guts felt as they got ready for yet another convulsive, climactic effort. There was a knot of fiery, frantic exhaustion deep in his belly. His prick was leaking. It felt like acid was eating its way the length of his bloated penis, then spilling into Karen's sucking mouth. Now, she could release his cock without worrying about its losing its rigidity. He was jacked up so high now that a break in the stimulation wouldn't cause a letdown.

Lifting her head off him, she got to her knees and crawled down his body, her pubis scratching all along his torso. She deliberately dragged her crotch down his body. She didn't lift even when his cock, draped up against his stomach, pushed eagerly into her hairy snatch.

She angled her pelvis, and his prick drilled into her hot vagina, surging from horizontal to vertical as her hot folds engulfed it. Then she was in the saddle, the pommel rammed up into her belly. Leaning forward, her hands on his thighs, she stared at his feet and rested, his cock once again sunk in her vagina. He lifted his head and looked down at her lush round ass, the bifurcation, and the flash of his cock in the crack, the graceful sweep of her back. She looked over her shoulder at him. Her face was flushed, her chin sparkling from her cock-sucking. Her eyes glittered with excitement. “Ready for another ride?” “Jesus, yes. Never would have believed it possible, though.” “You've got a lot to learn,” she teased. “Hang on.”

He braced his head up as she lifted off his prick. He watched his phallus appear under her, shining white with her juices and his semen.

She paused, and he stared at the point his cock connected him to her.

He savored the feel of his nerve-loaded glans being hugged by her hot folds, while the shaft was chilled as a breeze dried the fluid coating it. She lowered, his cock vanished and was totally in her body again. He reached down and cupped his hands to her buttocks. He guided her gently as she lifted and dropped. The strange, backwards position was new to him, and stimulated his prick in a way it had never been stimulated before. The angle of penetration, the surfaces in contact-it was all new, and built his level of pleasure still higher.

The puckered bud of her anus seemed to wink at him as she pogo-sticked up and down on his cock. It looked like a little flower nestled between the soft pillows of her buttocks. He had an urge to touch it, but restrained himself. Instead, he spread her ass cheeks so he could see better. He wondered how long his pleasure could go on. He was beginning to think it would last forever. Every stroke sent a thick wash of juices pouring from Karen's cunt down into his thick pubic bush, down over his straining testicles. She was flooding him as she humped herself on his phallus. Her head hanging, she was looking under herself, watching his cock ram in and out of her twat. Sweat glistened on her shoulders, formed tiny drops that trickled down her back. His neck exhausted, Harry let his head drop back to the grass. He kept his hands on her tail as he savored the agonizing blaze in his over- stimulated cock. He couldn't tell if the pool of come in his guts was big or small. He knew when he came it was going to be an exquisite combination of pain and pleasure. It was like that crazy time when he had been fourteen or fifteen and he had jacked off, again and again and again, until his groin was one delicious ache as it tried desperately to squeeze out just one more wave. How many times had he come that day? Surely, no more than three? Or was it? He had done it thinking of the new girl in town, Sarah, picturing her out of her bathing suit. He had felt horribly guilty afterwards. But this was here, and now, in the hot sun. Karen was driving each of them to yet another coming. It was his third, and he was almost there. Then he was over the peak. Aching, convulsing, clenching agony engulfed him as he pumped still another load of semen into the woman fucking him.

His calves cramped as sperm spurted into her spasming vagina. He heaved his hips upward until he had half her weight on his cock and its foundations. He felt as if he was being twisted, being wrung dry like a towel. He was struggling to squeeze out the final drops of semen and pleasure. His last pulsation locked him into a cramped knot, held him there for aching minutes, then let him crumble with exhaustion. Karen slumped forward until she was stretched out on his legs. Her breasts were molded to his shins. She rested one cheek on his feet. He felt her panting hotly on his instep. In a slow, languid squirm, she straightened her legs until her feet were by his shoulders. Her knees were pressing his ribs. His prick sucked back out of her cunt. It shriveled until it was huddled in her slit.

There was no feeling left in it at all. It was numb with exhaustion.

