Doc Tesch

Her Sensuous Search


Chapter 1

Mrs. Sue Fletcher was napping on the couch, so she didn't hear the large man enter the house through the kitchen door. He was feeling her up before she realized her privacy had been invaded. When her eyes fluttered open, he was leaning over her. He had a big work-callused hand between her legs and was cupping her crotch.

'About time you woke up, Sleeping Beauty,' he slurred, leering down at her with an obscene expression on his beard-stubbled face. His hot breath fairly reeked with whiskey.

'Ohmygod!' Sue gasped.

It was a warm spring day. Housework had made her hot and sweaty so, being alone, she had stripped down to her sheer nylon panties before lying down to rest. Out of modesty and fear, she attempted to cover her exposed breasts with her hands. Instinctively trying to protect her virtue, the young bride clamped shut her long, shapely legs. This only trapped the man's brazen hand between her creamy thighs and locked it tighter against her scantily clad groin.

'What are you doing here,' she yelped, 'at this ti-time of the day?'

'Feeling your cunt, you sexy little wench,' he said, increasing the pressure until she could feel the tips of his lewdly probing fingers stuffing the narrow strip of nylon into her crack.

'You're drunk!' she accused, forgetting her tits as she grabbed his muscular forearm and shoved futilely at it with all her might, which wasn't much because she was recuperating from a miscarriage and was still rather weak.

'Guess I am a little under the influence,' he admitted, keeping at her.

'Finished that remodeling job ahead of schedule. Me and the boys had a few to celebrate. Want some pussy now. Some of your pussy, Suzy baby.

Open them legs and let old Hub pet that pretty little muff.'

'No, Hub, don't,' she whined, trying to reason with him. He was her stepfather-in-law. Her husband's mother was dead. She and Doug had moved in with his stepdad because Doug was attending college on the G.I. Bill and Sue had had to quit her job due to pregnancy. Hub had agreed to give the room and board in return for Sue's housekeeping services. 'You mustn't treat me this way, Hub!'

He hooked his powerful fingers under the secretion band of her nylon panties and yanked them down to her knees.

'Hub, no! Please! What's come over you? I'm your daughter-in-law! Your son's wife!'

'My stepson's wife,' he corrected, whisking her underpants on down her legs and tugging them off over her flailing feet. 'There's no blood relation between Doug and me. Wouldn't bother me none right now even if there was. Hot damn, just look at you. Only nineteen and pretty as they come. You're real tender stuff, Suzy baby. Come on now, be good to me.

I ain't had no teen-age twat in years and years.'

He flung away her panties, leaving her completely naked. She was still groggy from her nap, sort of dazed and confused. This sordid happening didn't seem real. Even as he pried her legs apart and started fondling her privates flesh to flesh, she still couldn't believe that her husband's stepfather would actually treat her in such a grossly vulgar manner. Oh, she knew he'd been lusting after her, all right, from the way she'd caught him looking at her when he thought no one noticed, but she'd never dreamed he would ever really try anything with her.

'Hub, you'd better stop it,' she warned him icily. 'I'll tell Doug.'

'Think I give a crap?' he hooted, grinning lewdly as he held her down and probed the end of his thick middle finger into the moist warmth of her furry slot. 'Tell him. If he don't like it, the two of you can move to hell out.'

'Ooooh,' she whimpered, as his knobby-knuckled finger embedded itself into her defenseless vagina. 'Hub, you… you know we can't move out. We're broke, and we've got all those medical bills to pay!'

She could tell by his lecherous expression that pleading would do no good. Struggling didn't, either. Hub was a big, rough-cut man, sixfoot-two, with the strength of a bull. He was a contractor who'd worked with his hands all his life. He could toss sacks of cement around like they weighed nothing.

When Sue slapped him in desperation, he slapped her back and then imprisoned both her wrists in one of his hamlike hands. There was nothing she could do but lie there and let him abuse her. Tears of shame and humiliation overflowed her eyes as he held her helpless and stroked his knobby finger in and out of the feminine slit between her legs.

'Oh, please, Hub… nooh… please don't,' she begged, blinking piteously up at him. 'Leave me alone, damn it!'

'You've paraded that cute little ass in front of me once too often, baby. The teasing's over. It's time to pay up.'

'I never teased you!' she wailed, attempting to scoot up and disimpale herself from his passion-provoking finger. She had to get free of it, because his indecent manipulations were getting to her against her will.

'Bullshit, you never teased me,' he barked. 'How about all the times you've sashayed around in them shortie nightgowns, switching your bottom and rolling them baby-blue eyes my way?'

'I-I…' her voice trailed off. She couldn't deny his accusation.

Her only defense was a plaintive whine of, 'I just didn't th-think. I never did it to tease you. I didn't, I didn't! Honest, I didn't!'

'The devil you didn't. Maybe you didn't realize how you were affecting me, but I think you did. No matter now. You've got my tongue hanging out, whether you meant to do it or not, you little cock-teaser, and I mean to cut me a piece of you, here and now!'

'But Doug!'

'Piss on Doug!'

In addition to finger-fucking her, he leaned over and orally engulfed one of her tender pink nipples. His lips tightened around the tumescent aureole and he sucked down hard, scrubbing the sensitive nipple itself with the roughened upper surface of his tongue. The wet heat of his hungrily suctioning mouth sent an unwanted thrill arching through her.

'Ooooh… oh, nooh,' she pleaded, thrashing about in a desperate attempt to break free.

It was no use. Her strength didn't compare to his. He overpowered her and held her defenseless as he went from one erogenous coral cone to the other, pleasuring them with his mouth while his thick finger jabbed incessantly within her responsively secreting gap.

Sue couldn't help responding. She didn't want to be unfaithful to Doug, but his stepfather was working her up against her will. He had her panting for breath. He was making her pussy juicy and slick. When he had her good and hot, he stood up and dropped his pants and shorts.

'Take a look at it, Suzy,' He skinned back his huge prick and brandished it at her. 'You ever had a prong this size, little girl?'

'No, never,' she gasped. She'd been a virgin bride. Her husband's was the only peter she'd had, and Doug's was puny compared to his stepdad's. Hub's was half again as long and nearly twice as big around.

Sue couldn't take her shocked eyes off it. 'You're hung like a… like a horse!'

'Yeah, heh, heh, and you want it too, don't you? Crammed right up into that hot little belly of yours.'

'Oh, no,' she whined, shaking her head. 'Oh, Jesus, no!'

'Well, that's tough shit, cock-teaser, because you're gonna get it anyway,' he growled, stepping out of his pants and shorts and kicking them across the floor.

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