tongue along hers, sucking her lower lip in a bit and biting it lightly as his hands roamed her body.

He traced kisses down the side of her neck as he ran his hands down her thighs, found the hem of her black jersey dress, and began slide the fabric up, skimming the curves of her bottom with his fingers as he passed over her smooth skin. “So soft,” he breathed against her neck,” I want to feel every bit of your softness against me. You are like the petals of a flower.” Nina quivered with pleasure and sighed, “Take anything you want from me; I can withhold nothing from you.” He uttered a low purr of satisfaction in response.

She was as busy as he was, loosening his tie and slipping it off over his head, then unbuttoning his shirt and slipping that off as their tongues flirted and darted into each other's mouths. She lifted her arms so that he could lift her dress up and over her head, and then he returned the favor as she removed his tee shirt, revealing a wonderfully muscled torso. Every inch of him was chiseled perfection; it made her want to run her tongue over every inch of his body. “Ohhh…you are so perfect, so strong,” she said in wonder. “It's all for you, Nina,” he said, taking her face in his hands and kissing her tenderly, then passionately.

“And look at you, my lovely: What pleasure you give me to see,” he said, gazing at her in admiration, as well: The swell of her breasts in the plunging black underwire bra, the sensual curve of her belly above the black satin panties, and her long, firmly-muscled legs excited his desires fully. He stepped back toward her, taking her against him so that he could feel her soft skin pressed warm and lush against his strong, hard body. He felt somewhat cool to the touch as she ran her hands along his back, but only slightly; she felt so feverish with desire that it was a soothing sensation. His arms crushed her in a powerful embrace. He was so strong! She yielded to him, willing to be completely dominated by his need for her.

As they continued to kiss and explore each other, he slipped the satin straps of her bra over her shoulders and deftly pulled her breasts out of the cups. He ran his hands over her, cupping the generous swell of her bosom in a gentle squeeze and brushing her stiff pink nipples with his fingertips, then rolling the tips between his thumbs and forefingers, sending delicious sensations through her like an electrical charge, straight to her private areas. She could feel the throbbing between her legs, and her panties were getting quite soaked with her juices.

She moaned in pleasure as he manipulated her hard little nipples, and then his searching hand moved down between her trembling thighs and snaked into her panties. He murmured in delight as he found the wetness there. “Mmmm, seems you are ready, my lady,” he purred with his delightful accent. He slipped her panties down and let them fall to the floor, then unfastened her bra, letting that fall as well, leaving her in only her thigh-high stockings and shoes.

She moaned as he slid his fingers gently against her swollen clitoris, but she tried to keep her wits about her; there was something important she needed to remember. “I am ready, but we need a condom,” she said, trying to catch her breath and keep her wits about her, “If you don't have any, I might have one in my purse.” He backed up and gazed at her with his amazing eyes, smiling, and said, “We don't need a condom.” His eyes seemed to swirl with color-blue, green, gold-and the intensity of his gaze was captivating. She felt mesmerized, drawn to him. She found herself repeating what he'd said.”We don't need a condom,” she agreed, utterly reassured. He smiled, satisfied.

He took her hand and led her to the king-sized bed, yanked the covers down decisively to expose the luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets, and laid her down in a fluid movement. As she reclined beneath him, he lowered his mouth to her breast and started licking and sucking her nipples while he tickled her clit with his finger. She moaned and buried her hands in his hair, keeping his head close, pressing her breasts into his mouth. Her body writhed as he played skillfully with her, and she felt her orgasm building.

She came with a throaty cry, trembling against his hand and holding his head against her chest, then she released his head and brought his face back up to hers, kissing him deeply while still shuddering from her climax. “Let me see you, Tomas,” she breathed, fraught with desire, and he removed his pants, revealing a large, magnificent cock, so smooth but so firm. She reached out and put her hand on him. He crooned with pleasure at her touch as she stroked his swollen member. “So big and thick,” she purred, “But you have gotten me so wet, I think I can take you.” She wrapped her legs around him, intending to take him inside her, but he smiled and said, “Not yet, my dear; I want to delight in every part of you,” and her eyes sparkled with anticipation.

