Sue leaped off the couch, thinking that if she could get to her and Doug's bedroom and lock herself inside, she would be safe. Hub was drunk and horny, half out of his skull, but surely he wouldn't break down a locked door to get at her, Sue reasoned.

Perhaps he wouldn't have, if she had got to her room, only she didn't make it to there. He caught her by the wrist and flung her back down onto the couch.

'OhdearGod!' she yelped, springing back up, her eyes wide with terror.

She tried to dash past him but he caught her again. This time instead of flinging her back onto the couch, he wrestled her down onto it. His lust-twisted visage loomed menacingly above her. She clamped shut her legs but he wedged his knees between hers and pried them apart.

'No! Stop it! Don't, Hub! No, goddamn it, NO!' she wailed, reaching down between her legs, clapping both hands over her pussy in a desperate attempt to protect it.

Hub's eyes were glassy now. He was snorting like a bull. As if she had no strength at all, he grabbed her wrists, jerked up her arms and pinned her hands to the couch cushion beside her shoulders.

'Turn me loose!' she whined piteously, thrashing about in a frantic effort to avoid being penetrated by him. 'Don't rape me! Please don't rape me!'

When she felt the feverish glans of his massive organ brushing the insides of her thighs, Sue panicked. Her heart skipped a beat and then began pounding wildly against her heaving rib cage. The soles of her bare feet shoved down at the couch. She hurled herself upward, attempting to arch her back and buck him off her. Again and again she tried, but she couldn't budge him. Whereas Sue was only five foot four, 118 pounds of soft and curvaceous femininity, Hub stood over six feet tall and was 220 pounds of solid muscle. When Sue fell back winded and weak, all her frenzied struggling had bought her was another moment of purity.

Adding insult to injury, he laughed at her and told her she was a silly little bitch. Sue burst into tears. She'd never felt so helpless and humiliated in all her life. In a last-ditch effort to free herself, she instinctively lunged at his hairy forearm and sank her teeth into it, trying to bite a hunk out of him.

He howled with the pain of it. Her teeth had broken the skin. She could taste his blood. Instead of deterring him, however, this turned him into even more of an animal. He squeezed her wrists so hard that Sue feared he might pinch her hands right off her arms. She could feel the gristly head of his rampant erection poking erratically at her groin, trying to bore its own hole since it couldn't locate the one nature had put there.

Then the blind eye of his demanding member found its target. She whimpered. Her teeth lost their grip on his bleeding forearm as she felt the stretching pain of the in-boring knob. He worked about twothirds of the huge cockhead into her too small gap and then he hunched her brutally, plunging the rest of his over-sized phallus into her with one viciously impaling lunge.

'AARGH!' Sue screamed, her mouth flying open and her head falling back.


'Serves you right!' he hissed, fucking into her hard and fast from the very start. 'You brought the blood! Goddamn you, I'll teach you to bite me like that!'

He powered the pole to her. His hairy buttocks jerked spastically up and down, as if he meant to pound a hole through the small of her back with the hard peen of his punishing hammer.

'Let up!' she gasped, wincing, cringing, making fists. 'Oh, please, please… not so hard! You're ki-killing me!'

There was no mercy in him. A hard prick has no conscience, and besides, he wanted to hurt her to pay her back for biting him. He was drunk and horny enough not to give a damn about the consequences of forcing his lustful attentions on his pretty young stepdaughter-in-law. She had a tight, hot little cunt on her. Now that he was into her, he wouldn't be coming out until he'd emptied that big rusty load from his aching balls into the very depths of her heaving belly.

Sue's head snapped from side to side. She bit her lip. Her fingernails dug into her palms as she made tight fists against the pain and indignity of this vulgar sexual assault upon her innocent body. How could he abuse her this way? Her own husband's stepfather! If he didn't kill her with his penis, she was sure she would die from the shame of it.

And then, much to Sue's dismay, the terrible pain of being penetrated by so formidable a weapon ebbed swiftly away. He was still hurting her, only now it was starting to hurt good!

'Oh, nooh,' she wailed, trying to deny the bursts of pleasure that his incessantly stabbing rod sent rippling up her spine.

It was no use. The unwanted pleasure was every bit as real as the pain it was crowding out of her violated loins, and it was mushrooming rapidly. Instead of cringing, as it had at first, her well-rounded bottom began squirming sensually now. She tried to lie still – telling herself she was being raped and there was nothing she could do about it – but lying still soon became a physical impossibility. Her Judas loins began undulating.

'Getting good to you, is it?' he slurred.

Sue gritted her teeth. She squinted shut her eyes and shook her head no. But it was getting good to her. Not only was he taking her against her will, he was making her like it, too! Sue didn't dare let him know it. Admitting it to herself was bad enough, for this betrayal by her body made her feel so cheap and dirty that she wished she could die.

He guffawed and kept right on riding her like a stallion stud-servicing an unwilling broodmare. Her facial expression changed and, a moment later, her eyelids blinked open reluctantly. She gazed up at him through eyes that were turning as glassy as his.

'You know you've got a cock in you… don't you, Suzy baby?'

She nodded dumbly. The room seemed to be revolving luridly around her.

It was difficult for her to breathe. Her desire was taking her over, wresting control of her feverish body away from her numbed mind. The muscles in her legs were twitching. She wanted to scream. Her hips were lifting toward him and she couldn't stop them.

'Your twat's getting nice and juicy now,' he said. 'That's it, throw it up to me. Go on. Oh, yeah, yeah! Tell me you don't like it now!'

'You bastard,' she hissed, as she gave in to the overwhelming urge and started humping it up to him. 'You dirty, no-good heel!'

'Getting to you, am I? Yeah, I can tell I am, so you might as well admit it. Come on, admit it. You don't have to say anything, just grunt like the sexy pig you are.

'Don't talk to me that way,' she sobbed, shedding bitter tears of shame and guilt even as she coiled her legs around his and started working with him. 'I can't help myself! I can't, I can't! Oh, Lord Jesus, whawhat are you doing to me?!'

'Fucking you, he chortled. 'And you like it, too!'

'Yes, yes,' she panted, forcing her feet in under his shins so she could use his legs for leverage. 'God help me, because I do like it!

Ooooh… rape me… rape me harder!'

Sue was responding to Hub as she'd never responded to her own loving husband. Partly this was due to the wicked charge she was now experiencing over being taken forcibly, but mostly it was due to the way Hub was ravishing her. Doug had always been gentle with her because he respected and loved her. When Doug made love to her, he did so sweetly and tenderly. This was an entirely different brand of sex from what Sue was used to with her husband. Hub was a brute. He was treating her like a slut, ramming that huge dong of his roughly in and out of her with callous disregard for her as a person. Whereas Doug always tried to please her and invariably failed, his drunken stepfather was only out to please himself and, ironically, he was turning her on like crazy. His coarse masculinity struck the dormant cord of her submissive female nature. It was as if he'd awakened a hidden part of her personality that she'd never known existed until this moment.

'Oh, God,' she moaned, matching him stroke for stroke. 'I love it… your big fat dick! Ohhh! Mmmm! Oh, do it, daddy… fuck me good!'

She nuzzled her face into the sweaty crook of his neck, her lips going, Smack, smack, smack! as she kissed

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