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Потому что я тебя люблю
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Benett Charlize стр.1

Читать книгу Fifty Shades of Lies
Fifty Shades of Lies
Benett Charlize
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“Is this man a gift from God, a Demon or the real Master of the Universe?” A young, beautiful model, Grey-Ana, goes on a reality show audition, impersonating her twin sister Bleu-Rae, who has taken ill and could not attend. She encounters, the young, ever so gorgeous entrepreneur & CEO, Mr. Steel Maximillion, the creator of “Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire.” The worldly, smart-ass Grey-Ana is remarkably startled by his perplexity, yet charming and intimidating demeanor. She wonders if she has fallen into a trap, or is initiating for an occult of some sort. Despite this, Grey-Ana finds she now wants the star-role on the reality show, and she desperately wants to get close to Steel Maximillion. Unfortunately, she was only there as a stand-in for her twin sister. Unable...