her hair against her neck and forehead. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she took him deep inside her, dripping with ecstasy. Tomas started to breathe raggedly himself, and his head bowed down as he continued to thrust forcefully.

He raised his head again, and she looked at his face, wanting to lock eyes with him while he came, but his face looked different, like a hardened snarl; she could swear his eyes were glowing red, was it a trick of the light? And his mouth, it looked like he had fangs!

It was true, no hallucination, no trick of memory; she was seeing it happening, saw his head descend back down to the side of her neck, fangs flashing momentarily in the lamplight, and then she was feeling him bite into her flesh, saw the blood running down her neck, and it felt so good; she screamed even louder as she climaxed again, and Tomas kept thrusting tirelessly as his own guttural bellow marked his powerful orgasm, and he drank…

After he took some blood from her, he pulled back before drinking too much. She wanted to collapse into a happy puddle after her incredible orgasms, but he supported her so that she could continue to stand and look into the mirror. His face was still contorted, but remained strangely handsome. He reached his own wrist up to his mouth and nipped himself with his fangs, opening the skin to allow a few drops of blood to emerge, and she watched as he applied his own blood to the bite wound on her neck. He continued to hold his wrist up so that she could see the bite wounds on both his wrist and her neck healing up. “That is why there were no marks on you, my love,” he purred in her ear, face changing back to the well, chiseled features that enthralled her, “And now we rest a bit.”

He took her to the bed, where they lay in a tangle. She rested her head on his chest and he stroked her sweat, dampened hair. The respite was for her; she noticed his manhood was still erect and ready for action, but he was taking good care of her. After some moments, she felt her strength returning, and she raised her head and started kissing him deeply as she took him in her hand and began to stroke him. He moaned softly in pleasure at her touch, and she rose and straddled him. As she felt him penetrate her deeply and fully, she smiled in pleasure, knowing that she would ever keep the secret of her dark lover, and that all the nights would be his.

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