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Fatal Game

I didn’t have any facts about the case, or how the killer operated, but then again, it wasn’t my job to solve the case. I was there for moral support, along with a prod every now and then if I thought my husband’s investigation was going off-course. No one knew about my input but Zach, and for my protection, he didn’t tell anyone that I was his unpaid and extremely unofficial consultant.

And I liked that just fine myself. I had no desire for the limelight or any credit for solving one of my husband’s cases any more than I wanted his name on one of my puzzles, even if he did spot mistakes from time to time. Most of them went straight to my publisher, but every now and then I had Zach solve one to make sure I was playing fair. We were a team, both in our professions and in our marriage, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And now we were going to try to find a killer before he had the chance to strike again.


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