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One Was a Soldier
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At the Millers Kill Community Center, five veterans gather to work on adjusting to life after war. Reverend Clare Fergusson has returned from Iraq with a head full of bad memories she's using alcohol to wipe out. Dr. George Stillman is denying that the head wound he received has left him with something worse than simple migraines. Officer Eric McCrea is battling to keep his constant rage from affecting his life as a cop, and as a father.High school track star Will Ellis is looking for some reason to keep on living after losing both legs to an IED. And down-onher- luck Tally McNabb has brought home a secret – a fatal one. Police Chief Russ Van Alstyne just wants Clare to settle down and get married – to him. But when he rules Tally McNabb's death a suicide, Clare sides with the other...
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One Was a Soldier :