trip, the taste, the feel of his sister went far beyond that. She was at the very root of everything that spelled out sensuality and sex to him.

He knew this arousing bundle of teen-age woman-girl more intimately than any woman who had ever entered his life. And he was sure she knew him better than any man in hers. They went back a long time… to a time when they were both virgins… a time when they lost the awkwardness of virginity-together!

'Brother, you haven't lost that certain something-if anything, you've improved it!' Cari sighed and snuggled against his chest, the firm globes of her tits making themselves very apparent to him.

This time, it was he who kissed her. Leaning down a little, his mouth covered the tender lusciousness of her lips. His tongue, spurred by the closeness of her, darted into the humid haven of her mouth. He flicked at the roof of her mouth and swirled his oral digit around the caressing probe of her tongue.

His arms tightened around her diminutive body, crushing her to his chest. There was no protest. She melted against him, naturally, igniting all sorts of familiar feelings and sensations within him.

She shifted a bit, dragging a hand of tickling fingers down the naked curve of his spine. Then, her hand crept around to his crotch, tauntingly rubbing at the rising length of his manhood hidden beneath the fabric of his slacks.

'Now that's more like it,' she said with a devilish twinkle in her blue eyes. 'This is the type of welcome I was expecting! After all, it's been three months, and when I saw that barrel-breasted Marianne, I was afraid she had exhausted you for the evening.'

'Still the greedy little bitch,' he said with a shake of his head.

'What if I told you I was drained, emptied, and what you're fondling so covetously is nothing more than a piss-hard?'

'At the moment, I'd settle for that,' she said. 'But I'd give five-toone odds that's more than a case of 'morning pride' my brother's sporting.'

'If you're so damn sure of your femininity, why don't you prove it?'

His words were a challenge he knew the eager teen-ager would never allow to slip by without reply.

'My pleasure, Big Brother.' She wiggled from his arms and slipped to the floor, kneeling at his feet. 'Or your pleasure, as the case may be.'

Her hands were on his slacks, unfastening the belt buckle, freeing buttons and snaps, and sliding the zipper down its jagged-tooth path.

His cock, hard and swollen, jerked stiffly into the air, twitching and pulsing with virile arousal.

'Mmmmm, it seems happy enough to see me,' she said with a coy little smile. 'I think I should give it a big, hello kiss.'

Her eyes rolled from his rigid stalk of manmeat to his face. While he watched, she used both hands to toss the flowing mass of her long blonde hair to her back. A thoughtful gesture! As much as he loved that silky cascade, it did get in the way occasionally, especially when he wanted to see everything that was going on. She knew this, and eliminated the problem beforehand.

'Don't you think we should get rid of these clothes?' He motioned to her sweater-like top and jeans.

'In a little bit, we'll take care of that.' Her gaze drifted back to the jutting pole lancing from his groin. 'But at the moment, I think this will do just fine.'

Her head tilted forward, as she used her hands to spread his knees, opening the way for her. Closer and closer she inched. He saw the pink, wet flash, then felt the warm wetness of her tongue tip-tap at the thick crown of his cock. Shivery sensations of lust and love coursed through his loins. He moaned an uncontrollable sigh of delight.

'Just as I thought, it does want a kiss.' She grinned, her eyes aflame with a sparkling gleam.

'You damn well knew that. So, kiss!'

'Yes, sir, Big Brother. Your little sister is here to serve-and service.'

Again her head ducked to his crotch. This time her tongue lapped out and washed over the sensitive surface of his glans. She bathed him with the moisture of her mouth, licking away the preseminal fluids welling from the slitted mouth of his prick.

And getting a taste of Marianne's pussy, he thought, knowing his throbbing shaft was still coated with the brunette's pussy juices. I wonder what she thinks, tasting another woman on her brother's prick?

The small blonde seemed to have no objections. Her animated tongue sprightly ran up and down the swollen length of his rod, leaving it glistening with saliva, and jerking with anticipation. Then she nibbled delicately up and down the bone-hard wand of his sex, toying and teasing him.

As he watched, aroused by the sight of such a submissive beauty kneeling before him, excited by the feel of his sister's lips and tongue, she leaned back a little. Again her flashing, blue eyes rolled to him. She smiled a bit, coyly.

Then her head darted forward. Her mouth opened in a wide 'O'. Wider, wider. Downward she dropped. Her lips, a tight ring of white, pouted over the thick head of his prick. Inward, he slid over the moist, velvet carpet of her tongue. Deeper, his throbbing shaft entered, drilling into the depths of her throat.

He groaned. In one, swift swoop, she had taken him-all of him. Her edacious lips now ringed the hairy base of his prick. His cock filled her mouth and throat. He groaned again. The sensation of being buried within his sister's face set his testicles to lurching around within the security of their wrinkled sac.

Upward her head pulled, her cheeks sinking inward with the vigor of her suction. She had teased him, licked him, nibbled at him. And now she was getting down to the serious business of sucking him off.

Down her head dropped and she swallowed the adamantine sword of his sex. Up she sucked, her tongue swirling and caressing around the ponderous circumference of his engorged prong.

She ate at him with unabandoned relish. He saw her throat bob and twitch as she swallowed down the mixture of his preseminal juices and her own saliva. Her lips smacked and little, wet, oral sounds rose from below him.

Despite the recent emptying of his balls into Marianne's hungry quim, he felt the mounting rush of lust building within his scrotum. His cock ached and jerked with pleasure while his sister lovingly lavished her oral caresses on his dick.

He wanted to sit there and enjoy the full measure of the young blonde's worshipping mouth, to unleash the hot load he carried. However, he didn't trust his own vigor. Marianne had drained him. It was late-a long night after a hard day at the office. If he lost his wad now, he just might not be able to get it up again for a while. And his sister deserved better than that this first night together in nearly three months.

'Enough,' he forced himself to say, reaching down and dragging her wonderful mouth off the lance of his loveshaft. 'Little sister, I've got a better place to put my aching cock.'

'Or I have,' the long-haired blonde said with a grin. She pushed to her feet and immediately began to peel off her clothes. 'Right up this hot pussy of mine!'

He watched, his cock jumping and twitching with need as he slipped out of his slacks. Cari's nymph-like body, small and delicate, never failed to affect him in the same way. He knew it, every creamy white inch of it. Yet the familiarity of her lithe, girlish form went beyond the simple recognition of an old and dear lover. This was his sister-a fact that never decreased in its alluring, erotic effect on him.

Her green, poor-boy top came off over her head and she tossed it aside.

Round, smooth mounds, topped by coral pink tips, her breasts stood firm and proud on her chest. So young and vulnerable looking, so ripe and taut, just waiting for his hands and mouth.

Catching his admiring gaze, she smiled and shimmied her jeans down over her hips, revealing the familiar cleft of her teen-age loins. Beneath the soft, sandy blonde fleece of her pubic fur was the very visible slit of her pussy, an entrance to ecstasy he had breached five years ago, introducing himself, and her, to the pleasures of the flesh.

'I'm not as voluptuous as that cow Marianne, but will I do?' She poised, turning a little to give him a glimpse of her perky young ass.

The word 'tail' had been invented for his sister. The demi-globes of her buttocks were solid cushions that taunted him to reach out and squeeze.

'Stop begging for compliments,' he said taking her into his arms.

'You're quite aware that you're beautiful and totally irresistible.'

'But I like you to tell me,' she whispered, kissing him. 'Besides, when I see you with a set of tits like

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