us. He is so trusting…”

Submerged in disgust, I couldn't stand anymore. I got up and pushed Jackie away brutally.

“Get out of here, slut!”

The young woman didn't seem in the least insulted by this.

“Why are you acting like this, dear?”

“Get out of here!”

I wanted to hit her. A wild anger was burning inside me. An anger which was mingled with something I couldn't identify, perhaps a monstrous desire to separate the girl's thighs and plant my rod inside her.

“Get out!”

“Yes, my dear, I'm going. But first, I want to prove how wrong you are to act so disdainful toward me.”

Before I had time to make the slightest movement, her dress was flying above her head.

I grew stiff immediately.

My prick was threatening to cut through my shorts and even my pants. As for my balls, they were so swollen with come they were ready to burst. How that whore could excite me!

She was more than naked in a slip whose transparence revealed the areoles of her triumphant breasts, as well as of the V of her thighs gifted with the blonde curls of her mound.

“Well, Tony, do you still want to put me out?”

My throat was caught in a vise, and I felt incapable of uttering the slightest word. And, the blood pounding at my temples, I remained in the middle of the room, nailed to the spot, still master of my instincts but already no longer able to control my imagination.


Having the curious impression of living in a second state, I was at once the witness and the actor in a scene which scalped my nerves…

Succeeding in a sort of delirium of duality, I saw myself run over to Jackie, throw her down on the couch, and imprison her in my arms and legs.

My voracious mouth crushed against an arrogant breast, a stiff tit in which I cruelly dug my teeth, pulling a plaintive cry from my companion. The spectator Tony was ashamed of the bestial fury to which the actor Tony was abandoning himself. But at the same time, the scene he was watching procured him an immoral pleasure.

I saw myself unzipping my pants.

I saw my impatient cock planting itself in that acquiescent cunt.

How it plunged and rammed. How it dug into that torrid cunt…

“Well, my pet, do you like me?”

These words made me regain contact with reality. A degrading reality. A reality which should have caused me an immense revulsion.

This girl who was exhibiting her delights so obscenely was Jackie. Harry's wife. And Harry was my brother.

Yes, I should have felt shame and disgust. But, at seventeen, it's difficult to control one's desire in such a circumstance.

And then, Jackie was so immodest. She had just sat down on the edge of the couch, her thighs parted, her short slip hiding nothing of her pubis.

It was as if my eyes were attracted by a magnet.

“My dear Tony,” cooed the young woman, “I have the distinct impression that you are controlling yourself…”

She couldn't avoid seeing my difficulty.

My nerves taut, my wrists tight, my nails digging deeply into the palms of my hands, a cold sweat running down my hands, I was literally hypnotized by that cunt whose half-opened lips were like a mussel all ready to be eaten.

“Yes, you're controlling yourself, my angel. You like the view… perhaps you would even like to touch? In that case, you don't have to hold back.”

She signaled for me to come close.

Ashamed of acting like this with my brother's wife, I wanted the strength to run away, to escape this girl for whom I felt disgust, and at the same time… an animal desire.

A mad desire which was going to make my final hesitations melt.

“Come on,” whispered Jackie.

I advanced with the step of a robot. As soon as I had stopped, my sister-in-law asked me to kneel in front of her. All will anesthetized, I did as she asked.

Imprisoning my hand in hers, she placed it on her pussy.

“Caress me,” she said.

I had already kissed girls. I had already felt the contents of a bra. I had already rubbed a firm thigh.

But the virgins with whom I flirted had always prevented my fingers from crossing the ramparts of their panties. Perhaps they had wanted me to insist. But I was still too timid to push their skirts up.

No, I had never touched a single cunt before.

Jackie must have guessed it because she showed me what to do. Separating the lips herself, she made the little clitoris jump out. Then, with the tip of her finger, she began to titillate herself.

'Oh!” she sighed, “oh!.. it's so good… go on… now you…”

My first attempt was crowned with success.

“Darling,” my sister-in-law began to pant. “Oh, darling… yes… like that… you're doing it so well… again… that's good…”

She was delighted with it.

“Oh, yes… slowly… that's marvelous…”

Her eyes closed.

“Tony… put your finger in now… put your finger in my cunt.”

I did as she asked. And, with a determined finger, I began to ram a cunt that was overflowing with juice.

“Ah!” cried Jackie, “ah!.. you're doing it so well… again… deeper… oh! yes… yes… you feel it flowing in me… it's for you… just for you. Harry has never felt it. That cretin doesn't know what he's doing!”

That she had chosen this precise moment to ridicule my brother should have permitted me to reconquer my freedom of choice.

But, my eyes riveted to that pussy and my finger drowning in that whore's cunt, I was incapable of avoiding the logical outcome of my desires.

“Darling!” Jackie suddenly shouted, “darling… suck me…”

She had placed her hands over my cheeks.

I found myself leaning forward with my face buried in between the burning pit of two thighs saturated with moistness. A blonde fur was tickling my nostrils. My mouth was stuck to those thick, wet lips.

I was confused by this position and didn't know what to do. But Jackie was a willing teacher and immediately came to my aid. Again she made her little clitoris burst forth with her skillful fingers.

Then I realized what was expected of me.

I started to lick her with the tip of my tongue. My companion seemed delighted with this initiative.

“Yes, darling… like that… that's delicious… oh!.. oh!.. you're gifted… you've never eaten a girl before, have you?”

I shook my head negatively, without stopping my licking.

“Well, no one can say you're not talented at it… oh!.. I'm going to come…”

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