Nina had been warring with herself all day-well, all week-about whether she should meet with Tomas again tonight. He said he would be waiting for her in the same place, the bar at the Hotel du Lac, and they had spent a night of intense lovemaking there that she had not been able to conceive was possible. He had brought her to ecstasy over and over, seeming to know her every private need. But then, he had revealed a darker side, that he was undead, a vampire. A creature that was supposed to exist only in stories. He had bitten her and had drunk her blood as they copulated, and it had been a transcendent experience; she'd had the most powerful orgasms she had ever known. He had taken her blood several times over the course of the night, just a bit at a time, as they coupled over and over. Afterward she had fallen asleep in his arms, exhausted but satisfied, but had awoken to find him gone and her memory unsure.

Had he really been a vampire? Had he fled the morning sun, or just the complications of a one-night stand? He hadn't left a note, just the memory of his telling her that he had to leave before sunrise and that he wanted to see her again in a week. Maybe she had imagined that. And there had been no bite marks on her, even though she remembered being bitten in several places. She'd seen blood on the sheets, though. Not much, but how did it get there otherwise? It wasn't “that time of the month” for her.

Is it possible that she had fallen victim to some very odd prank? Had he slipped her a drug that would cause some sort of hallucinatory experience, or even made a hypnotic suggestion? Maybe the substance on the bed wasn't even blood, just something to bolster the story. She analyzed the possibilities, either he was really a vampire and they would have another round of amazing sex, but he might kill her; or he was not a vampire, he was some sort of strange con man with a gimmick to get laid. Either way, he had taken care of her needs so skillfully…if he wanted to kill her, he easily could have done that already, couldn't he?

She couldn't resist her burning curiosity, the memory of his dark, animal beauty, their pleasure in each other. It was all too strong. She left work early, no late-night meeting this time and took the train home simply so she could turn herself from a workaday ad executive into a ravishing creature of the night. No plain black shift and trench coat this time; she outfitted herself in a dark red wrap dress that displayed her pale, graceful neck and shoulders, along with a sexy peek of cleavage. A pair of diamond drop earrings to sparkle against her dark hair, but no necklace to get in the way. The same black silk stockings with an insanely sexy set of black lace lingerie underneath the clinging dress, and finally, a pair of black leather sling backs with a stiletto heel. The evening was a bit cool but not rainy, so she slipped a black cashmere wrap around her shoulders and headed out.

She decided to drive her car in to the city this time, rather than wait on the train. Her little black Acura made a quick and comfortable ride into the city, and she pulled up to the Hotel du Lac's valet stand a little early; at ten minutes until ten. So much for being fashionably late, she thought, but it made more sense to arrive early, actually; if Tomas had just been leading her on and would not be there tonight, she would be spared the discomfort of standing in the entrance of the bar, looking around awkwardly. This way she could go right in and find a table, as if just for herself. If he didn't show, no one need be the wiser.

Bolstered by this decision, she entered the bar confidently without a glance around, and selected a cozy table in the corner. As she strolled toward it, every man in the bar swiveled his head to follow. She looked fantastic tonight. From the corner of her eye she noticed a bit of the attention that she was getting, and she was flattered and delighted. She'd decided there was no point in trying to make it work with Mark; the distance between them was too great, physically and emotionally. If Tomas turned out to be just a fling, at least it was a comfort to know she was still desirable to other men.

The server, a redheaded college-age boy, came to ask for her order after she had settled at the table, she was about to speak when she heard a lush, deeply-pitched voice with a lyrical accent say from behind the server, “The lady will have a Bellini, and you can get a Chivas on the rocks for me.” The boy turned around in surprise, as there had been no footsteps to announce the approach of a companion, but as he came face to face with Tomas, he nodded his head, stammering, “Ye-yes, sir; right away.”

As the waiter hustled away, Tomas stood for a moment, drinking in the vision of Nina sitting there, voluptuous yet vulnerable, her pale skin set off exquisitely by the dark red silk dress and her shiny waves of ebony hair. “You can sit down,” she said, shyly. He pulled the chair and seated himself gracefully, never taking his eyes from her. “You are exquisite,” he sighed. She cast her eyes down modestly.

