The two damsels began to sigh and pant.

With his agile tongue and probing fingers, Armand released the pleasure of those exasperated pussies simultaneously.

“Ah,” cried Jackie, “Uncle… you're making me so happy…”

“Ooh!” screamed Margie, “you're doing it so well… ooh!”

It was a charming duo.

Now Armand stretched out next to his niece. He was turned toward Jackie and he put his thighs under those of the young girl. His prick was pointed towards her little slit.

Margie was participating actively in these games and knelt over her girl friend's face. Jackie could see the other girl's mound, abundantly garnished with its incendiary fur, and the gaping depths of a gluttonous cunt ready to devour everything like a carnivorous plant.

That cunt she loved to devour so much.

She caressed the clitoris. Breathing the bitter exhalation of the wonderful vaginal juice, she stuck her tongue into that adored cunt.

“Darling,” cooed her companion. “Oh, darling… yes… I love you… how I love you… your tongue is delicious… I feel it inside me…”

While she let herself be sucked, Margie, her face at the height of her friend's cunt, separated the little lips that were still all congested. Then, seizing Armand's cock, she guided it to the inside of the cunt.

With violent blows, the libertine uncle began to ram the consenting pussy.

During this time, Margie was titillating Jackie's clitoris with her finger. Jackie continued to lick her friend's box with her greedy tongue.

These variations, these positions, this multiplicity of approaches infinitely augmented their delights.

Suddenly, they were all overcome with pleasure. And, for their feverish brains, their oversensitive nerves, their exhausted bodies, it was a total release.

Jackie would have liked Armand and his friend never to cease guiding her toward all the horizons of vice. How she would have followed them!

She would have liked to successively caress a proud cock, masturbate a tender cunt, suck a furiously erect prick, and lick a drooling pussy. She would have liked to soak in come for hours.

Alas! Margie was soon forced to go to the bedside of a seriously ill aunt. Jackie bitterly regretting having to leave her girl friend. Fortunately, Armand was there to console her. Almost every evening he joined her in her room. And he continued her education that had begun so well.

One night he assured her that it was time for her to give him the gift of her second virginity. Jackie was already willing to give this gift.

Her uncle asked her to stretch out on her right side with her buttocks turned toward him.

At first he caressed her little hole. This only increased the impatience Jackie felt to know the still mysterious joys and she cried:

“Come on, darling!.. I want your cock now… your cock… it will make me come.”

Having spit a little saliva into the palm of his hand, Armand moistened the top of his tool. Then, parting her buttocks, he slowly introduced the glans.

Jackie was so receptive to all the forms of pleasure that this laborious progression was filled with ever increasing joys.

Lifting his companion's leg with his raised knee, Armand energetically masturbated her cunt while pushing his weapon farther and farther into the living furnace of her little asshole. Then he began to pump furiously.

With her cunt being caressed and her ass possessed, Jackie attained the ultimate in joy.

“Darling!” she cried, “darling!.. come!.. empty your balls inside me… You may…!”

For the first time, Armand, still being cautious, no longer had any need to resist her demands. He came.

“Aah… darling… you're discharging… you're filling me…”

His come spurted so hard into her intestines that Jackie even thought she could taste it in her mouth.


“By the time my parents came back to France,” said Jackie, “my uncle had had enough time to perfect my education.”

The slut!

She had just given me these confidences without the slightest display of shame. The fact that I was her brother-in-law didn't disturb her in the least.

On the contrary. During this recitation, she had watched me carefully to see my reaction.

My embarrassment, while she was telling me all these obscenities, must have amused her. Was this the girl that Harry had just married?

“Of course,” she said, “during my engagement, I pretended to be a virgin. I had to, didn't I? I wanted to be married, to be free, to escape a familial control that was getting worse and worse. Therefore, it was very important that Harry should think I was a very chaste girl. But I hoped that on our wedding night, he would be in a hurry to give me those pleasures that Armand had permitted me to discover.”

She sighed deeply.

“Poor Harry… he was so pitiful… I even wonder if he ever had any affairs before he married me.”

She came over to me. Still sitting in front of my desk on which my algebra books lay opened, I was finding it very difficult to control my indignation. My seventeen years were rebelling against so much cynicism and so much depravity.

“From our wedding night,” she said, “I knew that it would be impossible for me to love your brother.”

Not sparing me the slightest detail, she revealed everything about her terrible deception:

“As soon as we were in the room, Harry acted like a brute. I had hoped he would help me undress, which would have permitted me to seek the caresses I needed so badly, those caresses without which lovemaking loses all its savor, those caresses to which Margie and Armand had so accustomed me…”

She shook her head sadly.

“Having been initiated by refined people, I suddenly found myself faced with a savage. You can guess my misery…”

Harry had let her go into the bathroom where she removed her clothes. When she came back into the room, the lace of her pale green nightgown caressed the top of her thighs and Harry, entirely naked, was standing immobile in the middle of the room. His cock standing out like an iron sword, he was awaiting his young wife like a wild animal ready to leap on his prey.

Without having uttered a single word, he threw himself on her, emitting a sort of growl.

The bestial expression which filled his features frightened Jackie to such a degree that she tried to push her husband away. But, lifting her in his arms, Harry threw her on the bed. Then, before his young wife had time to regain her equilibrium, he rolled above her, seizing her by the buttocks, parting her thighs with his bony knee.

“That imbecile was in such a hurry,” she said, “that he didn't even notice that I wasn't a virgin. As soon as I felt him inside me, he discharged. Then, satisfied with his exploit, he rolled over and fell asleep. Since then he has always acted like an idiot. It's only by sheer force that I submit to him. I've never had any pleasure with him. I've even thought of leaving him. You alone held me back…”

Her voice became heavier.

“Yes, if I stay, it's with the hope that you will compensate for the mediocrity of that monster with your ardor.”

She leaned toward me. A disturbing flame was burning deep in her eyes.

“I want you… want to love you… want to cry with joy in your arms. I will teach you to caress me, to suck me, to fuck me… you will be a gifted student. I'm certain of it. Above all, don't be afraid that your brother will suspect

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