He would have loved to simply plunge into her in a beastly fury, but he wanted to service all her needs this night, to delight and fulfill her completely before he took what he needed from her. He lowered his mouth again to her breasts, teasing and suckling, and then moved lower until he was licking her juicy clit and feeling it throb against his tongue. As he licked and gently sucked, he slipped a finger inside her, crooking it to stimulate her g- spot, and she ran her hands through his hair as she surrendered to the wonderful sensations he was provoking in her.

After she gave up her juices once again, he kissed his way back up, and as he slid his body upward against hers, he slipped his stuff cock inside her waiting sweetness. She moaned and writhed with pleasure as he drove deep into her, again and again, filling her up so completely. She had needed this so much, she thought, as she took his stiff member inside her body, each powerful stroke making her gasp, her moans growing in volume with his, and when she opened her eyes to look at him, to share the intensity of the experience, she saw him looking at her, his eyes swirling with color again as sharp fangs erupted from his beneath those full, sensuous lips of his, drawn back in a snarl, and before she could grasp what was happening, he lowered his head to her neck and she felt the sudden, sharp penetration of his fangs into her neck.

As he bit her, he continued to thrust powerfully within her, owning her body in every way. She felt the pain of his bite, but her momentary terror and confusion was replaced with a powerful flood of endorphins as he began to drink her blood. The sensation was uncontrollably pleasurable to her, and as he drank and fucked her, she had the most overwhelming orgasm of her life. Wave after wave of pleasure engulfed her, coursing through her body. He thrust even harder and faster, and then he raised his head, mouth dripping with her blood, and howled as he had his own powerful orgasm, filling her with his copious, albeit sterile, seed.

She looked out of the window, remembering the events of the night and realizing that Tomas hadn't shown up in the mirrored building. Tomas felt cool to the touch (not too cool, just room temperature). Tomas had not needed a condom. Tomas could appear and disappear mysteriously and control her thoughts and desires, because Tomas was a vampire; a vampire who had taken her completely last night; seduced her and fucked her and drank her blood. And he had done it again and again, spending the whole night giving her pleasure and taking her blood, just a bit at a time, not enough to kill her, but enough to render her weak and, eventually, unconscious. Now she remembered that before she slipped under, he lay with her cradled in his arms and told her, “Nina, you know my true nature, now. I drew you to me to take my pleasure from you and to drink from you. But now I want you to make your own decision. I will give you a week to regain your strength and to think about it. If you want to return to me of your own accord, I will be back here in a week from last night, at the same time 10pm. You may come to the bar again to meet me if that is your desire, your choice to do so. I would love to have another night with you, but I don't want to compel you. Do you understand?”

She wasn't sure she really did understand at the time, exhausted and weak, but she nodded.

“Rest, my sweet. I will be gone before the sun rises, but save the night for Me.” he said, holding her against him and kissing her forehead as she slipped into oblivion.

Nina bit her lip. What had happened to her? How could that be real? It couldn't be; it had to be a dream. She was here in this room, of course; Tomas was obviously real, as was the sex, but a vampire? And yet she could remember everything vividly, now, including the sensation of being bitten…

…her eyes flew open wide. Her neck! She hurried to the bathroom and gazed in the mirror, then laughed at herself. No bite marks, no blood. She had been tired and maybe a little drunk on two Bellinis and no dinner, and her silly imagination had taken her night of passion with Tomas and cross-bred it with some ridiculous vampire show she had been watching with her girlfriends. Come to think of it, Tomas looked a bit like the older brother, the “bad boy”. She chuckled at herself, but as she returned to the bedroom to get dressed, she noticed a small, but very distinctive, stain on the luxurious bed sheet. Blood. Her heart began to pound more rapidly as her breath caught in her throat and Tomas's last words echoed through her head.

Save the night for me…

Chapter 2

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