“Thank you for coming to see me again, Nina,” Tomas continued, “I'm sure last week must have been a very strange experience for you.” She gazed back up, a bit warily. “I seem to be remembering things that could not have actually happened,” she said, trying to keep her voice even, searching his face for a reaction. His gaze remained unflinching. “They did happen, Nina. I showed my true nature to you, and you gave yourself willingly. And came back to me willingly. I hope, anyway,” he added, suddenly seeming like a bashful boy.

What a charmer! He had a sparkle in his eyes, but was it attraction, or just amusement? Was it danger? Nina didn't feel threatened; she felt chemistry, connection. “There are no marks on me, Tomas,” she said. “I can leave them, if you want,” he said, leaning toward her conspiratorially, eyes flashing, and then chuckling at her horrified expression and adding, “It's easy for me to heal you, though. I'd better do it this time before you fall asleep; that way you will understand.”

They enjoyed their drinks and chatted about their jobs, he was in the business of importing furniture and handicrafts from Eastern Europe, operating out of Belgrade, Sofia, Tirana and a number of other cities she found very exotic. He taught her how to say “Pleased to meet you” in Serbian ” Drago mi je ”, she repeated, to his delight. She told him about the advertising business, and he was very impressed to find that she had created advertisements that had appeared on television, for brands he recognized. “Maybe you can create some advertisement for my business,” he purred in his delicious dark voice.

They were leaning together intimately, and their eyes met in a moment of silent intensity. Nina was overwhelmed with desire. Tomas stood, left a fifty dollar bill on the table and swept her from her seat and out of the bar. They said nothing on the elevator ride to the room; he just held her close against him as they breathed each other's intoxicating scent. Unable to resist any longer, he buried his hands in her hair as their mouths met, his cool and seeking, hers warmer and receiving, lips and tongues at play. Her heartbeat quickened, and she felt desire throbbing through her body.

The elevator chimed as they stopped on their floor, and the doors slid open as they reluctantly withdrew from each other, but only for as long as it took to get inside the room. Tomas removed his jacket and Nina's wrap, and then drew her back against him, kissing her deeply. She unbuttoned and removed his shirt, making him stop kissing her for just a moment so she could pull his tee shirt over his head, and then he murmured, “Let's go over to the table.” She wondered about that, but as she accompanied him over to the carved wooden table, she noticed that it faced a mirror. He turned her to face the mirror, so she could watch herself being taken.

Tomas stepped behind her as she stood in front of the table, looking into the mirror. His shirtless torso rippled with muscle as he reached up and slipped the dress off of her creamy white shoulders, rolling it down over her body until it fell to the floor. He admired the sexy bra and panties, then kissed her neck gently as he unfastened the clasp of the lacy bra, freeing her lush breasts. He slipped the lingerie off as well, and she stood in front of him, her skin glowing luminous in the lamplight from the nearby desk.

He kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear as he slid his hands around her full breasts, squeezing them and rolling the nipples between his fingers, making them stiffen in reaction. Nina moaned softly and leaned back against Tomas as she gave in to the pleasure; she reached behind herself with one hand and sought out his erect member, stroking it through the fabric of his pants as he gripped her breasts. She was growing very moist and couldn't wait to have him inside her. Tomas worked his hand down to the patch of trimmed hair below her waist and started rubbing his fingers against her moistened clitoris. She started breathing more quickly and moaned a bit more. His fingers rubbed quickly and lightly, just the way Nina rubbed when she was satisfying herself; he knew exactly what he was doing.

She started moaning louder and more breathlessly until she was rocked by a powerful orgasm. Tomas waited for her trembling to subside a bit, and then he lifted her as though she weighed no more than a breath of air, setting her on her hands and knees on the table in front of him. She was still recovering from her orgasm, and she crouched there for a moment, head hanging down, her dark hair pooling on the desk surface. Tomas stepped back to unfasten his belt and take his pants down. She raised her head back up when she felt him step up behind her, his stiffness against her, and she looked into his eyes as he pushed slowly inside her, making her gasp with the sensation.

He dealt her a few more slow, deep thrusts, and then he started to speed up, and soon her gasps turned to moans as he started pushing harder and faster, ramming into her mercilessly. Sweat glazed her body and plastered

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