Составитель Павел Крючков


This issue publishes the novel by Maria Galina “Malaya Glusha” (Small Glusha), the short stories “The Peter’s Penance” by Grigory Petrov and “The Oblivion Water” by Vladimir Tuchkov. Also the short story by Tanya Malyarchuk “I and my Holy Cow” (translated from Ukrainian by Elena Marinicheva). The poetry section of this issue is composed of the new poems by Evgeny Karasyov, Danil Faуzov, Galina Gamper and Vadim Muratkhanov.

The sectional offerings are following:

New translations: The youthful poetry by Jack London in the translations of Maria Lukashkina.

Close and Distant: The essay by Dmitry Shevarov “The Nest. Rereading Sergey Aksakov”, the essay by archpriest Michail Ardov “The Gleam of the Silver Age” dedicated to the writer Sergey Durylin and also the publication of essayistic prose by Sergey Durylin “Roaming the hillocks on the deaf-and-dumb days…”.

Comments: The article by Alla Latynina “The Parable in the War Camouflage” dedicated to the novel by Vladimir Makanin “Asan”.

Literary Critique: The Article by Igor Savelyev “This Prose is a Live Organism” dedicated to the war short stories by Aleksander Solzhenitzyn.

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