his neck passionately. When he released her wrists, instead of trying to hit him or scratch him as she would've only brief moments earlier, she flung her arms around his hairy torso and hugged him to her as if she thought he was the dearest thing in all the world.

'I had your number all along, didn't I, you little tramp?' he rasped, banging away at her.

Sue tried to tell him that he had her all wrong, that she'd been a virgin bride and had remained faithful to Doug until this very afternoon, but he wouldn't believe her. He called her a lying little whore and accused her of all sorts of marital indiscretions. She gave up tying to convince him otherwise. Let him think what he wanted, was her passion-fogged reasoning, because his massive organ felt wonderful plowing into her and that was all she really cared about at the moment.

'Ohh, ohh, ohh,' Sue chanted, as the rutting slam continued.

The springs in the couch were squeaking and popping.

'Shake it, Suzy baby! Shake that hot ass!'

His vulgar remarks egged her on. This was raw and primitive sex. They were going at it like a couple of wild animals, their perspirationsheened abdomens clapping together wetly in mid-air. Sue had never been so hot in all her life. If Doug had walked in the door right then, she couldn't have stopped.

'You're a hunk of fuckstuff,' Hub hissed. 'And that's all you are! Just a cheating, cock-crazy tart!'

'Fuck me, you studhorse bastard,' she pleaded, hunching up to him, raking his buttocks with her fingernails. 'Just shut up and… ooouuuu… fuck me! Harder! Faster! Oh, Lord, it's good… soo good! Stuff it up me! Oh, you brute… darling man… go, go..

. ram me… rip me… call me dirty names if you must… only don't stop screwing me! Oh, daddy, daddy… hump it tooo me!'

He had her juices flowing, and his thick prick had her hairy hole plugged up too tight for her slippery secretions to dribble out. They built up inside her until they could be heard sloshing around in her vagina. Her steaming pussy started making lascivious squishing and sucking noises around his driving dong. They were both sweating and panting. His big hairy testicles whacked her in the rump repeatedly, making lewd splats as they slapped rapid-fire into her asscrack.

Sue thought she might lose her mind and didn't much give a hoot if she did. She'd never had such a long, rough hosing as this, not to mention the larger size of the hose being socked up her. Doug would've already gone off by now, leaving her hanging as he always did, but Hub was still going strong. Sue could feel an orgasm building within her. She'd read what it was like but had never had one herself, so she wanted it desperately. Even if it was only half as good as it felt like it might be, it would be marvelous! She had to have it, just this once, because she feared she might never get this close to one again.

'Hurry, hurry,' she cried, bucking her greedy cunt up to him as she tugged at his butt to help him screw into her all the harder and faster. He couldn't go deeper; the head of his pistoning prong was already banging against the neck of her uterus, making that pear-shaped organ of femininity bob up and down like a cork on a wind-swept lake.

'I think I'm… going to come! God, I want to… how I want to!

Push me! Push me over! Oh, God… yes… YES!'

Hub was close, too. His balls had already drawn up against his body.

They were quivering with the need to release their burdensome load. He poured on the coals. Sue stayed right with him. Nothing could hold her back now. This was the most exciting moment of her life. She was going to make it this time. For another frantic few seconds, they screwed like mad with the springs of the couch squawking raspingly beneath their wildly bucking bodies.

Then Sue lost the cadence. Her body went rigid and bowed upward. Hub drove her lovely rump back down onto the couch and kept cramming the meat to her. She whimpered mournfully and began shaking all over. This was just the beginning of her climax, the preorgasmic tightenings that pulled deliciously at her blood-congested loins.

'WWWHHHAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!' she screamed, throwing back her head and digging her fingernails into his muscular asscheeks when the full force of her first-ever orgasm washed over her like a surging tidal wave of a tropical sea.

She had jerked him into her right up to his tight nuts, and he had no desire to back away. Her snug sheath clamped down around his fully inserted prick, squeezing it like a velvety vise.

'Jesus,' he rasped, letting the pleasure of it bathe over him, for her little blond box was not only tight and steaming hot; now that she was coming it had turned into one of those rarest and most sought-after cunts – a snapping pussy! The involuntary contractions of her sex muscles caused her silky vagina to clutch spasmodically at his dong. It was as if she were milking the sperm up from his quivering balls.

'UUNNN,' he groaned, and then, gruntingly, 'UNG, UNG, UNG!'

With every jangling nerve in her keyed-up body Sue could feel the twitching of his dick and the big sticky hot jets of ejaculate he was spurting up into her belly. It was gushing out of him under terrific pressure, actually splatting against the tender mouth of her womb. Lost in the carnal rapture of the orgasmic moment, Sue dimly recalled without really caring that the doctor hadn't put her on the Pill yet.




He emptied his balls in her, both of them shuddering ecstatically, with Sue sobbing brokenly while he grunted groaningly in the age-old fashion of the male planting his seed.

The coming was fantastic but all too brief. Afterward Sue felt dirty and degraded. As the heat of her insane passion ebbed away, she slipped into a state of mild shock that befuddled her mind and turned her body numb.

'Let me up,' she said dully.

'It hasn't gone soft yet,' he said. 'Let me catch my breath… and we'll have another go at it.'

'Let me up,' she repeated tonelessly.

'Why? What's the rush?'

'I'm afraid you might've knocked me up. You didn't wear a rubber.'

'Oh, my God,' he groaned. 'I thought you were on the Pill!'

'The doctor said he would prescribe it, but he hasn't yet. I go for an examination tomorrow. He said he'd tell me then if it was all right for Doug and me to start having marital relations again.'

'You mean… this is the first time… since you got out of the hospital?'

Sue nodded like a robot.

'Why didn't you TELL ME?' he yelled.

'Would it have made any difference if I had? Would you have believed 'A lying little whore?' I believe that's what you called me, isn't it, when I tried to tell you you were ruining a decent wife?'

'You mean… I really am the only other man besides Doug? Oh, good Christ, what have I done?!'

'You've raped me, that's what you've done. Now kindly pull your filthy dick out of me and let me up so I can go take a douche.'

Hub couldn't back his wilting penis out of her fast enough. He seemed considerably more sober now, and was getting nervous as he realized the full extent of his criminal act. 'Wait a minute now,' he said as he helped Sue up. 'I'll admit I manhandled you a little bit, maybe more than I should have, but you got half the fun and all the gravy, honey, so get off that rape shit, huh?'

'You… raped… me. Raped me. RAPED ME!'

'All right,' he, gulped, sweating blood. 'I guess maybe I did, sort of, but I didn't mean it that way, damn it! I'm sorry. Do you hear me? I'm sorry!'

'Not half as sorry as you're going to be, you uncouth sonofabitch,' she mumbled, picking up her clothes.

'Huh? What did you say? Hey, listen, you're not really going to tell Doug about this, are you?'

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