyes were clouded with concern and guilt. He looked down at her, at where his drained phallus was slipping out of her ravished vagina.

“Are you all right?” he asked, seeing her tears. “All right?”

Jan's voice felt brittle. “I'm fine. I'm wonderful. I was good, wasn't I?” She felt almost hysterical. “You were great,” Mike assured her. “Are you sorry?” “Sorry? Why should I be sorry?” She fought for control. “It came a bit sooner than I expected was all. Who wants to be a virgin these days? Poopy old virgins.” She wondered what her mother thought as she looked down on her daughter's education. She and Mom had never talked much about sex. It had been an uncomfortable topic and they had both avoided it. The locket resting on her chest was suddenly very heavy. It contained a picture of her mother.

Mary Kay and Sammy were twining intimately together now. She was still holding his prick. It was fully erect again. He had transferred his hand from Mary Kay's lush breast to her pussy. She had spread her legs, and Sammy's finger was pumping in and out of her black bush.

Jan's crotch began to itch hungrily just from watching. Lying on her back, the sun beating down on her nude body, she slipped her hand down and began to stimulate herself without really thinking about it.

As she curled her finger into her slit, faint golden wisps of pubic hair brushed her hand. Her crotch was in full view. Her whole body was wantonly exposed, but what did it matter? Mary Kay and Sammy were going to do it again. Jan was going to watch. So was Mike. And then they would do it again. Sammy was lying on his back now and Mary Kay was leaning against him. One leg was stretched straight out on the sand. The other was bent. Her knee was high in the air, making her crotch gape wide open. He was taking full advantage of her exposed position. He was thrusting his longest finger deep into Mary Kay's glistening folds, finger-fucking her slippery vagina. Drawing his slick, wet finger out of her cunt, he moved his hand upward and found her long, protuberant clitoris and rolled it back and forth.

“Yeah,” Mary Kay sighed. “Oh, yeah!” She squeezed Sammy's rigid phallus, then began sliding her head down his torso. She kept her eyes on the prick in her hand. She licked her lips, then puckered her mouth eagerly as her cheek pressed against Sammy's navel. She slid her head lower and lower on his belly and squirmed awkwardly on the sand so as not to dislodge the hand on her pussy. Jan's tongue played nervously along her upper lip. She wondered if Mary Kay was going to take Sammy's cock in her mouth. The thought made her guts boil with excitement. Mike's big hand was cupping one of her shy, gentle breasts. She was on her back, her hand turned so she could watch Sammy and Mary Kay. Blindly, she reached over and gripped Mike's half-hard prick. Mary Kay's lips touched the purple glans of Sammy's cock, and Jan felt her stomach knot. Mary Kay's cheeks drew in as she sucked on Sammy's come-encrusted phallus. Her fingers played on the exposed portion of Sammy's prick as if it were a flute-a “skin-flute,” Jan thought absently. Mary Kay played the skin-flute skillfully.

Sammy's hips were stirring and shifting restlessly on the sand. Her mouth pumped on his cock, while her fingers caressed the base of it, then fondled his balls tenderly. Jan was fascinated by how the egg-shaped masses shifted and rolled in the dark, wrinkled bag containing them. “Gettin' an eyeful?” Sammy teased Jan. Jan blushed.

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