Brian laughed. 'It's a good thing for us that they can't.'

'I shouldn't be doing this, you know. Not with my own son.'

Brian chuckled. 'I don't think you're too worried about it, are you, Mom? There wouldn't be much point to it, since I've been fucking you for the past two years. That first year, while I was still in high school, was really great. We'd do it every afternoon as soon as I got home from school. We had two whole hours alone together, before Dad got home from the office. And there were those times when Dad was out of town on business and I slept with you while he was gone. When school was out for the summer, then we really got into it. Instead of getting a job, I stayed home with you.'

Mary Anne laughed. 'I was sure you were going to wear your mother out. You scared me at first, you were so obsessed with sex. As soon as your father was out of the house in the morning, you wanted it, and more often than not we were still going at it when his car pulled into the driveway at six the same evening. Who could blame him for being pissed off at me because supper wasn't even started?'

Brian grinned at her. 'Well, you had plenty of time to rest up after I went off to college. But I sure enjoyed it when you flew up a couple of times a month to be with me. I'll never forget those wonderful weekends alone with you in a motel room!'

'Neither will I,' said Mary Anne. 'We were like two lovers, instead of mother and son.'

'So it's a little late to be telling yourself that we shouldn't be doing this,' said Brian.

'I know, but I have to keep reminding myself, because it all seems so normal,' Mary Anne explained. 'It feels like the most natural thing in the world for you and me to be having sex together. And if I start thinking that it is, I might let something slip to your father or someone else, that I don't want known.'

Brian laughed and replied, 'You're right. That could be a problem. I can just picture you and Dad sitting together in the living room some night, and he tells you something humorous that happened at the office. Then you say, 'A funny thing took place this afternoon, while I was upstairs in my room and my son was fucking me.''

'Smart ass!' said Mary Anne, pulling his hair playfully.

'So much for thinking we shouldn't be doing what we're doing,' said Brian.

'Well nevertheless,' Mary Anne replied, 'of all the mothers I know, not one of them would dream of doing with their sons, what I just did with you.'

Brian raised up on one elbow and grinned at her. 'You think you're the only mother in this town who's letting her son fuck her?'

'I'm sure of it.'

'What makes you so sure?'

'Why, you only have to look at the mothers I know, to see how highly moral and respectable they are,' said Mary Anne. 'Not one of them would ever have a sexy thought concerning her son, I'm certain.'

'Appearances don't mean a thing, Mom,' Brian told her. 'There isn't a woman in this town who looks more innocent and respectable than you do. And yet you've been having a grand time, doing all kinds of naughty things with your son. You can't tell what goes on behind closed doors. Anyone passing this house would never dream that you and I are lying here naked, in the same bed.'

'You mean it's possible that…?'

'Well, if a mother and her son are screwing, they aren't going to tell anyone about it. They'll keep it a secret, naturally, just like we're doing. And the mother will look just as innocent and respectable as you do, won't she?'

Mary Anne looked at her son with a mischievous smile. 'All right, smarty. Of all the boys around here who are your age and whom you know quite well, which one do you think is screwing his mother?'

Brian thought for a moment. 'Well, I remember back when I was in high school, Mark Baker and I were walking home from high school and we were talking about cunt, like guys do. Then he let it slip that he was hot for his mother. He'd seen her coming out of the shower bare-assed naked and the sight of her really turned him on. He thought of letting her know that he wanted to fuck her, but he was afraid she might get all shook up and tell his father. Then he realized he'd told me too much and he tried to make me believe that he'd only been pulling my leg.'

Mary Anne sat up in bed and looked thoughtfully at her son. 'Well, that doesn't mean anything. Boys have fantasies. They fantasize about having sex with certain girls, even their mothers. It's quite natural for a boy to want to fuck his mother, if she's good-looking and has a nice figure. And Dorothy Baker is a knockout. A marble statue would get a hard-on if she walked past it. That doesn't mean her son is screwing her.'

'Yeah, but the thing is,' said Brian, 'Mark always hung out with the guys after school. Then a short time after he told me that, he stopped hanging around. As soon as school was out, he headed straight home. And nobody saw him again until the next day at school. He'd go right home and be alone with his mother for two hours or more, before his old man got home from the office.'

'Like you did with me,' Mary Anne reminded him.


Mary Anne looked like she was deep in thought for a moment. 'Hmmm, that's interesting. Dorothy is a good friend of mine. She told me in strict confidence one time that Stanley didn't make it all that good for her in bed, for one thing, and he didn't do it as often as she needed it, for another. Women talk about sex, too, you know.'

'Yeah, I know,' said Brian with a big grin. 'You should hear how the girls in high school talk about cocks, whether this guy has a big one, or whether that guy knows how to use it, and which one is doing it to who.'

'Well, anyway,' said Mary Anne, not letting her son get her off the subject, 'Shortly after that, I noticed that Dorothy no longer looked frustrated. She looked happy, satisfied and content, like she was getting all she needed. Yet, there was never a rumor going around that she was having an affair, that she was getting something on the side. She wasn't meeting a man somewhere, while her husband was at work!'

'She didn't need to,' said Brian. 'Her son Mark was taking care of her pussy every afternoon when he got home from schools.'

'I wonder…'

'Well, what does it add up to? It means that Mark started screwing his mother, about the same time that I began making it with you.'

'It's hard to believe,' said Mary Anne. 'Dorothy looks like the type who would never dream of doing anything like that. Not with her own son!'

'Didn't you say earlier today, shortly after I got home, that Dad and Stanley Baker went on this business trip together?' asked Brian.

'Yes. Why?'

'That means that Mark Baker and his mother are alone in their house together, just like we are. And right now, this very minute, in the middle of the night, is Mark asleep in his own room, or in bed with his mother?'

Mary Anne laughed. 'Like you're here in bed with your mother?'


Mary Anne looked at her son with a lewd smile. 'If Dorothy's son is in bed with her, what do you suppose they are doing right now?'

'Well, they're probably both naked, like we are,' said Brian. 'And maybe he's got his arms around her like this… and maybe he's getting on top of her… like this!'

Mary Anne giggled as she reached for her son's cock. 'And maybe Dorothy has a hold of her son's dong, like this, and guiding it for him, so he can shove it into her…'

'Like this!' Brian gasped, as his quivering erection went up into his mother's cunt.


All the big publishing houses are not located in New York City. One of the biggest, Findley House, has its offices in a much smaller city, Denton, because its founder and chief stockholder, Paul T. Findley, wanted to be able to get off to the mountains or the seashore, without spending all his time traveling. As the company became more successful, due to the fact that it printed a good many books of a sexual and erotic nature, Findley House

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