Barry Clark was disgusted with his way of living. It seem to him that every day began and ended in a machine like regularity which annoyed and bored him. Perhaps he had been working too hard lately, but whatever the reason he felt it imperative for him to change his routine a trifle, some unusual or strange experience that would shake him out of this state of mind. After much analysis, Barry decided he had neglected the amorous side of his life entirely too much. He hardly looked at a woman for months, so absorbed had he become in his construction work. Hunger formed in his mind and he sought a quick and sure way to cure it. Just how could he, in one brilliant and satisfying experience, satisfy his sexual side of life in a way that would make up for months of neglect.

As he sat in his apartment pondering this question, Barry’s gaze wandered out the window to the apartment opposite his. He knew that a most delicious bit of femininity carrying the name of Miss Gloria Sanders dwelt in that apartment. That was the way he knew also that she possessed a divine body. A body that he had often desired, but had always dismissed from his mind under stress of his affairs. He judged from her that she was about twenty-eight years old, in the bloom of womanhood and a striking brunette.

He sat upright with interest as he noted in the dim interior of the apartment opposite his that Gloria was in the midst of undressing, apparently unconscious of the fact that his position allowed him to see her. His pulse quickened, as she finished taking off her dress over her head and stood in a black chemise. He followed with his eyes the sculptured curves of her perfectly molded body as far as her thighs, where the window sill cut his vision. Then she moved and was lost from his view, leaving Barry with a thousand thoughts running through his mind.

That settled it, he must go this very night somewhere to satisfy the overwhelming desire which he knew, if unsatisfied, would continue to bother him. He thought of a place, a secret place of which he had heard where strange performances of an exotic nature were staged for the benefit of very wealthy clients. A client which, under sworn secrecy not to divulge what he saw was privileged to witness unusual and stimulating displays of life in the raw. That was what he needed, a visit to this place would clear his mind of this sudden overwhelming sexual desire. He decided to call Dudley Barrows, the wealthy foreman. Just on the chance he called him to see about it and was gratified to hear the voice of a friend.

“I knew you’d want to go there some night,” he laughed. “I’ve been wanting to go there again for a long time, remember Barry what I told you about the cost, because of the criminal nature of the performance the stager will not admit, under any circumstances, anyone not brought by a proven client. Entry fee to one of these performances cost $500.00, so only the well off can afford it. I’ll pick you up in a few minutes.”

Barry prepared to descend to the street and as he passed the door of Miss Sanders, the delectable lady stepped into the corridor. “Good evening, Miss Sanders! And where are you going tonight?”

“Thank you, Mr Clark, I plan to take a walk in the park, perhaps a taxi, I do things like that you know.”

She was utterly beautiful and Barry promised himself that he would do something about her tomorrow night. Just then Dudley Barrow’s car drove before the entrance and in another minute the two gentlemen were whisked away toward their strange destination.

Gloria Sanders walked slowly toward the park in the gathering twilight.

Her thoughts ran in the same direction as those of Barry Clark, her urgent need for the satisfaction of her sexual desires. Since her husband had passed away some months before, she had been wholly without the satisfying presence of flesh in her. She told herself that she would give in without much persuasion on his part if Barry ever made advances at her as other men did.

A cab glided down the street and Gloria suddenly decided to go riding instead of walking. By now it was quite dark and the cab answered her call and pulled up to the curb. The driver leaned out and peered at her before opening the door. The sidewalks and streets were clear of everyone except Gloria. As she stepped in and sat down, and at the same time tried to scream for two men sitting in the far corner threw themselves on her.

Petrified with fear and unable to vent the scream she wished, Gloria felt a rag shoved into her mouth and realized she had been gagged. Dimly she realized not a soul had seen her abducted. WHITE SLAVERY, the thought sent tremors through her tense body.

Although she had expected the men to attack her, she was surprised when one of them told her that no harm would come to her if she remained quiet and that she would be set free in the morning. This calmed her somewhat but her nerves were still tense, when after a ride of a few blocks, the cab entered an arched street to one of the old residence of the city. The type which was usually inhabited by the wealthy people. In the darkness of the interior of a garage, the motor was shut off and Gloria was hustled out of the car, and through the door into the house. Still in darkness she was guided or rather pushed up a stairway by her captors. She had no idea what part of the city she was in or where this house was located.

Opening another door, her captors pulled her through and the glare of the lights dazed her eyes. To her surprise a motherly looking woman about sixty approached her. Dressed in black almost like the robe of a nun, a quick thought made her think she was in a convent, but a moment recollection told her this was not so. The woman told her captors to leave the room, then she mentioned Gloria to sit down on a divan, and drew up a chair facing the young woman. Gloria was in hopes that the gag would be removed but was disappointed when the woman began to talk.

“My dear, I presume you are very frightened and feel violence will be done to you, perhaps you feel you are the victim of WHITE SLAVERY, but do not have any fear on that part, no violence will be done to you. However violence of the most pleasurable nature, violence that will make you remember this night. If you are what I think you are, I envy what will be done to you. Each night in this place which is a theatre for a very selected audience. A show is put on in which you will be the star tonight.

Briefly, you will be made love to in many ways. That will be as much as a surprise to you as it will to the men and women in the audience, who will watch your every motion. I will tell you that the audience will be composed of some of the richest men and women of this and other cities who are spending their money to obtain the thrill that comes from this and other women that are being ravished. Each spectator pays a fee of $500.00, so for your good don’t fight too hard. I’m afraid that the desire I read in your face, that the gag be removed cannot be granted, but it will be replaced by a rubber sheath into which your tongue will be inserted. This will prevent your talking or screaming in a way that the best night of loving might not be spoiled.” Dazed by the woman’s words, Gloria let herself be led out of the room.

The limousine carrying Barry and Dudley drew up before a portion of the city unfamiliar to Barry. To his surprise Dudley told him to get out, the car was driven away by the chauffeur, Dudley mentioned him to enter a narrow alley and they proceeded down its dark lengths for some time until Barry suddenly realized there were two men beside them. “Don’t be afraid of Scott, Barry,” said Dudley, “They are the fellows who will guide us to the performance, the stagers aren’t taking any chances, you see due to the criminal nature of this performance all customers are led blind-folded to the stage so nobody will be able to say later where it is.” One of the men told them, “I must warn you gentlemen that no demonstration of any kind must occur during the show, any such attempt will bring dire consequences, and I’ll require both of you to take an oath that will retain you under the rule of passive spectators at all times.”

Having taken the oath, black masks were given both men with the instructions they wear them at all times during the show, as it is the desire of the management that no group of guest be aware of the identity of any other group of guests. With beating pulses Barry and Dudley were guided into a dark room at the end of which there was a small stage, the nature of which escaped Barry. He noted in the semi-darkness that most of the audience were women and their presence made the scene only more exciting, as he would be able to observe their reaction too.

“Ladies and gentlemen you are about to witness the ravishment of a woman who has been abducted by our agents from the street, a woman who until this moment doesn’t know what she is in for, as has been explained to each of you, each night a woman is abducted from the street and ravished and set free in the morning. Unaware of the victim you may first think she is under torture. Quite the reverse is true for these women who have not been ravished, will be ravished beyond all human sense so she will not be hurt.

We never know until the last moment whether the victim is a virgin or not.

Sometimes they are and their thrill of womanhood is known. Needless to say our victims are chosen only from

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