Danielle and Uncle Armand



I can still see her-sculptured nose and tender mouth, huge eyes drowned in dreams…

I still see her, so pale, so pure, in the white lace billows of her wedding gown.

I was seventeen when that bitch married Harry, my older brother. The couple moved into the same house in which my parents and I lived.

In the beginning, my relations with my sister-in-law were entirely friendly. But gradually Jackie seemed to lose that reserve which had been one of her charms.

She became flirtatious. She would throw me secretive glances that would ignite inside me like firecrackers. And when we were alone, she would always manage to be sitting in some very provocative positions. She would drape herself over the edge of a table or the arm of a chair. She would cross her legs so high that I would have to turn my head away.

But Jackie didn't seem in the least bit embarrassed. She displayed her thighs casually. Sometimes she wouldn't hesitate to pull up her skirt to adjust her stockings in front of me.

And I would feel my heart pounding like someone caught cheating in school.

One day I was in my room, working on some algebra equations, when the door suddenly opened.

“Am I bothering you, Tony?”

Jackie walked right into the room and went over to sit on the edge of the couch. Then, while she slowly consumed a cigarette that she was holding cruelly in her fingers with their long nails, she said she pitied me for being forced to suffer over a math problem on such a beautiful May day.

“I'm certain that you'd prefer to go walking in the woods with a pretty girl…”

There was a gleam in her eyes.

“You must have a lot of admirers, don't you?”

And since I didn't answer:

“It's useless to play modest,” she smiled. “With your pretty face, it makes sense that girls would run after you.”

She let out a deep sigh.

“What a shame you're not older. Otherwise, I assure you that I wouldn't have married your brother.”

Demonstrating an impudence that seemed monstrous to me, she added:

“Yes, with you I would have been happy. I'm certain that you would have known how to make love to me. While that poor Harry…”

She shrugged her shoulders disdainfully.

“Granted, he's very nice to me. He doesn't refuse me anything. But he's such an incapable lover! I guess if I hadn't known pleasure, perhaps I would be content with his clumsy embraces. But before my marriage, I must admit that I received an excellent education…”

It was her Uncle Armand who had given her this education. Her parents had been forced to go to South America for several weeks and Jackie was to stay with her father's brother who lived in a luxurious apartment in Neuilly.

Despite his forty-five years, Armand was a devoted lover.

His svelte appearance, his slightly graying temples, his rapacious expression permitted his great success.

“My child,” he soon said to Jackie, “my worldly obligations force me to go out in the evenings quite often. Since I was afraid you might get bored or not want to be left alone, I have asked a young person who sometimes works as my secretary to watch you.”

With her fawn-colored hair and roguish expression, Margie was one of those girls whom every man feels constrained to proposition.

She and Jackie sympathized with one another. They slept in the same room and shared the same bed.

For a few days, their relations were simply friendly. They had the same playful nature. They understood each other marvelously. At night, they slept side by side, like innocent children.

Having had a great number of affairs, some of which were lesbian, Margie was burning with impatience beside the body that had the attraction of forbidden fruit to her.

Thanks to certain confidences, she knew that Jackie was still a “real” young girl. No man or woman had succeeded in awakening her sensuality. So she was afraid of compromising everything by any regrettable haste. She preferred to deprive herself wisely and then while her friend was sleeping, to be reduced to masturbation.

She managed to be more and more indecent in her behavior. Without seeming to wonder anything about it, Jackie followed the same example. Soon she even dared to undress completely in front of her companion, albeit with innocent immodesty.

Invariably, Margie would then feel desire sliding through her like an insidious poison. A desire which put fire into her veins and arteries and which seemed more and more difficult to resist.

One evening when her friend was hiding nothing of her arrogant nudity, it was impossible for Margie to continue a struggle which was putting her nerves so on edge.

Her eyes had become two incandescent suns and she put her arm around Jackie's waist. Her mouth touched a firm breast whose nipple stood out like the beak of a robin redbreast.

To her great surprise, Armand's niece didn't try to escape the moist contact of her lips which were trembling with impatience.

While her tits rose to the rhythm of her shaky respiration like a rough sea, Jackie even whispered:

“Darling… oh!.. what you're doing is delicious.”

Emboldened by this first success, Margie no longer hesitated.

She insinuated one of her hands between the two thighs which were no longer trying to lock themselves. And her prying index finger took possession of a fragile flower that had not yet been violated.

“My love,” she whispered, “my sweet… my tender… why you're wet…!”

Jackie was already moist with juices.

“You're ready to come, my dear…”

Actually it was enough for her to titillate the still timid little clitoris for Jackie, her eyes closed and her head oscillating from shoulder to shoulder, as soft as a flow of honey.

“Ah!” she sighed. “Ah!.. but what happened? I felt like I was dying… dying of joy…”

“Yes, you're going to die, my angel… but not all alone… I also want to die of happiness.”

Taking her partner's hand, Margie led it to her own cunt.

“My dear… put your finger in and do what I do… yes… again… that's good… go on… oh!.. yes… oh…!”

Quickly pulling herself away from the girl, she pushed her to the bed and made her stretch out. Then, sliding between her thighs, she placed her mouth against the moist pussy which was exhaling its breath of vaginal ecstasy.

Pearls of pleasure immediately dripped onto her tongue as she gluttonously licked the interior of that foamy mound.

Jackie sighed. She writhed like a snake in love. Her fingers folded over the palpitating mound, Margie sucked the stiff clitoris.

Her lips that were swollen with greediness, passionately swallowed that hard tip. And she soon received the frenetic release of that body she had just introduced to pleasure.

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