plain of her stomach and dipped between her spread thighs. For a moment he titillated the woman beside him by weaving his fingers through the silky strands of her pubic foliage and lightly rubbing the wanton mound of her pussy.

She moaned louder now. Her hips undulated, as though imitating the hunching movements of love-making. Her own hands, creeping downward toward his crotch, found the swollen length of his prick and teased it.

Her fingers fondled and caressed, tenderly at first, then with growing urgency.

'God! I had forgotten how you treat a woman. I had forgotten how you like to tease and taunt,' she moaned.

He tickled a finger up into the warm slash of her cunt. She groaned, then groaned again when his thumb lightly mashed against the pea-sized nubbin of her clitoris. Her body writhed and twisted while he created all sorts of sizzling thrills within her.

He took his time, never rushing her arousal. She was right. He liked to taunt and tease. Unlike too many men in this so-called sexually liberated society, he realized that more than half the pleasure in sex was giving pleasure. There was no greater satisfaction than a satisfied woman. Apparently something Joe, Marianne's husband-to-be, hadn't recognized yet, or else this sexy brunette wouldn't be in his bed the night before her wedding.

The wanton and ready channel of her cunt was a veritable rain forest of thick, womanly juices when he at last relinquished his finger-fucking and withdrew his digit from her quim. She moaned in protest, then sighed with relief when he slid atop her.

Her hands, still busily fondling his bone-hard rod, found no difficulty guiding him to the waiting lips of her pussy. Letting her anticipation flare, he poised there for a moment. Then he slammed his hips down.

'Yesssss,' the pleasure of that moment came hissing from her trembling lips. Her pelvis bucked up to sheath every inch of his rigid cock.

'Damn! It feels so good!'

Good, hot, tight, wonderful, marvelous, and a thousand other adjectives flashed through his mind. The girl beneath him felt fantastic. The sleeving tightness of her warm pussy brought back a rush of sensations he hadn't felt in nearly two years. He now knew why they had been able to live together six months before splitting up. It wasn't easy to let a woman like this out of a man's life.

But tomorrow that's exactly where this delightful brunette would be-out of his life-and into Joe's.

But now, she was his. And he intended to make sure that this evening was something they both remembered.

Easing his hands back up to her chest, he covered the bulges of her tits with his palms. He squeezed and kneaded into that oh-so-moldable titflesh. At the same time, his mouth moved to hers, their tongues dueling in and out of each other's mouth.

He was in no hurry to bring his ride atop this voluptuous beauty to an end. Slowly, he began to move, dragging his entrenched rod from the humid deeps of her pussy. Upward he inched, moaning, as the spongy folds of her love channel clamped tightly around his stalk.

With only the engorged head of his cock pulsing within the pouting lips of her pussy, he paused a second or two. She groaned with desire and hunger, and he fed his wand of pleasure back into the edacious groove of her sex. She moaned with deep satisfaction.

He lost all concept of time. The woman beneath him was all that mattered. He kissed her, never once letting those lips go unattended.

His hands roved, ever exploring the familiar feel of her smooth body.

He taunted her breasts, cajoling the swollen buttons of her nipples. He caressed her thighs and sides, her neck, shoulders, and arms. All the time, his cock steadily slid in and out of the velvet socket of her cunt.

Her own hands equaled the playfulness of his. They were constantly in motion, forever teasing and caressing. Occasionally, she would wedge a hand between their cores and lovingly fondle the come-laden sac hanging from his scrotum. But, apparently realizing he intended to prolong their coupling for as long as possible, she did that only now and then, and never for more than a few seconds. She was fully aware of what would happen if he received too much of a good thing.

At one point, he shifted himself, and her, so that they were lying side by side. Still joined cock to cunt, he continued his slow fucking of her hunger-fired body. However, their new position allowed his hands full access to her very caressable ass.

As with her tits, he fondled and squeezed. Eventually, he slid a finger down into the dark crease of her hindquarters and playfully taunted the puckered ring of her anus. The effects were electric. She shuddered, bucking wildly against him. She fucked herself on his skewering cock.

And she came.

When she descended from the heights of carnal pleasure, they rolled again. This time she lay atop him, straddling his crotch, fully seated on his fat prick. With steady, gyrating strokes of greedy pussy, she brought herself off a second time.

While she trembled and quivered in the excitement of climax, he once again swung the sexy brunette to her back. He had controlled himself in a most gentlemanly fashion. He had brought her to the full release of her lustful needs twice. Now, his balls were afire with desire. Lust flamed and consumed his loins.

Inward he slammed the long, hard length of his cock. Her eyes flared open, confused and misted with the last sensation of her recent climax.

He jerked upward and thrust back into the juicy haven of her belly, grinding his pelvis into hers. Suddenly her eyes flashed, burning brightly with lust.

'Fuck me, you magnificent stud,' she said, urging him to pole his swollen prick into her. 'Fuck me so I'll never forget this night!'

He pushed up, holding himself above her on outstretched arms. They were joined only at the cores now. He saw her eyes drift to their crotches, watching the in-and-out pistoning of his cock as he ramrodded into the yielding mouth of her quim.

'That's it,' she said, hunching her hips in rhythm with each of his shafting thrusts. 'Fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK ME!'

Harder and harder, he threw himself into the pink, wet folds of her cunt. Ruthlessly, he drove every rigid inch of his sexual spike into the ever-ready hole of her pussy. He fucked her, hard and long.

With perfect timing, she matched the humping movements of his pelvis.

When he pulled from the fiery recesses of her belly, she tightened the sheath of her cunt, squeezing at him. Then, as he drove downward, she relaxed, allowing his meaty lance to skewer ball-deep into the slotted mouth of her snatch.

She was doing everything to give him the pleasure he had provided her.

That was more than obvious. However, she abruptly stiffened under him.

Her mouth opened, lips writhing as she cried out in pleasure. For the third time that night, she came, brought to ecstasy by the constant shafting of his swollen cock.

The third time was too much for him. He could no longer withhold the flood swirling in his testicles. Collapsing atop the panting woman under him, he blasted load after volcanic load of sperm into the contracting folds of her cunt.

It seemed like hours before the last spasmodic jerk of his prick passed. And it seemed as though he had emptied at least a gallon or two of his seed into this willing girl, enough that there would still be traces of this night within her when her husband entered her body tomorrow during their first night.

Unwilling to abandon the warmth of her, he simply rested there atop the voluptuousness of her nakedness. She made no protest. Instead, her arms encircled him, holding him tightly while his spent cock slowly deflated and slithered from the sperm-drenched interior of her belly.

'That was better than I remembered it,' she whispered when he rolled from her and rested on his back at her side. 'I don't think I'll ever forget this night.'

He smiled and pulled her to him, kissing her.

'It's too bad we couldn't make it work out, Chance,' she said, her lips easing from his. 'We make a hell of a pair in bed.'

'I've noticed,' he replied with another kiss.

They separated again. But before either could speak, there was a knock at the door. Chance felt the naked

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