to force yourself to always act smoothly. Come on, try it…”

A little excited, Jackie followed her uncle's advice.

The fine skin that she alternately raised and lowered uncovered the enormous glans.

“Very good,” said Armand, his eyes half-closed, “that's perfect… you understood what you have to do… Now I'm going to teach you to suck.”

He told her to kneel at his feet. All will anesthetized, Jackie did as he told her.

Breathing an odor of sweating balls, the young girl instinctively opened her mouth.

And, with her trembling tongue, she began to lick the solid root as if it were a candybar.

“For a beginner, that's not bad, my child… but sucking that sugar stick isn't enough. You have to rub me with your mouth.”

He introduced his rod down her throat. Then, his hands placed on his companion's cheeks, he imprinted a coming-and-going movement on her face.

It was easy for Jackie to learn that motion. Obviously she was putting her whole heart into the work, although she still lacked technique. Her lips weren't enclosing the congested glans tightly enough.

In a hurry to come, Armand had to use his finger in order to reach the expected conclusion. It didn't take long.

Not yet knowing that come is one of the most precious of elixirs, the young girl tried to throw her head back. Her uncle prevented her.

Jackie felt a great spurt of semen trickle down her throat.

And it seemed to her that the sperm had a taste of wet grass…


Margie had just appeared in the doorway. She hadn't even bothered to do up her skirt. Jackie could even see the thick fawn-colored fur which was abounding at the fork of her thighs.

“Come in,” Armand told her. “Initiating a young girl is always a delicate mission. Your help would certainly be appreciated.”

Already ready for anything, Jackie let her friend undress her. She didn't even rebel when, sliding between her waist and the elastic of her panties, skillful fingers pushed the fragile material down.

Now she was nothing but a need, a body in a trance, and she didn't try to hide the blonde fur that shaded her pubis behind the screen of her hands.

Trembling with impatience, she even went so far as to stretch across the bed, arms crossed, legs apart.

Armand approached, apparently fascinated by this body with the graceful shape of a girl-flower.

Soon his eyes became riveted on two little breasts, which he could have held completely in the palms of his hands.

Now he seemed incapable of turning his eyes away from the little clitoris, of which the half-opened cunt allowed a little peek, and which was like the tip of a tongue pointing greedily between two fleshy lips.

Margie immediately pulled him away from his contemplation.

She had plunged a hand into his opened fly.

“But you've already made it,” she exclaimed. “And you intended to plunge your cock into this child's pussy without taking the slightest precaution? What impudence!”

Not wanting this deflowering to have sorry consequences for Jackie, she knelt at her companion's feet and began to lick the glans that was still all sticky with sperm.

This skillful maneuver had the double effect of cleaning the prick and of restoring its vigor.

Soon Armand was stiff again, and he leaned over Jackie.

Her senses still exacerbated by the sight of her friend sucking the cock, the young girl seized that dagger which was about to violate her purity.

“Come on!” she said. She offered herself without the least reticence. “Come on!”

There was no fear in her, or even shame, any longer.

She was like a little amorous animal and let herself be carried away blindly by the demands of her sensuality which Margie had awakened in her.

No doubt if this had happened several days earlier, she wouldn't have been so docile. She would probably have tried to resist this carnal tempest.

But Margie had broken the girl's modesty with her hands, which had crushed her body with exasperating caresses, and her mouth, which had gathered the very essence of her desire.

“I'm waiting…”

As her uncle seemed to be hesitating, perhaps feeling some remorse at the prospect of violating the sacred familial laws, she joined her legs above Armand's buttocks.

She made the tip of his cock slip between her little lips. Then she threw herself towards her partner with such force, that his prick went into her box in a single blow.

The preliminaries that Margie had initiated her to had prepared her for the supreme possession marvelously.

Besides, she loved the pain that this merciless rod was causing her. She loved to feel herself impaled on that blade.

The terrible weapon had just penetrated her completely.

All the flesh in her cunt was rammed…


Bleeding… But the acuity of the pain only led the release of her senses to its paroxysm.

“Yes!” she cried, “yes… take me… tear me… break everything… oh!.. oh!.. go on… even if I beg you to stop…”

Armand, who wasn't a savage, didn't want to martyr this little wounded cunt too much.

“Darling… oh!.. no… go on…” Jackie begged. Her uncle had just withdrawn his cock from her bleeding hole. “No… don't leave me…”

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Armand asked. “We have all the time in the world. Now I want to fondle you…”

He kissed her cheeks, her mouth, her neck.

He let his lips wander over a breast that was swollen with sap. With his teeth, he excited a hardened nipple that was as tasty as an exotic fruit.

Then, raising her legs, he examined that devastated pussy whose lips were red with blood.

“The poor little thing,” he said, “it has suffered so much, hasn't it?”

“It doesn't matter,” moaned Jackie. “You have made it so happy.”

“And I'm going to make it come again, my angel…”


He sucked her cunt dripping with moisture. He swallowed everything that was flowing from the pot.

And while he enjoyed himself like the refined gourmet that he was, Margie caressed him with a feverish hand.

Armand suddenly seemed to remember the other young woman's presence.

“What egoists we are,” he said to his niece. “Doesn't it seem unjust to you that our friend has been reduced to the role of a spectator?”

Seizing her by the waist, he stretched Margie out beside Jackie. Then, while beginning to suck Jackie again, he plunged his fingers into the other girl's cunt.

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