He decided he must have fallen asleep. The sun had moved appreciably when he came to. He felt Karen ease off of him. He was aware of other sounds in the clearing, the rustle of the wind in the trees, birds singing, and a soft whimpering. Turning his head, he found they were no longer alone. A girl and a boy, no more than seventeen, were erotically intertwined. His slender, youthful body moved with ageless precision as he fucked the willing girl under him.

God! They were so young! “Let's go swim,” Harry suggested urgently. “Suits,” Karen agreed, evidently unaware he was upset by the two teenagers. “Next time we come, we should bring Jan along.”

“No!” Harry snapped. “She's too young. She's still hung up on her mother, too. If she knew I was with another woman, she'd be crushed.

She loved Sarah as much as I did.” Tm not saying she didn't love her mother,” Karen argued. “But, are you positive she'd be crushed if you found another woman?” “I'm sure,” Harry growled. “And are you sure she's innocent? She's what? Fifteen, sixteen?”

“Fifteen,” Harry answered. “A young fifteen.” “Are you sure?” Karen asked softly. “I don't want to talk about it,” Harry countered. He swept his-gaze past a trio of writhing bodies, one woman and two men. “I think we should talk about Jan if we're going to keep seeing each other,” Karen pointed out. “Not now,” Harry growled. “Christ! Not now.” How the hell could it be? Just the thought of his daughter brought his blood to a boil. Even after three rounds with Karen, he still had the hots for Jan, his own flesh and blood.

He plunged into the pool, hiding in its cool depths. He wondered if he should have said something about the bathing suit Jan had been planning to wear to the beach. It had been damn minimal.


Jan wondered what her father would do if he found out she wasn't wearing the suit at all-or anything else for that matter, except her gold locket. She was dangling her suit in one hand. The colorful scraps of cloth fluttered in the breeze as her bare toes dug into the soft sand. The air and sun probed every inch of her graceful, slender body. Daddy would have a stroke if he found out, she decided.

He had given her the fish eye when he had seen her in the bikini. If the gang hadn't been waiting, she knew he would have sent her back to change. She had never had any intention of winding up strolling down the beach naked. Her belly muscles knotted. Her heart was beating very quickly. The touch of the sea breeze made her nipples stand up sharply. She tried to ignore the way Mike's half-erect cock was bobbing and swaying ominously. She felt her sweaty palm squirm against his as they held hands. Her shoulder brushed his tanned arm. Maybe Daddy was right, Mike was too old for her. He was nineteen, a sophomore in college, while she was only a sophomore in high school.

God, his cock looked big! She tried to reassure herself, tell herself they weren't going to do that. She didn't believe they wouldn't though, not down deep in her guts. And it had all started so innocently: a trip to the beach with Mary Kay and Sammy.

They had played games with the waves, dancing out of their reach, turned over rocks and driftwood, skipped flat stones over the small pools. Then they had come to the fat rope dipping from post to post, and paused. The people beyond the barrier were nude.

“Well?” Sammy had asked. “I'm game,” Mike had answered.

“Me, too,” Mary Kay chimed in. Jan had gulped, suddenly frightened, but had no choice. The question was obvious, and so was her answer. “Uh, yeah, sure,” she had agreed, her voice squeaking. She was abruptly aware that she was the youngest, by three years.

Sammy had grinned at Jan as he untied the waist of his suit and skinned it down and off. Jan hadn't been able to take her eyes off his rising cock, his balls, and his thick black bush of hair. When she managed to tear her eyes off Sammy, she saw Mike's tool. It was even larger and more threatening than Sammy-it was stiffer, bolder, longer, and scarier-because Mike, not Sammy, was her steady. Mary Kay had shed the top of her bikini and revealed her ample, pale breasts. They were soft and lush looking. Her large areolae were blushing red. Her nipples were pert points. Then Mary Kay stripped the bottom of her suit down and exposed her dense, dark brown muff and a thrusting, hungry mons. “Well?” Sammy had asked, his teeth bared in a predatory grin. Jan had felt all

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