him, thrashing about beneath him and crying out with the joyful sensations of her climax.

He couldn't believe she had gotten off that quickly and for some silly reason, he got the idea she was faking it, so as not to make him feel bad about not having brought her off. So he used his finger on her afterward and kept kissing her and sucking on her delectable tits, until he was convinced that her writhing and pitching in his embrace meant she was really getting off. She couldn't get over his consideration. His father, she told him, only worried about his own fun. He didn't seem to care whether she got hers or not. It was her son's consideration, which he showed in so many ways, that caused her to want him to screw her in the first place, a little over two years ago. That was when she conveniently ignored the fact that she was his mother and used her womanly charms to lure him into bed with her, one night when his sister and his father weren't home.

That first time left her absolutely amazed. She couldn't believe anyone could make her feel that good. Her son had fucked her far better than his father, or anyone else, ever had. And from that day on, regardless of the fact that she was his mother and he was her son, she considered herself his woman and he was her man. During that first year while he was a senior in high school, they fucked like two lovers on their honeymoon, whenever they were alone together.

After his arrival home earlier that day, after their first fuck and after he'd fingered her to another climax, Brian and his mother lay together for the longest time, she with her legs wrapped about him and her fingers running through his dark hair, while he buried his face in the cleavage of her soft pillowy tits. After her hand reached for his cock a little later on, she caressed it with her fingers and made it obvious she wanted him to fuck her again.

The second time, to make it last longer, she had laid with her ass on a pillow at the edge of the bed. She had her legs high and her feet resting on her son's shoulders, and he moved up between her thighs and pushed his prick into her, as he leaned over her. Being an awkward position for him, it had taken longer than a more normal position would have, but that pleased his mother all the more.

Mary Anne Overton was as thrilled with her son's cock as he was with her hot pussy. Between kisses she whispered words of love and affection and didn't hesitate in telling him how much she loved having his cock in her, how she loved its enormous length, it's bigness, and enjoyed the feeling of it sliding back and forth in her. She even liked the way his big hairy balls touched and tickled her bumhole, when he had his prick in her as far as it would go. And she liked being crushed, her legs up over his shoulders, as they climaxed together and ended up rolling all over the bed in a heated frenzy.

They had to rest after that one and he had fallen asleep with his arms around her ass and his face pushed in between her warm soft tits. Mary Anne, with her legs about her son and her hands holding his head tightly to her boobs, dropped off to sleep, too.

But they weren't asleep now. Mary Anne awakened and while she lay comfortably beside her son, she began playing with his cock. Soon she felt it stiffen and then she discovered his eyes were open and he was smiling at her.

'I didn't mean to waken you, darling,' she said in a soft sensuous voice. 'It's just that I find it very difficult to keep my hands off your cock, after you've been so good to me and used it so beautifully. You go back to sleep now, dear. You must be exhausted, after all the naughty things you've been doing to your mother.'

Brian grinned at her as his cock stiffened in her hand. 'It's too late now, Mom. You think I can go back to sleep now, with this boner?'

Playfully she ran her hand through his hair that was as dark as hers, and kissed him. 'You aren't going to be mean to your mother and make her take care of this erection all over again, are you?' she teased.

'You're the reason it gets hard all the time, so you're the one who should soothe and comfort it,' Brian said firmly.

She pressed her big soft tits up against his chest. Their mouths came together and she wriggled her warm pussy up against his now solid cock. She raised one leg and brought it up over him and when she did that, the head of his prick touched her open cunt and began pushing its way up into her. She wriggled and squirmed against him until she had his entire shaft up in her. Then using lewd and lascivious words to express her feelings, feelings a mother shouldn't have had for her son, she told him again, as she had many times before, how much she loved being fucked by her own adorable son.

He began fucking her slow and easy, the way his mother liked it most of the time. At other times she liked it hard and fast, and almost violent. But right now she liked the slow steady pace, moving in harmony with his prick sliding back and forth inside her.

Lying on her side facing him, pressed up tightly against him with his shaft up in her, she covered his face, neck and shoulder with loving kisses. He moved her shoulder back a little so he could get his hand onto one of her beautiful tits. He began rubbing it gently, tickling the stiffened nipple with his fingers. Moving his mouth close to it, he pushed her tit up and started licking and kissing it. When he sucked on her nipple, his mother was fit to be tied. If she could have taken his prick in any deeper, she would have. Her hot pussy, with his cock imbedded in it, pushed hard against his groin. She moaned a little and caressed his head with her hands.

He rolled her over onto her back, keeping his cock in her to the hilt and moved his mouth so that he could give her other tit equal time and attention. His mother groaned again and brought her legs up around his back. His balls rested in the crack of her ass and he thought for a moment she was trying to take them in too, the way she was wriggling her round shapely ass.

When she pulled his head up, which caused her tit to flop down again, she brought her mouth to his for more moist, tongue-probing kisses. Her legs moved down past his buttocks, rubbing along the backs of his legs, and she was spread out beautifully.

Brian was already in his mother's cunt as deep as he could be and from the ecstatic expression on her lovely face, she was having the time of her life. Her hands reached around him and down, and rubbed his buttocks. She reached down from there, got hold of his balls and played with them. When she let them go she rubbed the insides of his legs, running her fingers right up to the base of his shaft. Her movements pressed her warm tits more firmly against his chest. She brought her hands up and ran them along his body, from his arms down to his hips, and Brian moaned. He loved it when his mother was feeling him all over. He had enjoyed doing the same thing to her, and to other women, and it felt good now, having her do it to him. Then she grabbed his buttocks and made several humping movements with her cunt, which told him she was reaching her peak and was ready for him to drive her over the edge.

But he could tell there was something else she wanted, as she slowly raised her lower body up to him. Realizing what it was, he thrust his hands between her and the mattress, got a good grip on the cheeks of her ass, pulled her tight against him and rolled her over. She was on top of him, her belly on his, her tits lying on his chest, her mouth pressed onto his in another hot searing kiss. Her legs were outside his and she began to move her hips slowly up and down.

She pulled her pussy up until just the head of his cock was left in, then she slowly eased it down. Almost as if she wanted to see how much of his cock she could let free without losing it, she moved her cunt up and down, up and down. It nearly drove Brian out of his mind. Each time the lips of her twat came up to the rim of the head of his cock, he felt a new thrill. He could sense that his mother was doing everything she could to please him. But at the same time, she was getting a charge out of it, too. Anyway, she pulled her cunt up until it was almost free of his cock, then she did the up and down thing faster and faster.

When she felt her son getting close to shooting off his load, she went down all the way, taking his prick up into her right to his balls. Then she started moving her body with full seriousness, bringing herself to a climax at the same time. Brian was working with her and when he flooded her cunt with his hot gushing charge, there was no doubt in his mind that his hot and sexy mother got off at the same time he did. A joyful shriek, making her intense pleasure known, came from her lips. Then she sprawled out on top of him, her full round ass quivering and shaking.

Some time later, each one was lying back, stretched out close to the other. Brian had a hand on one of her tits, while his mother was holding on to his cock. Their breathing had returned to normal and both looked quite pleased at what they had just done.

'Oh, I feel so wicked,' said his mother with a satisfied grin.

'Why?' asked Brian, smiling back at her.

'Because of what we're doing, of course,' she said. 'My God, how shocked our friends and neighbors would be if they could see us now. Or worse yet, if they could have seen us a few minutes ago.'

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