brunette at his side suddenly freeze.

The knock came again. This time louder and more demanding.

Chapter 2

'My God! Joe!' Marianne scrambled from the bed. There was a blurred flash of jostled buttocks and swinging tits as the woman bent to grab up her scattered clothing, then rushed into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. 'Don't let him in!'

Chance smiled in half-amusement. The busty brunette's wild rush was like some scene out of a comedy. He wasn't even sure Joe knew where his apartment was.

However, Tanya did!

Chance did some scrambling of his own, scooping his slacks from the floor and stepping into them. His fiancee was an understanding woman and realized he considered himself a free man until the wedding.

However, he didn't know how she would react to finding him with another woman. And he didn't want to find out.

Fumbling his zipper upward and somehow managing to buckle his belt, Chance rushed into the living room of his apartment. Another rapping knock sounded from the door, a bit impatiently he thought.

Sucking in a deep breath to calm himself, he ran a hand through his mop of sandy blond hair ineffectually trying to straighten it. Then he reached out, grasped the knob, and opened the door.

He did a classic double-take. A wide grin of relief spread across his face.

There was a girl waiting on the other side of the door, but not Tanya.

A grin as wide as his spread across the girl's face and the waistlength cascade of frosty blonde hair tossed as she laughed.

'Hey, Big Brother, is this anyway to greet your sister?' The girl's deep blue eyes sparkled impishly. 'Are you going to stand there gawking all night? Or are you going to invite me in?'

'Cari?' He still didn't believe his eyes. 'Cari!'

He threw open his arms and accepted the rush of his younger sister's enthusiastic embrace. They kissed and hugged, then stepped back a foot or two to just look at each other.

'Surprised?' the petite blonde asked.

'Surprised? Knocked off my feet,' he said, giving her another warm hug.

'What the hell are you doing here? Why didn't you call? I could've picked you up at the airport.'

'Came in on the bus,' Cari said with a kiss to his cheek. 'I'm a student, remember? Got to cut corners where ever I can and conserve the old bank account. Jets are too damn expensive for my pocketbook.'

'Let me get your suitcases, and you go in and make yourself comfortable,' Chance said, lifting the girl's two suitcases and bringing them inside as Cari walked into the living room to sit on the sofa. 'You still haven't told me why you're here. I didn't expect you for another week or so.'

'Boredom,' Cari replied with a sigh. 'The hometown scene was getting to me. So I decided to drop in on you a few days early and try to find myself a nice apartment before school starts. I should have called. It was rude not to, but this was a spur of the moment thing. I didn't even bring all my things, left them to be shipped here in a week. I hope you don't mind. I just couldn't take it around town anymore.'

'Of course I don't mind.' Chance shook his head and sat beside her.

'Couldn't wait to get to a real university, could you?'

'Not really,' she said with a grin. 'You have to admit junior college is like graduate high school. I've lived in that town nineteen yearssince I was born-and now I'm ready to see the real world!'

He laughed and gave her another hug. 'It's not much better here. We might have a university, but this is still a small town.'

'Anything is better than staying at home,' Cari replied. 'Uncle Bill and Aunt Emma are nice people, but…'

'But they're still living back in the 50s and we're moving toward the 80s,' Chance said, remembering how it was when he felt locked away at home. It hadn't been that many years ago.

'Right, Big Brother. You hit the nail on the head,' his sister said. 'I love both of them dearly and appreciate what they've done for us since … since mom and dad were killed. But, now, I'm ready to start my own life.'

Chance's comment was interrupted by a husky voice that came from the bedroom door. 'Don't you think you should introduce me to your young friend?' Marianne said, smiling rather smugly at Cari as she emphasized the word 'young.'

Cari noticed the young woman's less than subtle slight. Chance saw his sister's forehead wrinkle a bit, then an eyebrow arch.

'Marianne, I'd like you to meet my sister, Cari Weston,' he said, feeling Cari's gaze move to him for a moment then back to Marianne.

'Cari, Marianne is an old friend who…'

'Who has got to be going,' Marianne interjected. She glanced at Chance with a shrug of her shoulders. She apparently realized their evening together was over. 'I've got an important appointment tomorrow.'

Chance stood, to see her to the door, but Marianne waved him back to his seat. 'I can find the way. I'm sure you and your sister have a lot to talk about.'

The brunette turned and left, closing the door behind her. For a moment, neither Cari nor he said a word, though his sister's gaze moved to him. He could tell she knew her ill-timed arrival had brought an abrupt end to their passionate love-making.

'Marianne… Marianne…' Cari mused aloud. 'I've heard that name before, hmmmmm. Wait! Now I remember! That was the girl you told me about, the one you lived with for six months.'

'The same,' Chance nodded, a bit embarrassed and surprised at his sister's sharp memory.

'I don't know about you, Big Brother,' the young blonde said with a shake of her head. 'I don't think you'll ever get over this hangup you have about women with big tits. Hell, that cow must have had fortyfives!'

'Forties, and most of it in the cups,' he said with a sly smile that brought a grimace from his sister.

'Humph! I can just see you wallowing around in all that titty-like a kid on Christmas morning!' There was mock disgust in Cari's voice. She was chiding him. 'I thought you'd learn by now that anything beyond a handful is a waste.'

'Sound jealous,' Chance smiled, his gaze drifted to the poor-boy pullover his sister wore. Her breasts, like big, ripe apples pushed out from her chest. The clinging fabric defined those delightful shapes, rounded and smooth, right up to the stiff points that now poked out.

Cari was braless.

'I'm always a bit jealous of the women you bed,' she said, her lips pouting a little. 'All sisters are jealous of their brother's girls.

With me, it's even stronger. However, I apologize for breaking up what you two had going… to you that is. I don't care about that bigtitted holstein.'

Chance laughed, reaching out and giving his younger sister a long hug.

'Have I told you I'm glad to see you? And that I'm glad you decided to come in early?'

'No, but you can tell me. I'd like to hear it,' Cari said. 'I really do feel bad about barging in like I did.'

'Don't worry. I am glad to see you.'

'Good, because I missed you, which is the real reason I decided to drop in on you a week early. A summer's a long time for a girl to go without seeing her brother,' Cari replied, her arms still around him. 'And, I am sorry about interrupting Marianne's and your evening. However, I think I can make it up to you.'

'Mmmmmm?' He looked down as his sister's head turned to him. 'And just how do you propose to do that?'

'I thought this would be a good start.'

One of her hands slid to the back of his neck, pulling his head to her.

Soft and warm, her lips pressed to his. Her mouth opened and her tongue darted inward, flicking and teasing in a most endearing fashion.

Welcome home, he thought as he returned the embrace. While Marianne might have been a nostalgic carnal

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