“Don't pay any attention to him,” Mike murmured, his breath warm in her ear. “He's always been an exhibitionist at heart.”

Sammy cupped his hand on the back of Mary Kay's head, pushing down as his hips lifted, forcing her to take more of his cock into her mouth. She broke away and squirmed to a more conventional position.

She was still holding his prick in her hand. The knob, purple and swollen, gleamed with spit. “Oh, no,” Mary Kay told Sammy.

“That's not the way we do it this time. It's time for woman's lib, not woman's lip.” Dislodging Sammy's hand from her crotch, she straddled his slender, wiry hips. Jan bit her lip with excitement. She could see everything. She could see Sammy's slender phallus, still gripped in Mary Kay's short fingers. Jan could see Mary Kay's pussy.

The inner lips were engorged and ready. Mary Kay's big breasts quivered with excitement. As she towered over him, Sammy's hand clamped down on the round mounds, mashing and squeezing them.

Mary Kay aimed Sammy's lean prick up into her dark nest. She lowered herself on it and drove it up into her body. Jan watched Sammy's cock slowly disappear into Mary Kay's cunt. Jan's own vagina began oozing as she watched, fascinated. Jan spread her thighs wider, inviting Mike to probe her deflowered pussy. He eased a second finger into her tight vagina, dilating her in preparation for another fucking. Well, he'd get his chance. But right now, Jan wanted to watch Mary Kay and Sammy. She had a lot to learn. Mary Kay had half of Sammy's cock in her. His prick was a shining white column, connecting the soft, sexily rounded girl with him like they were Siamese twins.

Bit by bit the column shortened, the skin wrinkling visibly from the downward thrust. The distance between Mary Kay's thick black bush and Sammy's dark brown one decreased steadily. Then the longest curls of his pubic hair were mingling with Mary Kay's. The pale cylinder of his cock gleamed through the kinky twists, then vanished. Mary Kay was settled firmly on him. “Aw! That is so fucking good,” she sighed.

Sammy said nothing. His face shining with sweat, he caressed Mary Kay's heavy breasts. He thumbed her nipples making the eraserlike buds jump around. Her areolae thrust her tits outward, begged him to give them still more attention. Sammy's fingers sank into the soft, fleshy mounds and he squeezed them hard. His cock engulfed by Mary Kay's hot, wet, clinging cunt, he pinched and rolled her jutting nipples.

Mary Kay had her hands on her rounded hips. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the cock in her guts, the hands on her tits.

She lifted, easing the cock out of her, then dropped, ramming it back up into her guts. Jan's attention was riveted on the exhibitionistic screwing. Her lust was stirred by the sight of a cock coming out of Mary Kay's vagina, then vanishing back into it. Jan could see Mary Kay's tissues being tugged out and then pushed back in by Sammy's prick. Jan could see where Sammy's column wedged Mary Kay's labia open. She could see Mary Kay's tits roll around in Sammy's hands. Jan's body was ablaze with lust as she watched Mary Kay spit herself on Sammy's thrusting organ. “Too hairy,” Mike muttered, breaking Jan's concentration. “Huh?” “Mary Kay's too hairy for my taste,” Mike explained. “I'm like a little girl,” Jan said glumly, ignoring the fact that chronologically she wasn't much beyond childhood. “I like you that way,” Mike assured her, cupping his hand over her sex and squeezing her mons and labia warmly, compressing all her tissues, putting a delightful sensuous pressure on her clitoris. Jan was concentrating on Mary Kay's coupling with Sammy. “You're not very hairy, either,” she observed absently.

“What'd you think of Mary Kay's cock-sucking?” Mike asked. “Want to suck my cock?” Jan shivered as a cold wave of fear ripped through her at the thought. “I don't think I'm quite ready for that,” she answered. She knew she'd do it sometime. “I'd like to fuck again, though.” “Okay by me,” Mike said tightly. He started to roll Jan over. She held him off. “I want to do it that way,” she explained. “I want to put it in myself, the way Mary Kay did. And I want to do it so I can still watch them.” Mike let himself be pushed onto his back. Jan swung one slender leg over his thighs. She left cool air cut into her naked pussy as her crotch was stretched wide. She looked down at Mike tensely, and saw that he was studying her slender body: her small breasts and pink nipples, her trim torso, her lithe waist, and her gaping cunt with its decorative little wisps of hair. Mike's cock lay up along his belly, stiff, pale and ready. His glans looked like the barbed head of a lance. His balls were between his thighs, fertile eggs in a pliable sack. His reddish pubic bush formed a perfect backdrop for the pale column of his cock.

