Jack Yeovil

Krokodil Tears

Dark Future 2


KNOWN ALIASES: Jazzbeaux, Red Jesse, Juicer, J'Am, Minnie Molotov, others

DATE OF BIRTH: November 15th, 1978

PLACE OF BIRTH: Denver NoGo, Colorado

SEX: Fem

RACE: Cauc.

STATUS: Single, juvie

HEIGHT: 5'4'

EYES: Green

HAIR: Black

BIO-IMPLANTS: Four red metal stars inset in subject's knuckles.

DIST. MARKS: Teardrop mole under left eye. Faint but numerous scars across back. Subject denies she has been beaten, but her case worker (Ref: DOUANIER, LYNN Dept. of Child Welfare) reports that subject's father (see: BONNEY, BRUNO) has been issued with three prior warnings, re: child abuse. My conclusion is that the father regularly chastised the subject with a rod or a cane.

OFFICER'S REMARKS: Majorette type, but dresses like Morticia Adams. Cleaned-up, could pass for Rosanna Arquette.


CLOTHING AT TIME OF ARREST: black fishnet tights (ragged), black pseudoleather skirt, black pseudoleather waistcoat, black pseudoleather boots, one black suede glove (with talons), copper chain-link belt, bra and underpants, long scarf (weighted at one end, i.e.: cross-ref under WEAPONS).

PERSONAL POSSESSIONS AT TIME OF ARREST: Black pseudoleather handbag, $765.84 in bills and coins, sundry items of correspondence, vial of pills (as yet unidentified), powder compact, hyposqueeze and two cartridges of smack-synth, three lipsticks (black, blue, red), pocket calculator, issue of Moscow Beat magazine, badge of tri-D likeness of Petya Tcherkassoff, hammer-and-sickle earrings (cross-ref under WEAPONS?), credit cards (American Express, Disneycard, MasterGrab), five ampoules of morph-plus, Walkman glasses (with five Soviet-import musichips), N-R-Gee candy, diary (locked), dampraguettes, clippings from Guns and Killing magazine.

WEAPONS AT TIME OF ARREST: 27 loose rounds of .44 ScumStopper ammunition (subject had no gun A.T.O.A), straight razor, stiletto in ankle-holster, Swiss Army nunchaka, filed-sharp fetish bracelets.

OFFICER'S REMARKS: subject's clothing and possessions turned over to the care of the matron, weapons given in to custody of the court.



KNOWN RELATIVES: Bonney, Bruno (father), deceased. Bonney, Robyn is the name under 'mother' on her birth certificate, but no such individual is traceable.

KNOWN CRIMINAL ASSOCIATES: Jean, Andrew (member of Psychopomps gangcult); Threadneedle, Simon (biosurgeon); Kristaldo, Gaspar (pimp, drug dealer, assassin-for-hire).

KNOWN CRIMINAL AFFILIATIONS: The Psychopomps, Denver Chapter. Subject holds rank of a Provisional War Chief in the Psychopomps' Junior League Cadre.

OCCUPATION: High school student. Subject's counsellor (Ref; WESLEY, SANDRA JEANE, Barry Goldwater High) cannot recall ever seeing her on the premises.


PREVIOUS ARRESTS: possession and sale of controlled substances, possession and use of a deadly weapon, assault with intent to commit serious injury, grand theft auto, being in charge of a vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance, destruction of state property, contributing to the deliquency of a minor, driving without due c and a, conspiracy to solicit prostitution, taking part in an illegal sporting event.

PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS: Taking part in an illegal sporting event (she's a warehouse gladiatrix), destruction of state property.



CHARGE: Homicide

SITE OF ARREST: The Baboushka Beat Nite Klub, Intersection Peebles Drive and 124th Street.

ARRESTING OFFICER: Patrolman L. J. Leonowens (Patrolwoman L. G. Tuttle, Civilian Auxiliary, P. T. Garratt, assisting).

COMPLAINANT: State, on behalf of the deceased (BONNEY, BRUNO).

OFFICER'S REMARKS: Subject will not serve time on this one. No one reading this report or attending subsequent trial will have any doubts as to the facts of the case, and it is my opinion that subject will, repeat, WILL re-offend. But Jessamyn Amanda Bonney is thirteen years old, and Bruno Bonney was slime wrapped up in a human skin. The judge will give her a medal and a lollipop, the Provisional War Chief will become a ward of the State, and she will be back out on the streets. This situation will obtain until November 15th 1996, when subject will reach her majority and cease to be the concern of this agency, wherupon I recommend her file be turned over to all major law enforcement operations in the South-West.

Signed, sincerely yours,

Lucius J. Leonowens.

Report filed with Bruyce-Hoare Central 27-9-91.

Fax print-out copies

cc: DOUANIER, LYNN (Dept. Child Welfare),

WESLEY. SANDRA JEANE (Barry Goldwater High),

RODRIGUEZ, HOLM (Dept. Corrections),

BERGER, HAMILTON (District Attorney's Office),

CLUTE, JOHN QUINCY (Medical Examiner),

PRINGLE, DAVID (United Press International).



Dying is easy, as her old man used to say, it's the coming back that's hard.

Inside her head, there was darkness. A red darkness. She was sinking slowly into it. Her optic implant was dangling useless on her cheek, her durium skull platelocks were bent uncomfortably inside her head. That wasn't supposed to happen. They were under guarantee. Doc Threadneedle had used only the best scav medtech from the Thalamus Corp.

There were dead people in the road with her. The Feelgood Saloon was burning, and there were overturned ve-hickles all around. The whole town was going up in flames.

All you need to be a freedom fighter, Petya Tcherkassoff sang on his 'The World We

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