The Crozier Pharohs

Gladys Mitchell

Bradley 66

A 3S digital back-up edition 1.0

click for scan notes and proofing history


chapter 1: mainly for dog-fanciers

chapter 2: eccentric patient

chapter 3: a thief in the dog- watches

chapter 4: dead in the river

chapter 5: theories and speculations

chapter 6: the poacher’s story

chapter 7: trouble at crozier lodge

chapter 8: kennel-maid

chapter 9: poacher and doctor

chapter 10: dead in the valley

chapter 11: scalpels

chapter 12: information from crozier lodge

chapter 13: brother and sister

chapter 14: full marks for artistic impression

chapter 15: watersmeet again

chapter 16: exhumations

chapter 17: judgement suspended

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