Jan reached down and lifted it. Then holding it pointed straight up, she moved, and hovered over it. As she lowered herself slowly onto it, she watched Mary Kay bouncing on Sammy's phallus. Mary Kay's buttocks slapped down on Sammy's thighs with a loud “squish.” Her lush breasts jerked and quivered at every impact. Jan had the curving head of Mike's phallus nestled at the entrance to her tight vagina.

She worked her hips in a small circular pattern and eased his organ into her. She felt her slick tight folds being slowly wedged open, felt her elastic tissues stretching to take his bulk. Mike's hands mashed down on her breasts, crushing the gentle mounds against her ribs, grinding her nipples into her. Mary Kay was leaning forward. Her hands were on Sammy's shoulders now. Her breasts swayed heavily as she bounced her hips up and down on Sammy. He was gripping her waist, his fingers sinking into her* flesh as she fucked herself.

She slapped down on Sammy, lifted quickly, and smacked down again, and again, and again. Visible shock waves jolted her rounded belly, betraying a soft layer of fat that Jan doubted she would ever have.

Mary Kay was grunting in time with her fucking. She was obviously approaching a climax. Her mouth was open, her eyes were glazed with pleasure. “Uhh-uuuhhhh-uhhhhh!” Mary Kay's grunting became one long, ecstatic groan as she quivered in the throes of an orgasm. A pink blush swept up from her groin and spread out and covered her breasts. Her face a mask of carnal pleasure, her body went rigid with her coming. Jan's vagina was spasming as she sat on Mike, his cock driven all the way into her tight hole. Jan wasn't even moving-hadn't moved since she had managed to get the full bulk of Mike's phallus into her. It didn't matter. The feeling of incredible fullness and the sight of Mary Kay's climax were enough to bring her off. It was only the second time in her life she had had a man's organ in her body. Mary Kay let out a tremendous sigh and relaxed. Her orgasm was obviously over. Sammy took control. Using his relentless grip on her waist, he lifted and dropped her on his big cock. Mary Kay followed his directions compliantly, lifting when he lifted, dropping when he pulled down on her waist. It was a slow, powerful fuck.

Sammy's hips began to lift in opposition to Mary Kay's. Their bodies jarred together harder than ever. His flat, wiry belly began to knot visibly, as he ground his fingers bruisingly deep into Mary Kay's soft flesh. He surged up against her as if trying to run her through with his phallus. Her second orgasm over, Jan watched, amazed at the violence of the coupling. The impacts had to be painful, and Sammy's grip on Mary Kay's waist had to be excruciating, but Mary Kay seemed to almost welcome the agony. Sammy certainly had no qualms about inflicting pain on Mary Kay with both his hands and his raping cock. He grunted as he rammed it up into her, faster and faster and harder and harder. Then he heaved up hard, his back arching as he lifted Mary Kay clear off the ground. She was balanced precariously on his pole. His whole body trembling, he pumped a thick load of semen into Mary Kay. She looked as if his cock ran from her crotch all the way up to her head, stiffening her entire body like a second backbone.

Her face was flushed with a mixture of pain and pleasure as she came again. Without even thinking about it, Jan began to fuck herself on Mike's rigid cock, lifting slowly, then dropping, casing his prick back into her. She lifted and dropped, lifted and dropped, watching as the strength oozed out of Sammy's wiry frame. He and Mary Kay slumped down on the packed sand, limp and drained. Then Jan concentrated on her own fucking. Leaning forward, she braced her hands on Mike's shoulders. Her eyes met his and misted for a moment at the sight of his tan, handsome face. Then she looked down to where his cock parted her pussy lips and entered her cunt. She lifted and saw his penis emerge from her body. It was shining with her juices. She lowered, and the pale shaft was absorbed into her body. It pried her fifteen-year-old vagina open, filling her with hot heavy meat.

She was going to come again. She was going to climax for a thud time, and a second load of semen was going to jet into her. It wasn't going to take long. Her nerve endings, so newly awakened, were hypersensitive to the friction of the cock against them, to the cracking pressure of his pubic bone against her clit. She loved the way the head of Mike's cock slammed the end of her vagina, jolting her innards. She loved the feel of his prick burning through her vaginal opening, past the tatters of a hymen broken long ago by a misdirected tampon. She loved the feel of Mike's big, strong hands on her breasts. Her vagina began spasming again, began clenching around Mike's big bulk. She was rising to the brink of another coming, soaring higher and higher. She saw Mary Kay and Sammy watching, and her lust boiled still higher. She was a woman, not a girl. She thought of how turned on she had gotten watching them fuck, and got still more turned on. She hoped she'd get them so hot they'd have to fuck again.

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