Marianne's, I get an inferiority complex. All I've got is a handful.'

'Two handfuls,' he corrected, grasping each of the creamy apples of flesh and squeezing them firmly. 'And a couple of mouthfuls left over.'

He proved it by ducking his head to her chest and sucking strongly at one of the ripe, stiff buds of her nipples. He did so until he brought a deep, shivery moan from the depths of her throat. Then he politely gave the opposing crest the same attention.

Squeezing and kneading and sucking, he worked the provocative mounds of his teen-age sister's tits. He kept at it, fully enjoying himself, until he felt her knees tremble, threatening to collapse under her.

Then with one last kiss to each of her pink-blushed nipples, he relinquished his hold on her breasts. He lifted her supple, naked body in his arms and carried the girl into the bedroom, depositing her atop the bed.

'I'm aflood inside,' the supine beauty sighed, lolling around, her thighs opening in a lewd invitation. 'I want to feel my brother's cock up me. I want him to fuck me with that beautiful pussy pleaser.'

Sliding atop the sleek curves of her young body, he skewered the swollen bludgeon of his prick into the wanton gash of his sister's young cunt. She grunted beneath the sudden, deep penetration of her body. But her pelvis arched up, sleeving every inch of his rigid shaft in the liquid warmth of her pussy.

'Damn!' The young girl writhed, impaled on the unyielding length of his cock. 'I've been wanting to feel this ever since you left. Big Brother, ball the hell out of your little sister. Fuck her-hard and fast!'

Immediately, his hips responded. He wrenched up, sliding from the tight pocket of pleasure softly surrounding his inflamed cock. He lurched, spearing downward, back into the hot, yielding interior.

'Yesssss,' her passionate urgency hissed from between her clenched teeth. 'There's no man like my brother. No one who knows how to fuck me like my brother!'

In and down, he slammed in deep-grinding strokes. Recklessly he threw himself into the squeezing socket of her cunt. He reamed and drilled the channel of her young lust. He fucked and hunched, whipping her into a frenzy of erotic need.

She writhed and squirmed beneath his fleshy onslaught. Her hips, pumping with zealous vigor, matched him stroke for stroke. Lust and love blended into one. Their bodies melted in carnal union.

It didn't take long for her wild fervored delirium of need to soar to its exploding peak. She wanted him and was ready to give herself. As she came, crying out the full strength of her climax, he realized she must have been thinking about this moment during her bus trip, titillating herself with the thought of her brother riding her willing body.

He wanted to extend the pleasure of this moment, but his own need was too compelling. He came. His cock, rammed deeply into the enveloping folds of her tight pussy, blasted out fountain after fountain of thick, hot semen.

He filled her, drenching his sister's cunt with a flood of her brother's seed. The quivering contractions of her vaginal channel milked at him, drawing out each steaming drop of his lust. His spent prick finally slithered from the slippery tunnel of her sated quim.

When he rolled from her satisfied body, she nestled into the hollow of his shoulder, her lips kissing at his neck and chest in gratitude. Then after a moment or two, he heard her breathing soften to the shallow, peaceful breaths of sleep.

'It's been a long day for you little sister,' he whispered, lightly kissing her closed eyes. 'And for your brother.'

Holding her closely, he allowed his eyelids to close. In another moment, he joined his sister in the restful oblivion of sleep.

Chapter 3

He was curled against Cari's nakedness when he awoke. She felt warm and smooth; they fitted against each other like two spoons nestled together.

Chance didn't want to move, but the sunlight beaming in through an irritating separation in the drapes made it necessary. His eyes couldn't take the bright rays.

He rolled to his back, closing his eyes and trying to drift into sleep again. After all, it was Saturday morning, and Saturday mornings were made for sleeping late.

It was no good. He was wide awake. He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling, tracing the stucco swirl patterns there.

As much as he loved his sister, and as glad as he was to see her, Cari's being here was bothering him. Three months ago, at the beginning of the summer, it would have been the perfect arrangement.

But that was three months ago-before he met Tanya. And Cari didn't even know about Tanya, didn't know her loving brother was engaged, would be married in another ten days.

Chance felt like a heel. Cari deserved better than that. He had tried on several occasions to tell his younger sister about his fiancee, but had never worked up the courage. Cari was more than just a sister-she was his lover. How does one go about telling a lover that he's in love with another woman and going to marry her? He knew he couldn't, not without hurting Cari. And he knew she would never understand if he told her that Tanya was a virgin. Cari just wouldn't understand. Not Cari, ever-ready and ever-willing Cari.

Memories flooded his mind, taking him back to that night five years ago. It was two months after their parents had been killed in a car accident. He had come home to visit Uncle Bill and Aunt Emma, and Cari who was living with them. His uncle and aunt had gone to a movie and left him and his sister alone.

He had gone to his room early, telling Cari he had to study, he remembered, when in fact he wanted to read a rather sexy book he had picked up in the bus station, and diddle himself. He was well into an arousing scene, his erect prick in hand, when Cari, fourteen and just learning about her own body, walked into the room.

It was hard to recall all the details, he was embarrassed and awkward, and a virgin, despite being nineteen and a sophomore in college. But Cari knew what she wanted-her big brother. And that's what she got. And for five years, they had shared their bodies whenever the opportunity presented itself.

They both had taken other lovers in those five years, but none were lasting, for either of them. That was, until Chance met Tanya.

Chance smiled, he could hear Cari calling his raven-haired fiancee a cow. As Cari had noted last night, he had a definite taste for bigtitted women. Tanya was definitely big-titted, and beautiful. She was also quite willing and passionate. Her only hangup was an old-fashioned desire to preserve her virginity until her wedding night. Chance never understood that, but after a month of trying to get Tanya in his bed, he realized it was an impossible task. He also realized he was in love with the young woman. The results had been two months of mutual masturbation sessions, a box or two of come-drenched tissues and lubricant-stained panties. And, of course, Tanya's intact hymen, that thin membrane of flesh she was saving for their wedding night.

Tanya knew he had had other lovers. However, she had no idea one of them was his sister.

Cari-Tanya, Tanya-Cari. As many times as he rolled the two around in his head, they just didn't seem to fit. There had to be just one, and that was Tanya.

For a twenty-four year old attorney, fresh out of law school, junior member of the biggest law firm in town, he didn't feel too smart. Cari just didn't fit into his vision of the future, a life he planned to share with one woman, Tanya, his wife. He should have told his sister about Tanya earlier, perhaps from the very beginning, and thus prepared her for the eventual outcome.

Now anything he said, anyway he said it, would be like hitting his sister over the head with a sledge hammer. There was no way to lessen the shock. If it were possible, he would have kicked himself in the ass for being so stupid!

'Mmmmmmm,' Cari sighed, rolling to her back beside him. I feel wonderful! Last night was fantastic, Big Brother. Now, your little sister feels like being fucked awake. I can't think of a better way to start the morning.'

'Cari, I need to talk with you,' Chance started, fully intent on telling his sister everything about Tanya and their quickly approaching marriage.

'Later, Chance, please.' Cari pouted, her voice a piteous plea. 'Right now I need to feel my brother inside me,

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