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Carnival Girl Fuck

Adrian had just about had enough of the stupid carnival.

He’d already been once, and only once, with some of his coworkers. They’d promised him that the ladies would be crawling all over the stupid place; he’d be ‘unable to fend them off’. It had been a crock of shit, of course — the only girls that had been there were either middle-aged redneck grandmothers or seven year old girls.

The closest he’d gotten had been some light flirting with a hot young thing over a glass of warm beer — which then proceeded to be poured onto his head by her hulking possessive boyfriend, whom she’d failed to mention throughout their conversation.

Needless to say, he hadn’t been too excited about his brother’s request to take him and his daughter there on one of his precious days off of work. His license had been suspended, and his ex-wife was out of town for the weekend. It would be his daughter’s only chance to see the carnival before the end of summer break, and they had literally no other way to get there without him.

After much persuasion and a little begging, Adrian reluctantly gave the okay — what were uncles for, after all? Besides, he needed a change of pace. His on-again, off-again girlfriend Charisse had dumped him once more… blaming him for all the faults of life, as usual.

For the most part, he was tired of dealing with her altogether — but it was hard to argue with her when her tits were rubbing against his chin. She may have been a bitch, but damned if she didn’t fuck like a tigress.

Until she came back around again, though, he needed a change of scenery…and so he found himself at the carnival once more. It really wasn’t that bad of a place, he decided; there were a lot of decent rides, including an enormous Ferris wheel and several rickety rollercoasters.

That wasn’t to mention the countless smaller venues they had crammed into the tiny area. Were it not for Charisse and the sour mood she’d invoked in him, he might have found the place kind of fun.

After walking around a bit, however, Adrian realized that the atmosphere had changed since the last time he’d walked the midway. Where before the place had been overrun with kids and their grandparents, now there was an overwhelming college crowd that had taken over the place.

He had felt like he’d been invading an old folks home before; now all he could see were girls that barely passed for eighteen bouncing all over the place, collecting huge teddy bears from their young jock boyfriends.

Adrian felt a little out of place. He wasn’t too old for this crowd yet, but he was getting there. At least he almost looked like some of the seniors. At twenty-four, he had managed to keep himself in pretty decent shape. Most people wouldn’t consider him ‘built’, per say, but he’d spent enough time at the gym to stay slim and even pack on some muscle.

He’d had his fair share of lovers, but — with the exception of Charisse — he hadn’t managed to keep any of them for more than a handful of dates. He wasn’t sure why, though that had never bothered him all that much…he enjoyed the variety.

Well, being surrounded by hot, perky teenagers certainly wasn’t the worst way to spend an afternoon. He saw a few lookers and got excited, only to discover them uninterested or taken one way or another.

After about an hour of this disappointment, he was about ready to drag his brother and niece back to the car so that he could get the hell out of there — until he noticed her. She was leaning against the wall of the Hall of Mirrors, casually picking at a wad of cotton candy.

Short, black hair with faded crimson streaks stopped at her chin. She was dressed in black jeans and a white tank-top that revealed the slightest bit of smooth, creamy midriff. There was a piercing in her right eyebrow, but no others that Adrian could see from a distance. Her breasts seemed to swell against the tight shirt.

Her eyes shot up at him then, and he saw her piercing gaze for the first time. They were deep blue, the color of the sky — and they were intense. She gazed at him curiously for a moment before dumping the nearly-empty bag of cotton candy into the trash can and taking a few brisk steps in his direction.

“See anything you like?” the girl said. Her voice was low and sensual.

Adrian was a little taken aback by her boldness, but he kept his expression neutral. “That all depends, doesn’t it?”

“On what?”

“On whether or not who I’m looking at is interested.”

“She just might be.” She smirked at him and placed her hands behind her head, rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet. Her shirt inched up and down with each bob.

“More or less available, anyways. I technically have a boyfriend, but he’s a dick — he didn’t want to go to the carnival with me today. Too busy playing shooter-games with his online friends than spend time with his so-called girlfriend.”

“He sounds like a real charmer,” Adrian replied, though his attention was mostly focused on the slow, rhythmic movement of her shirt.

“He’s a dick,” she repeated. “Fuck him — not that he’d be interested in that activity. Trust me, I’ve been trying for a while now. What about yourself, Bright Eyes? Why are you here all by your lonesome?”

Thinking back to Charisse, he shrugged. “We’re broken up again. She’s mad at me for some stupid crap that’s not my fault, and we’re not really speaking to each other.”

“Her loss,” the girl went on with a smirk. She held out her hand. “Serena.”

He shook it. “Adrian.”

“You wanna hang out?” she asked, flashing a wide smile. He noticed as she spoke that her tongue was pierced as well. The metal bulb glinted against the midday sun.

“Sure,” he replied, feeling truly hopeful for the first time since getting out of his car. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well,” Serena replied, putting a finger to her mouth in mock concentration, “the first thing that needs to happen is you winning me one of those huge bears that all those other bitches got from their men. If this is going to be a proper date at the carnival, we need to do it right.”

They walked to where the games of chance were lined up in a row. There were ring tosses, basketball throws and milk can toppling games, but Serena walked past them all without a second glance. She stopped at the shooting gallery, where a shifty looking carnie was cat-calling to whoever walked past.

“That one,” she said, pointing to a light brown bear that was nearly as big as she was. He had no idea what she planned to do with the thing, assuming that he won it at all.

“Well, hotshot?” the carnie asked Adrian. “Try the luck, shoot the ducks. Get your pretty lady a prize — all the other boys have one so far.”

The game didn’t look all that complicated. Small, yellow ducks traveled down a fake pond on a blue conveyer belt, and the challenger was supposed to shoot them down with a pellet rifle. According to the sign above the stall, the largest prize required five hits in a row without missing.

Adrian forked over some cash and took the weapon off of the table, flashing a cocky smile at the carnie as he did so. The ducks were easy targets — his dad had been taking him hunting several times a year since he was six. He knocked seven of the plastic birds off of the belt before the carnie stopped him with a grunt.

“You already won the bear, chief. Stop knocking over the damn ducks; I have to pick all that shit up again.”

The man half-threw the enormous teddy bear at him, and Serena smiled broadly when he handed it over to her. Despite its size, she had no trouble holding onto it. She was obviously stronger than he’d given her credit for.

“You’re a good shot,” she remarked, stroking the stuffed animal lightly on the head.

“Thanks,” he replied, smiling at her praise. “Do you have any other good ideas?”

“Beer. That’s my idea.”

Adrian looked her up and down skeptically. “Are you even twenty-one?”

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